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Obama Encourages Anti-Semitism

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An extremely important article which should be read by every Jew in America.

“Again and again, either Obama or his functionaries slight Israel, or soft-pedal the rising anti-Semitic threat to world Jewry, or completely ignore it.”

“Acts and incidents of open anti-Semitism have grown at a frightening pace worldwide, yet led by Obama, most of the media and political class focus their attention on supposed “Islamophobia”. When Islamic terrorists attack Jews and Christians, which they do with increasing frequency and viciousness, these actions don’t provoke concern for the victims, but rather consternation over encouraging anti-Muslim sentiments. It is anti-Semitism (and an increasing hostility to Christians) that is on the rise. Yet to listen to President Obama, ever mindful of the most minor slight against Islam, one would never know.”

“Of course, Obama is only a part of the problem. But he is an important part of this rising anti-Semitic tide. So long as the perpetrators of anti-Semitic acts, at home and abroad, believe that they are on the right side of history, and that the man who leads the most powerful country in the world is in their corner, they will be encouraged. It appears the President is okay with that.”

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Chelsea Clinton: “White Entitlement” Poster Child

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From Thomas Lifson:

File this one under “not surprising.” Chelsea Clinton, having grown up entitled, arrogant and accomplishment-less, is screwing up the first executive job handed her on a silver platter. Remind you of anyone?

Richard Johnson reports an anonymously-sourced story at the New York Post’s Page Six:

Chelsea Clinton is so unpleasant to colleagues, she’s causing high turnover at the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, sources say. Several top staffers have left the foundation since Chelsea came onBoard as vice chairman in 2011.”

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Florida GOP Making Electoral Decision

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Interesting analysis…read full article.

“Yes, Rubio will run in 2016 also, {ADD: as predicted he did}  but he’ll be the type of candidate perfect for the GOPe plan. Rubio would split the Walker/Cruz constituents and take 3rd in Iowa, 2nd(ish) in New Hampshire, and skewer the field with a possible win in South Carolina.”

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Pesky Tea Party: Won’t Go Away!

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Much to the chagrin of Republican leadership Tea Party is just not going away. As the heavy hitters continue to pitch Jeb Bush it is almost a certainty that should he be the Republican Presidential candidate he will lose and we will face four more years of socialist Democratic control of the White House. There is no question that leadership is quite content with the Dems controlling Washington (please note what has occurred since the GOP took the majorities in the Senate and the House). And Republican leadership at the state and local levels are typically in lockstep with national GOP policy. The fly in the ointment continues to be a strong grassroots presence which has dramatically altered the political landscape.

From Mark Meckler:

“America’s political landscape has been forever changed, and it’s a testament to the health and vibrancy of our democracy.  The Washington establishment can bristle, smirk and even curse all they want, but a Tea Party president is now a very real possibility.”

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Alert! Alachua Co Residents! Property Rights Disappearing!

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Alachua County residents BEWARE! Your county commissioners are moving yet again to further curtail your property rights. Go to the link below for the information you need provided by Terry Martin-Back, developer and well-schooled activist who is sounding the alarm. Contact Terry and get involved to help fight against another egregious move towards destroying your property rights.

Free Trade Lecture

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Concerned about Obama’s newest free trade negotiations? Want more information about what free trade means to our nation? Then plan to attend this lecture presented by Arthur Thompson, CEO of the John Birch Society.  It must be noted that except for a devotion to the Constitution empirically there is little to connect tea party activists to JBS, however, that does not mean that JBS cannot be a vehicle for information. Therefore, in spite of local JBS leaders’ open antagonism to the Gainesville Tea Party we still feel it relevant to announce this presentation.



A Memorial For A Committed Patriot

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As many of you may know, our great friend and patriot, Neil Mulvey, passed away Easter morning. A memorial service will be held this Sunday, April 19, at 2:00PM  in the Santa Fe High School auditorium. A gathering of friends and acquaintances will be held afterwards. The high school is just west of the Route 441/I-75 intersection in Alachua, Florida.

Neil was a staunch supporter of our Constitution and a founding leader of the Gainesville Tea Party. His background was military and law enforcement, his loyalty was to our United States as designed by our founding fathers. He was a great scholar of the Constitution as well as an expert in foreign policy especially as pertains to the Mideast. His sense of humor gave us strength, his commitment gave us courage. Neil, your wisdom and legacy will continue to inspire us as we fight for a free country. Thank you for all you gave us. You will be sorely missed.

Can Marco Rubio Succeed?

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Erick Erickson’s analysis of Marco Rubio…

“Rubio, however, is the original tea party candidate.  His candidacy united the grassroots against the leadership and he won.  The Washington crowd convinced themselves he could not win, but the grassroots proved they could pick a winner.  Rubio was the first.”

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Short List To Remember About The Clintons

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From my patriot friend in Tampa..a wonderful letter published in the Tampa Tribune.

My Letter to the Editor

The strategy of demonizing “the rich”, who pay in excess of 90% of all taxes, to get the huge plurality of drones to vote for you has worked superbly when that inexperienced, glib and darling-of-the-left orator was elected.   I hope we don’t have to live George Santayana’s quote: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

I can only hope that the voters of this country have the moral fortitude to remember the moral turpitude, criminality and irresponsibility of the Clintons. 

Have we forgotten . . .

 . . .  the Whitewater Scandal?

. . . . the blatant lies to the Nation following the Monica Lewinsky Scandal?

. . . . the White House thefts after the Clintons?

. . . . the abject failure of Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State?

. . . . the horrific murder of an American Ambassador without any consequences for the perpetrators? 

. . . . the statement in reaction to the murder: “What difference does it make?”

. . . . the failure of her Afghanistan and Pakistan policy costing thousands of American lives?

. . . . I don’t have time to list 20 more . . .

She is the prima facie example that you cannot pick up a piece of crap by the clean end.  Woe to the Nation if that incompetent dolt makes it to the White House.

Peter Sontag

Trevor Loudon Documentary: The Enemies Within

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Many of you already know Trevor Loudon, a political activist from New Zealand who has spent the last five years traveling throughout the United States warning of the dangers we face from our Federal government. An expert in the past and current condition of communism Trevor is dedicated to educating Americans on the bleak future we face should we continue along the path of total government control. He has authored several books and is now developing a documentary that highlights the issues we must confront if we are to preserve our country as designed by our Founding Fathers. Please help this effort by making a contribution to the fundraising that will allow Trevor to produce this very important documentary. See the below for information about the documentary and how to be part of this very important venture. I have already contributed, now it’s time for you!
Greetings Patriots,
Thank you for your individual and group support of Trevor Loudon as he has toured the country for the last two years speaking about the communists, socialists and progressives in our government.
As Trevor has mentioned to many of you, this is a link to the IndieGoGo crowd-sourcing campaign to raise funds for the documentary that will be filmed in 2015, “The Enemies Within”.  We need to raise $100,000 to allow us to begin production and to free Trevor’s time for the project.
I hope that you took the opportunity to see UNFAIR Movie in theaters around the country. The producer, director and executive director of this powerful film will be the same team producing Trevor’s film. Order copies of the DVD to show at your meetings or give to friends.
In Liberty,
Regina Thomson
President, Colorado Issues Coalition

Talent Manager
Author - Trevor Loudon

The Left’s Brutality

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For those of you keeping your fingers crossed to not get in the way of the intimidation tactics of the left this article should alert you to how perilously close we are to third world bullying government tyrants controlling every aspect of our lives. And the most prominent is our president (lower case intentional) barack obama. From expanding regulatory forces to fomenting racism to enabling rogue enemies across the globe his sole intention is to destroy this country so that he may ascend to global dictator. If one thinks this is overreactive one must only actually listen to his rhetoric to see the truth. This is no mindless, incompetent, politically correct politician. This is an evil, cunning tyrant who has taken full advantage of our complacent citizenry. Is it too late to wake up? Time will tell.

“Brutality  – in service of a cause. Brutality – in the pursuit of power. Leftism and  statism go hand-in-hand. Statism and truncheons go… hand-in-hand. Obama isn’t  shy about forcing his will on the nation. Ditto the left.”
“That’s  the point, isn’t it? The left doesn’t really want a free people. It wants power  — power to radically change America. Laws that enable the left to do so are  exploited. Laws that don’t are ignored and actions taken to secure the desired  end… nowadays, with brutality… more and more.”

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GTP Gen Member Meeting, Saturday, 4/11, 10:00

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Plan to attend a General Membership meeting now rescheduled for Saturday, April 11, at 10:00 to accommodate our featured speaker, your State Representative Keith Perry. Due to his legislative schedule he is only able to speak on Saturday while the legislature is in session. He has some interesting stuff going on in Tallahassee.

Representative Perry is committed to our Tea Party values and is working hard to make a difference in our district as well as in the state of Florida.


When: Saturday, April 11, 10:00 AM
Location: Countryside Baptist Church, 10926 NW 39th Ave, Gainesville

John Boehner: Democrat Puppet

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To grassroots everywhere this article harbors no surprises. House Speaker John Boehner is by far one of the most dangerous political elements facing patriots wishing to return to the Constitution. Under his direction establishment leadership Republicans have exponentially expanded government on all levels creating a nightmarish regulatory and tax environment never before seen in our country. The Republican landslide victory last November showed the citizens’ desperation and cry for change. And what did all but twenty five Congressman do but yet again vote to keep this potentate in power. That is outright betrayal and portrays the grave dangers we face from both the Democratic and Republican parties.

“A  headline in The Hill, said it all: “Dems vow to protect Boehner from  conservative coup.” This headline and the accompanying Mike Lillis story  validate and vindicate articles recently published herehere and here.   Democrats now consider Boehner to be their puppet in a one-party leftist  dictatorship ruling against a conservative country (italics mine). So it was no surprise that, when conservatives protested this latest Boehner betrayal, Democrats rallied to reciprocate the vast aid and comfort he had given them.”

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Interesting Allies: Soros And John Birch Society

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As the old saying goes politics makes for strange bedfellows.

“A nationwide drive by mostly conservative states to throttle President Obama and Washington’s grab for more power and taxes is running into an odd left-right combo of opposition: Liberal financier George Soros and the conservative John Birch Society.”

Full article..

GTP President Sherrie McKnight: Statement To Members

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Greetings Fellow

My name is Sherrie McKnight.

Many of you may already know me or may have seen me at a Tea Party meeting over the last few years.  If you were not at our meeting on Saturday, March 14th, you may have missed some very exciting news!  Laurie Newsom, our fearless leader for many years, and our dedicated Steering Committee, chose to pass the baton of the leadership to a new President. Laurie gave a very moving and very inspirational speech on Saturday that filled the hearts of many and filled my eyes with tears.  Very humbly I accepted a new role as President of the GTP!!  I am very excited to get started and I’ve got many ideas that I look forward to implementing that will give us a fresh look, a more user friendly website, a real time calendar with many important dates to remember locally and statewide.  You will be able to count on regular monthly meetings as well as interesting and effective guest speakers to help educate us on the issues as they present themselves. Some of our goals as we move into the 2016 election cycle is to continue to adhere to the issues pertaining to the principles of a constitutional limited government, b) fiscal and personal responsibility and c)  free markets.  We will focus on the growth of our membership which will include reaching out
to and partnering with the many other conservative and/or liberty minded groups in and around Alachua County as well as around the state and nation.  We will take action to reach the generation of millennials that are dissatisfied with their prospects when coming out of college burdened with debt, unable to find employment, and forced to live at home with their parents.  We will reach out into the community to help correctly identify the message of the Tea Party rather than allowing the mainstream media to do it for us.  We will also continue to seek the best candidates available to help restore America and adhere to our founding principles rather than personalities or parties.

I look forward to the next year getting to know you, invigorating our membership body, inspiring a new generation of grassroots activists and pursuing an America where we no longer fear the government but the government fears us!!

Sherrie McKnight


Gainesville Tea Party

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