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RPOF Legislative Affairs Committee Resolution Against Common Core

By Catherine Baer with the Tea Party Network-

The Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) Legislative Affairs Committee was convened by Chairman Lenny Curry after an overwhelming show of support for the anti-common core resolutions at the January 2014 Annual meeting of the RPOF.  The anti-Common Core resolutions were passed by the State Committeemen/Committeewomen’s Caucus and the REC Chairmen’s Caucus at the RPOF annual meeting -

This a must read!  Letter from RPOF Legislative Affairs Committee to Chairman Lenny Curry





War On Poverty Just Needs More Redistribution

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A must read article about the war on poverty. The producers know that unless we truly embrace free market principles no amount of redistribution of wealth will work.

Article by Matthew Vadum-

Fifty years after liberals launched their sacrosanct “War on Poverty,” Americans, and black Americans in particular, aren’t better off. But neo-Marxist ideologue that he is, President Obama is determined to double-down on leftist failure, widening the so-called war by calling for the biggest welfare spending increases in American history— amounting to more than $10 trillion over a decade, according to the Heritage Foundation’s Robert Rector.

Left-wingers have successfully been changing the subject, moving the discussion away from their policy failures for 50 years now.

Why should they change a winning formula now? They know they can continue to count on taxpayer funding for their adventures in leftist activism.




Secret Weapon

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Forget the military, drones, satellites or firearms and their destructive force.    You must fear-





President’s Definition of Citizenship

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So last night the President stated “Citizenship means standing up for the lives that gun violence steals from us each day.”

For the millions of Naturalized Citizens like myself, Citizenship gives me the right to own a firearm and SHOOT the low life criminal who intends harm on me or my family. PERIOD.

Read more:

Tenth State To Take On NSA Spying

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If States would have used the 10th Amendment over the years to Nullify the Fed’s overreach we would not be in the hole we are in today. That being said, we must give the state of Mississippi credit for taking a stand on the NSA spying. As with most politicians however, they would have done NOTHING if it wasn’t for the voters finally demanding something get done.

Full article from the Tenth Amendment Center-

No Surprise Here

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I do not think anyone is surprised about the downgrade of the  big Insurance Companies. Guess the only surprise is that these agencies actually downgraded them much to the dismay of the Administration.


You’ll recall that Standard & Poors downgraded the US government’s credit rating for the first time in history during Barack Obama’s first term — a decision for which they were reportedly threatened by the administration. Now another ratings agency is slapping the health insurance industry with a fresh downgrade — and the cause-and-effect calculus isn’t ambiguous:


How Did The Maryland Transportation Police Know An Unarmed Man From Florida Was A Concealed Carry Gun Owner Before They Pulled Him Over?

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For those who think the 2nd and 4th Amendments are safe and protected, please read the following article. Even if the NSA did not exist, there are enough data bases and information available for any agency to tramp on your rights.

Could This Happen Here?

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I am sure that President Obama and the leaders in the Senate are envious at how the President of Venezuela has a bigger pen to legislate with than they do. Well, I think that we are certainly heading in that direction. Not far fetched at all especially when 50%+ of the populace, like the Venezuelans, resent anyone having more than they do.

Click for article    Venezuela decrees new price controls to fight inflation – by Brian Ellworth.


 It states-     Socialism,  We Conquer By Fighting

Killing Liberty With Kindness By Derek Hunter

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Dependence on government is slavery minus the beatings and race exclusivity. The slaves of old weren’t allowed to learn to read. Today’s slaves can, but far too many of those in areas dominated by government dependence don’t thanks to bad public schools.

Slaves weren’t allowed to leave the plantation back then. Today, welfare recipients don’t have the ability to move to a better area, a better school district.  As bad as this is for the country economically and socially, President Obama seeks to expand that web and solidify the progressive dependency agenda in more and more Americans.


The rest of the article -

Guarantees Are Nice

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Great article by Lee Duigon in News With Views about an outrageous article in The Rolling Stone.

Click here-  Rolling Stone Article  to read it before proceeding to Duigon’s response. The fact that the young are indoctrinated in the government school systems does not allow them to connect the dots and realize why they are losing their liberties and hopes for a bright future. It results in their disdain for government and business and we end up with a generation that thinks Che Guevara was a hero or Anarchy is the way of the future. Too bad a large percentage of unhappy parents probably agree with them.

Click here for Duigon’s Article.




Protect our Property Rights by Eliminating Regional Planning Councils

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We actually have a lobby group in Tallahassee that has the best interest of all Floridians, Grassroot Activists and yes, even themselves. Liberty First Florida.

Please read their newest bulletin about the dangers of the accepted practice of State Regional Planning Councils (aka Agenda 21).

“Unfortunately, the 11 Florida Regional Planning Councils have become a de facto agency of the federal government to promote “Smart Growth” and “Sustainable Living” schemes at the expense of local control of land use decisions and private property rights.”

Click for Article-



Congressman Yoho Town Hall

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Please plan to attend this Town Hall to find out directly from the Congressman about the Budget process. He knows you have many questions. I will assume that this town hall will be very well attended by the many veterans in the District.

Press Release from Congressman Ted Yoho’s Office-


Jan 13, 2014

Congressman Ted S. Yoho will host a Town Hall to address veterans’ concerns at the Thrasher Horne Conference Center in Orange Park.

Friday, January 17th
Thrasher Horne Conference Center
Suite A & B; 283 College Drive
Orange Park, FL
(Doors open at 6:00PM)

This event is open and free to the public. If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office at (352) 505-0838.

Self Defense “Rally in Tally”

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If you are able to attend or know someone in the Tally area, plan to attend the 2nd Amendment Preservation Rally Tuesday Jan 7th at the State Capital. There are 12 dynamite speakers. Sheriff Mack, CSPOA, and Erich Pratt, Gun Owners of America are the keynotes, and we just added Billy Vaughn, father of Navy Seal Aaron Vaughn and several other exciting speakers. Check out the complete cadre of speakers at





The Administrative State

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As we start looking to the new year and the battles that lie ahead, there is one main problem we must contend with- BIG GOVERNMENT.

Please read this great article by John Marini written in Imprimis-

“Congress has become a major player in the administrative state precisely by surrendering its constitutional purpose and ceasing to defend limited government. As a result, the administrative state has grown dramatically since 1965, and it only continues to defend and expand its turf. Political opposition occasionally arises in the White House or in Congress, but thus far with little effect.”


The Progressive Reality Is Here

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What you will read in this great article from FrontPage Mag is  “the Progressives will keep winning no matter which party is in power.”

We all have become a “nation of takers,” as Nicholas Eberstadt documents in his important book. We all consider normal a gigantic federal government of bureaucrats and technocrats whose job is to redistribute property in order to finance a vast network of entitlement spending from which most of us benefit either directly or indirectly. Beneficiaries of these programs have powerful lobbies that monitor and punish any politician who dares challenge this status quo. Just consider how easy it has been to marginalize the Tea Party as racist extremists, the only political organization calling for the return to the limited government of the Constitution, the reigning in of unsustainable debt and deficits, and the reform of entitlement programs so that only the truly needy are served. The existence of a vast constituency for government handouts has enabled this demonization of the only people crying “Iceberg ahead!”

Click for entire article-



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