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Scary, Scary, Scary

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We are posting this article just to show what many Millennials are being taught and exposed to. It has been making the rounds on several of the social media channels that they follow. Make no mistake, it is Socialism plain and simple. Problem is that it is not published in the Socialist Party USA journals, which luckily still has a LITTLE negative connotation attached to them, but is camouflaged with trendy words and topics in social media. Add much of our government school system and institutions of higher learning reinforcing this and you’ve got a serious problem.

Granted, there are a few problems I agree with such as crony capitalism and corrupt officials, but cannot believe the spin the writer is putting on almost everything else.

Below is a part of the article just to get you started. Please do click on the link at bottom for the complete article.


“If you care about marginalized people — if you care about the oppression of women, LGBT people, disabled people, African Americans and Hispanics and other people of color — you need to do more than go to same-sex weddings and listen to hip-hop. You need to support economic policies that make marginalized people’s lives better. You need to oppose economic policies that perpetuate human rights abuses and make marginalized people’s lives suck.

And that means not being a fiscal conservative.”

Memorial Day

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Just A Common Soldier, also known as A Soldier Died Today, is one of the most popular poems on the Internet. Written and published in 1987 by Canadian veteran and columnist A. Lawrence Vaincourt, it now appears in numerous anthologies, on thousands of websites and on July 4, 2008 it was carved into a marble monument at West Point, New York. This year marks the poem’s 25th anniversary.

Please enjoy this tribute to the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen who have given so much for our country.

Happy Memorial Day and a great big THANK YOU to all who have served as we will never be able to repay you for your sacrifices.

Great Meeting Scheduled For Tomorrow

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Our Saturday May 23rd meeting is a great way to start off the Memorial Day Weekend. Looking forward to hearing this author and reading his book.

Let’s show him a great patriotic Gainesville welcome.


Snowden Continues To Inform The Public

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Whether you agree with the way Edward Snowden exposed the NSA or not, we continue to gain valuable information about how our rights are being ignored. Are you willing to trade your freedoms for some security?

Problem is that we don’t even know if we are trading or not since most is done in secrecy.

Please read this article about the newest NSA strategy from The Intercept-

Most people realize that emails and other digital communications they once considered private can now become part of their permanent record.

But even as they increasingly use apps that understand what they say, most people don’t realize that the words they speak are not so private anymore, either.

Top-secret documents from the archive of former NSA contractor Edward Snowden show the National Security Agency can now automatically recognize the content within phone calls by creating rough transcripts and phonetic representations that can be easily searched and stored.

The documents show NSA analysts celebrating the development of what they called “Google for Voice” nearly a decade ago.

Click for full article-

Democrats Already Attacking Senatorial Candidate Ron DeSantis.

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No surprise here. If we look at one of this areas Congressional Representatives, Ron DeSantis, we should be happy to have him run for the Senate seat being vacated by Marco Rubio. If the attacks that are being sent by the Florida Democrat Party are any indication, he should make us proud.

From Shark Tank-

A high profile Republican campaign announcement would not be the same if the Democrats didn’t open up their political playbook and attempt pounce on the GOP candidate, accusing him or her of being anti-Woman, anti-Hispanic, anti-Equal rights, or even anti-Guacamole.

Here is what the Florida Democrat Party on their not-so-flashy DeSantis attack website.

Meet Congressman Ron DeSantis, a politician who loves Washington’s partisan extremism and dysfunction. He’s part of the problem in Washington, and now he’s running to take his extreme views to the U.S. Senate.


Florida Budget- Up, Up and Away

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So much for wanting to be viewed as FISCAL hawks. Why does the Republican run State legislation continue to grow the budget?

Heck, 4 years ago the grassroot organizations where supporting and voting for politicians that were going to cut the budget. Yes, I grew up in another country, but, going from $65 Billion to $80+ Billion is not exactly a cut.  Government has again proven that if the money is there, it will be spent.

Please read this good article about this years budget from Sunshine State News-

Florida Republicans have made political hay during Obama’s presidency by trying to contrast the state government with the dysfunction in the Beltway. Things might be bad in Tallahassee, the GOP leaders say, but nowhere near as bad as in Washington.

Click For Article

What Party Do You Favor?

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Here is a fun little survey that compares your political leanings to thousands of others. You may be surprised with the results as you may be a political mutt, a little bit of everything.

As you take the survey, there is a scale on the left side of the page that allows you to increase or decrease the importance a specific topic over others.

You are still welcome at our meetings no matter where you land.

Click To Start-



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Here is a great simple and logical read about illegal immigration from Hillsdale College. As the 2016 campaigns get under way, we will no doubt hear again all about the supposed “immigrant hating Republicans.”

As many in the Gainesville Tea Party have stated over the years, immigration would be no problem is the welfare spigot was just turned off. Neither party is willing to do that and as such we will continue to have an immigration problem.

By Heather Mac Donald-

The lesson from the last 20 years of immigration policy is that lawlessness breeds more lawlessness. Once a people or a government decides to normalize one form of lawbreaking, other forms of lawlessness will follow until finally the rule of law itself is in profound jeopardy. Today, we have a constitutional crisis on our hands. President Obama has decided that because Congress has not granted amnesty to millions of illegal aliens living in the U.S., he will do so himself. Let us ponder for a moment just how shameless this assertion of power is.

Article 2, Section 3, of the Constitution mandates that the president “shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.” This provision assumes that there is a law for the president to execute. But in this case, the “problem” that Obama is purporting to fix is the absence of a law granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. Rather than executing a law, Obama is making one up—arrogating to himself a function that the Constitution explicitly allocates to Congress. Should this unconstitutional power grab stand, we will have moved very far in the direction of rule by dictator. Pace Obama, the absence of a congressional law granting amnesty is not evidence of political failure that must somehow be corrected by unilateral executive action; it is evidence of the lack of popular consensus regarding amnesty. There has been no amnesty statute to date because the political will for such an amnesty is lacking.

Full article-

Worthy of Impeachment?

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Last week, in an effort to rein in an out of control executive branch, Congressman Yoho introduced a resolution to define impeachable offenses. The resolution defines High Crimes and Misdemeanors and sets the benchmark for Congress to act against ANY president who ignores the constitution.

House Resolution 198  has been referred to the House Judiciary Committee for review. Let’s hope that the majority of those committee members vote positively and move it forward.

Following are two articles about the resolution and Congressman Yoho. Please click and read and again, THANK YOU Congressman Yoho.

From The New American-

House Resolution 198, provides a list of 11 specific crimes “which will cause the House to vote an article or articles of impeachment to send to the Senate for trial.” Those include “initiating war without express congressional authorization; killing American citizens in the United States or abroad who are not then engaged in active hostilities against the United States without due process (unless the killing was necessary to prevent imminent serious physical danger to third parties); failing to superintend subordinates guilty of chronic constitutional abuses; spending appropriated funds in violation of conditions imposed for expenditure; intentionally lying to Congress to obtain an authorization for war; failing to take care that the laws be faithfully executed through signing statements or systematic policies of non-enforcement; substituting executive agreements for treaties; intentionally lying under oath to a Federal judge or grand jury; misusing Federal agencies to advance a partisan political agenda; refusing to comply with a congressional subpoena for documents or testimony issued for a legitimate legislative purpose; and issuing executive orders or presidential memoranda that infringe upon or circumvent the Constitutional powers of Congress.”

Click for full article-

From The Hill Blog-

In what is described as the single most significant action towards impeachment to date, Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla) is preparing a resolution to define “high crimes and misdemeanors”—thus establishing a standard against which Obama’s specific presidential authority abuses can then be measured.

The resolution notes as impeachable offenses “failing to take care that the laws be faithfully executed through signing statements or systematic policies of non-enforcement.” And, targeting Obama’s intention to implement an Iranian nuclear deal with or without Senate approval, it includes “substituting executive agreements for treaties.” (If for no other reason, the thought of Obama implementing a deal which, by his own admission, ultimately gives the Iranians a nuclear weapon based on the future “hope” Tehran will change by then, cries out for Senate review.)

Click for full post-

FL Campus Carry Bill Doomed

Well, we all knew that it was too good to be true. The fact that the Campus Carry Bill made it through several committees on the Representative side in Tallahassee did not mean it would make it through the Senate.  It was pulled from it’s most recent committee agenda which meant it did not even get a vote. Go figure!!!


Please read this article in the Sunshine State News-

“The lies involved in the stalling of this bill are unfortunate and despicable,” Rebekah Hargrove, president of Students for Concealed Carry at Florida State University, said in a statement. “Sen. Diaz de la Portilla is simply too afraid to have his name associated with a divisive bill, even though he has previously claimed to be a supporter of the Second Amendment.”

Click for article- Campus Carry article

Governor Susana Martinez- My Kind of Republican

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May all other Governors follow her example-  Gov Martinez of New Mexico just signed a new law that severely curtails the illegal seizure of an individuals property under the Civil Forfeiture Laws. There is a bill this legislative session in Tallahassee, maybe our elected officials can do the same.

From The Daily Signal-      Civil asset forfeiture is a law enforcement tool enabling authorities to seize property permanently if the property is allegedly related to a crime. However, at the state and federal level numerous examples of abuse have come to light in recent years, and various states (and the District of Columbia) have ramped up due process protections for property owners.

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FL Senator Insults Conservative Grassroots

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Wow, this so called Republican Senator from the Sarasota area sure has an ax to grind with Americans For Prosperity (AFP). Senator Jack Latvala also showed his dislike for many in the grassroots.

You also have to love the threat at the end of the YouTube clip. It would be funny if not for the power that OUR elected officials yield.  I personally like the Americans For Prosperity organization, and yes, I like the Koch brothers and Koch Industries.

I thought the AFP rep did a good job dealing with the attack.

Click link for article-





Indiana Freedom of Religion

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Many of you may remember the passion that KrissAnne Hall exhibited when she spoke at a Gainesville Tea party meeting several years ago. She now travels the country teaching about the Constitution and our Founding Fathers. Please read her article on the fiasco that is evolving in Indiana. I agree with what she has to say and comes closest to talking about Individual Freedom when no one else will.


“The Indiana law known as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act is intended to give citizens protection from federal coercion and encroachment upon religious conscience.  It is intended specifically to protect conscientious objectors from participating in acts contrary to their religiously held beliefs and to allow them to seek relief against the violators of their religious conscience.  In truth there is a flaw in this apparently well-intended law-

Click for full article-

Florida Senate and Common Core

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Please follow this easy link to contact your FL Senator about an upcoming vote on Common Core.  We defer to the grassroot experts who have been studying common core and oppose the Senate Bill 616.


This email contains information related to the Florida Citizens’ Alliance and related issues.
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SB 616 Will Advance to the Senate Floor for a Vote on April 1st.
We must act to STOP IT!

Call and email your legislators today to tell them to kill SB 616 that will be on the Senate Floor April Fool’s Day (no joke) and tell them instead to pass SB 1496/ HB 1121. You can do this in one easy step by clicking the big green button:

Don’t let Florida’s kids and families get thrown under the bus!

SPREAD THE WORD!  Use the link below to share this message with your friends, families and networks:

Great College Education

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Let’s face it, all you had to do was read the title and you knew this was going to be a another ridiculous example of our Higher Academia. While campuses are debating whether the American flag should be flown or ROTC should even have a presence, they are doing a great job protecting those poor young men and women who get offended or mentally damaged by encountering anything they view as offensive.


So if you have a few moments to read the following two articles, please do. Like me I am sure you will be disgusted, but once again, it is the American public that allows this to go on.

As a disclaimer, this picture could be a woman or a man-

 From the NY Times-

Safe spaces are an expression of the conviction, increasingly prevalent among college students, that their schools should keep them from being “bombarded” by discomfiting or distressing viewpoints. Think of the safe space as the live-action version of the better-known trigger warning, a notice put on top of a syllabus or an assigned reading to alert students to the presence of potentially disturbing material.

Click for full article-(you may have to open twice as the first time it may ask you to subscribe)


From Reason Magazine-

The Ithaca College Student Government Association passed a bill March 16 to create an online system to report microaggressions, which sponsors of the bill said will create a more conducive environment for victims to speak about microaggressions.

The bill, sponsored by Class of 2018 senator Angela Pradhan, calls for the implementation of a campus-wide online system to report microaggressions to “make Ithaca College a safer, more inclusive and diverse community for all students.”

Pradhan said the online system would fill what she sees as a lack of an adequate system to report microaggressions.

“I know a lot of senators are working on microaggression stuff within their respective schools, but I felt that there was a need for something to happen schoolwide,” Pradhan said. “And if there was a concrete way to document [microaggressions] online, it would provide students a way to kind of state what’s going on.”

The system would allow individuals reporting microaggressions to remain anonymous. However, junior Kyle James, vice president of communications and co-sponsor of the bill, said those reporting a microaggression would likely have to reveal their identity if they wanted to pursue any legal action.

Click for full article-


We are so doomed!!




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