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Elect A New Speaker On Tuesday

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Tomorrow the House will elect a Speaker. Will they continue with the same old “go along to get along” that the establishment and Speaker Boehner have pushed for the last 4 years?

One of the most exciting votes over the last two years was Congressman Yoho’s very first vote- AGAINST BOEHNER for Speaker. At that time he was one of the only ones to do so.  Well, here we are again, and even though the polls show that 60% of republican voters want a change, will it materialize?

Press Release from Congressman Yoho-


When I decided to run for Congress, President Obama had just announced we were five days away from fundamentally transforming America. It was a statement that stuck with me, because it is not America that needed to be changed.

The American people, by and large, are the same folks who work to put food on the table and provide a roof over the heads of their families. They want an America where if you work hard and play by the rules, you achieve the American dream. That drive hasn’t changed.  What needs to change is Washington, DC.

A few months ago, the American people sent a strong message that they reject President Obama’s attempts to change their country. They sent a message that they want conservative policies, and most importantly, conservative leadership. The American people have given us this moment in time to fight back against President Obama’s failed policies. We cannot, nor should not, squander it.

Two years ago, my first vote in Congress was against John Boehner for Speaker. It was not a personal attack, but the representation of the voice of a frustrated nation. I believed we needed stronger leadership then, and two years later, I still believe that today. Therefore, I will not vote for John Boehner for Speaker, and have provided my name as an alternative in the Speaker’s Race.

In November, the American people showed they still have confidence in us. However, that confidence is waning. They want a leader who is inspirational in message, and resolute in defiance against this president’s disastrous policies.  A leader with the strength and tenacity to boldly lead us against a president insistent on unilateral rule. Our Founders gave us a system of government that granted more power to the House of Representatives because it was the People’s House.

We need to stand up, with the full confidence of the American people behind us, and stop this president’s attempts to further transform our nation. We have but one moment, and that time is now.

- Ted

WE NEED A POSITIVE CHANGE-  Since the press release Rep Louie Gohmert of TX has also thrown his name in the hat. There are options now. Please click on the links below for some articles about the vote and then please call any friends you have around the country and urge them to contact their Representatives and have them vote for a candidate other than Boehner.

The Daily Signal-

Breitbart News-

The Daily Caller-


The CRomnibus From Thursday-

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Even though you may have seen this last night, I am posting this on our blog for commentary-


Thursday Nights Cromnibus Bill That Passed-  Good or Bad?

I have collected some bits and pieces of articles about the bill that passed Thursday night that will fund our nation for the next fiscal year. I will have some of my own personal commentary towards the bottom of this email. So please read all the text and click on links to read the full articles.

As Jack Webb would have said in Dragnet, “Just the Facts Ma’am, Just The Facts”

From Dan Calabrese with CainTv (Herman Cain)-  Check Your Emotions, May Not Be All Bad.

What Happened Thursday Night?

Neither the process nor the result was pretty. In the end, John Boehner was John Boehner insofar as he wanted more than anything to avoid a government shutdown, which meant he would sacrifice amnesty de-funding to get a spending bill passed if that’s what it took. And it did, because 57 Democrats came to his rescue by supporting CRomnibus – even though they were furious about the rollback of some of Dodd-Frank – after 67 Republicans bailed because the bill let Obama’s executive amnesty off the hook.
So the bill is a moderate’s dream and is hated by both the left and the right, which sets up some interesting dynamics when the Senate takes its turn. But in a way, amnesty doesn’t get off the hook entirely:

The effort to save the bill angered some Democrats, who complained that both Obama and JPMorgan Chase & Co chief executive Jamie Dimon were calling Democrats to support it.

“It is very strange, very strange that the two of them would be working for the support of this bill,” said Representative Maxine Waters, the top Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee. In the 219-206 vote, 67 Republicans rejected the spending bill, largely because it failed to take action to stop Obama’s executive immigration order. But that was offset by 57 Democrats who voted in favor. Shortly after passage, both the House and Senate passed a 48-hour extension to allow the Senate more time to consider the measure. Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid said it would be debated on Friday.
The 1,603-page bill, negotiated by Republican and Democratic appropriators and leaders, drew Democrats’ ire when they discovered it would roll back the Dodd-Frank law due to go into effect next year by killing planned restrictions on derivatives trading by large banks, allowing them to continue trading swaps and futures in units that benefit from federal deposit insurance and Federal Reserve loans.

If passed by the Senate, the spending bill would fund all government agencies through September 2015,except for the Department of Homeland Security, which would get an extension only through Feb. 27. Republicans intend to deny funding to the agency to carry out Obama’s order allowing millions of undocumented immigrants to stay and work in the United States.

If Republicans play this right - I know, I know – this could prove to be more of a victory on the amnesty question than it seems today. By passing a bill that funds the entire government except Homeland Security through September, they’ve removed the Republicans-want-to-shut-down-the-government nonsense from the equation and now set up a situation where Obama pretty much has to negotiate with them come January to get funding restored for DHS.

I think that was always the idea – that you wait until you’ve really got control of both houses after the first of the year and then you put the squeeze to him. Passing CRomnibus under the current Congress puts you in a stronger position to do that because you take away the shutdown as Obama’s opportunity to change the media narrative and make Republicans the bad guys.

Next step, though: Now that they’ve essentially passed a real budget for the rest of the year, they need to start in early 2015 working on a real, normal-order budget for 2016. We haven’t seen one of those since 2009 because real budgets hold Democrats responsible for their irresponsible spending, so Harry Reid simply stopped passing them in favor of these never-ending, always perilous continuing resolutions in which the drama is always whether or not the government will shut down, rather than what’s actually being spent and on what. Republicans are going to get back to normal-order budgets, right? Right? 


Sounds good to me. Do I think the GOP leadership will finally flex it’s muscles?  NO.  But might happen.

GOP Rep: House Leaders Made False Promise to Get My Crucial Vote-

Representative Marlin Stutzman (R., Ind.) accused House Republican leadership of reneging on a deal made with him to get his support on a crucial procedural vote that almost killed the $1.1 trillion cromnibus funding bill. “I was very surprised and even more disappointed to see the cromnibus back on the floor,”

Stutzman said in a Thursday evening statement. “The American people deserve better.”
Stutzman was one of the last Republicans to cast his ballot in favor of a rule allowing the House to vote on the cromnibus. National Review Online reported that Stutzman backed the rule at the last minute after leadership told him that they would pull the bill, once the rule was passed, and replace it with a short-term continuing resolution favored by rank-and-file conservatives. With the last-minute help of Stutzman and outgoing representative Kerry Bentivolio (R., Mich.), leadership won the vote 214–212.

“I supported the rule because I was informed by leadership that the cromnibus was dead and a short term CR would take its place,” Stutzman said. After President Obama came out in favor of the funding bill, Republican leaders spent the day whipping their members and hoping that Democrats would deliver the requisite number of votes.

Read More-


From Politico- Liberals: Obama Abandoned Us

The White House’s aggressive push to salvage a spending bill on Capitol Hill left liberal lawmakers feeling burned by President Barack Obama — and raised significant doubts about their desire to cooperate heading into next year’s Republican takeover of Congress.

Democrats will need every vote they can muster next year as the GOP plans to attack liberal priorities on health care, energy and financial regulation in 2015. But Thursday’s deadline drama offered no signal of party unity, only fresh reminders of the post-election divisions between a president who’s looking to govern during his last two years in office and a newly invigorated populist wing of the party, led by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.).  The $1.1 trillion spending bill passed the House late Thursday, with 57 Democrats voting for the bill while 139 voted against it — with many liberals seething over a provision that rolled back a key financial regulation that is part of the Dodd-Frank law.

“A vote for this bill is a vote for future taxpayer bailouts of Wall Street,” Warren said Thursday. “It is time for all of us to stand up and fight.”

Obama and Biden dialed for votes all day, and dispatched Obama Chief of Staff Denis McDonough to meet with House Democrats, hoping to sooth Democrats’ concerns over policy riders that showed up in the trillion-dollar spending bill and were blasted by liberal stalwarts Warren and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

While the eleventh-hour intervention may have pushed the bill across the finish line, it also sparked a fresh round of finger-pointing among Democrats on Capitol Hill and in the White House. For the increasingly liberal factions of Democrats on Capitol Hill, the White House’s work was too little, too late.

“I do not share the White House’s view,” said Rep. Steve Israel of New York, a member of Democratic leadership after meeting with McDonough.

Obama’s base said he tried to sell them out—and didn’t even wait to do it until Republicans officially expand their majority in the House and take over the Senate come January. And some on the left worried the wide range of policy riders in a spending bill were a worrisome sign as Republicans take over the Senate next year – and are already urging Obama to steel himself and ready his veto pen for what’s to come.

The White House’s support for the measure sent liberals into a rage, including a very rare and blunt split between Pelosi and the president which began when a White House statement landed in Washington inboxes on Thursday afternoon. The message from the president: The bill has plenty to scoff at, but you should vote for it anyway.

“I’m enormously disappointed the White House feels the only way they could get a bill is to go along with this,” Pelosi said Thursday afternoon, coming to the floor to declare that she wouldn’t be voting for the bill so long as it includes the Dodd-Frank rollback “blackmail.”

Read more:


Well, this is good to read about provided it is not all theatrics and strictly for future political gain.
Can’t you see it now. In February President Obama tells the nation that the big bad GOP are holding him hostage over amnesty even after he helped them last December. Yup, once again the GOP is the villain or party of NO and will cave as in the past.  I hope to be proven wrong.

Congressman Yoho

Several Congressman Yoho supporters who had communicated with him over the last week were able to go over several of the pros and cons of this bill. As usual Congressman Yoho showed us that he truly studies all aspects and weighs the options, as no Bill ever has everything that will satisfy ALL.

Below are some of the top reasons why the Congressman supported this bill.

This bill will fund the government through September of 2015. In addition, this bill:

- Ensures social security and fully funds our troops’ pay
- Saves taxpayers billions by prohibiting funding for the Obamacare Risk Corridors
- Amends Dodd-Frank to protect our farmers and ranchers
- Cuts an additional $60 million to the EPA
- No new funding for Obamacare
- No Guantanamo transfers or releases into the US
- Takes an additional $10 million from the IPAB Board
- Cuts $345.6 million from the IRS
- Fully funds the US-Israel MOU at $3.1 billion
- Provides $2.5 billion for processing VA disability claims to end the backlog and rescinds $41 million in performance bonuses at the VA

- Bans any use of federal funds for abortions

- Blocks funding for Obama’s Race to the Top educational program

- Blocks funding for the International Monetary Fund
- Blocks funding for high speed rail

Of course a major part of the bill is that it only funds the Dept of Homeland Security through the end of February when it will be tackled again.

    Below is his press release-

Rep. Yoho Votes To Keep Discretionary Spending at Lowest Level Since 2007
Dec 11, 2014

Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Ted S. Yoho (R-FL-03) voted in favor of H.R. 83 — Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, 2015. The bipartisan/bicameral year-end funding agreement provides full appropriations for Fiscal Year 2015 for 11 of the 12 regular appropriations bills. The agreement keeps discretionary spending at the lowest level since 2007 and puts the country on a path to save taxpayers $2.1 trillion over the next 10 years.  Funding for the Department of Homeland Security is limited until February 27, 2015, when the President’s executive order will go into effect. Congressman Yoho gave the following statement after the vote:

“When I was elected, I told my constituents that I would vote not on what was politically popular, but on principle. The bill today is far from perfect. But as with any large spending bill, there are things that you want to fund and there are things that you don’t. Funding our troops, veterans’ services, social security, and ensuring economic stability for our small businesses is the right thing to do. 
“I do not agree with the President’s Executive Order, which is why I introduced – and the House passed – legislation to stop it. 

I also joined my colleagues in offering an amendment to this spending bill that would guarantee that no funds could be used for his illegal amnesty.  I’m disappointed that the amendment was not accepted, but I’m happy that the bill only temporarily funds the Department of Homeland Security until February 27, 2015, when the President’s executive order will go into effect. This will enable us to add the proper limits when we have control of the Senate in January. Additionally, this legislation contains no new funding for Obamacare. For President Obama to have to sign that into law is a win in itself. 

“The House passed 11 of the 12 appropriations bills out of their respective committees and sent 7 of them to the Senate for a vote. The situation today is entirely a product of Harry Reid’s do-nothing-Senate. Tonight’s vote made sure all the hard work done in the House wasn’t done in vain.  
“I look forward to a Republican Senate that takes up and funds appropriations bills the way we are supposed to—not waiting until the last minute and rolling everything into one bill like the one we see before us today. That way we can vote for the provisions we like—and against those that we don’t—and not risk the well-being and welfare of our citizens, our economy, and our national security. 

“The American people handed us the torch of leadership. Being a leader means looking at the big picture and making tough decisions. With a Republican Senate, I look forward to bringing our country back on fiscal track, stopping this President’s overreach, and restoring the greatness of America.” 

As a Fiscal conservative above all else this is a no brainer. The only problem is that I do not believe that the GOP leadership will hold firm or keep it’s promise to fight against Obama’s Amnesty in February and much less shrink the size of government. I hope I am wrong but as such I do understand Congressman Yoho’s vote. He is the one who is face to face with leadership up in D.C. and can only hope he is right. I will wait for February and hope that having control of the House and Senate will finally allow the self serving D.C. leadership to think about the voters.

Below are two articles that get no press but will help show you that Congressman Yoho DOES want to turn this country around regardless of party stance.  Again I hope that leadership will do the same.


Congressman Justin Amash-Michigan

When I learned that the Intelligence Authorization Act for FY 2015 was being rushed to the floor for a vote—with little debate and only a voice vote expected (i.e., simply declared “passed” with almost nobody in the room)—I asked my legislative staff to quickly review the bill for unusual language. What they discovered is one of the most egregious sections of law I’ve encountered during my time as a representative: It grants the executive branch virtually unlimited access to the communications of every American.

On Wednesday afternoon, I went to the House floor to demand a roll call vote on the bill so that everyone’s vote would have to be recorded. I also sent a letter to every representative.

It’s one of the most egregious sections of law I’ve encountered during my time as a representative: It grants the executive branch virtually unlimited access to the communications of every American. With more time to spread the word, we would have stopped this bill, which passed 325-100.

Thanks to the 99 other representatives—44 Republicans and 55 Democrats—who voted to protect our rights and uphold the Constitution.

Congressman Yoho was one of those.

Sen. Paul Introduces Bill to Prevent President Obama’s Executive Amnesty

Dec 12, 2014

Senator Rand Paul today introduced the Preventing Executive Overreach on Immigration Act. This is companion legislation to Congressman Ted Yoho’s bill (H.R. 5759) that passed the House of Representatives on December 4, 2014 on a 219-197 vote.

This legislation would end President Obama’s executive action on immigration and restore the Congress’ constitutional role as the body to craft legislation. Article I of the Constitution places the legislative powers in Congress. The President does not have the power under the Constitution to rewrite immigration laws to exempt classes of people from a law that was passed by Congress and signed into law.

“I believe that the Constitution is clear that the legislative power resides in Congress. The President is not a king and he does not have the power to enact laws then execute his own laws. Our Constitution is being violated by this executive order and other actions by the Obama Administration to govern by executive fiat,” Sen. Paul stated.


The Conservative movement (you, me, Tea Party, Republicans, Libertarians, Patriots, etc) HAS made a world of difference in American politics over the last five years. We are far from done however as we have a formidable opponent in the DC establishment. So as I hear the Braveheart music in the background and the shout of “Freedom”, you can bet your sweet little _ _ _ that we will live to fight again and that will be during the new Congress in January. Yes, the one ELECTED by mad Americans.



Congressman Yoho vs. The Rest Of Washington

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Ted Yoho Takes on Obama over Immigration-

Thank you Congressman Yoho for refusing to just sit back and let the President, along with much of Leadership, ignore the constitution.

Please read this article in Sunshine State News about Congressman Yoho’s bill and the vote that should occur today.




This Is Scary- The IRS and White House

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“Less than a week after ’fessing up that it found some 2,500 documents potentially showing that the IRS shared taxpayer returns with the White House, the Obama administration has reversed course and won’t release the trove to a group suing for access.”

This should truly scare the heck out of every American. Sure, it’s one thing for a political party to spy on another but when the IRS is used to bully, intimidate and criminalize Americans, it must be stopped.

From the Washington Examiner-


Obamacare- The Gift That Keeps On Giving

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For all those who state that Mr. Gruber should not have been hired as the expert for Obamacare as he has no real world business experience-  Mission accomplished!

Gruber and the Administration got exactly what they wanted, a continual march towards more socialized healthcare.  Are the Republicans willing to do what it takes to turn the ship around?

Please click on the link below for yet another example of how this legislation is hurting everyone and leaving no options but joining the Healthcare Exchanges.

The crushing costs of compliance with the regulatory burdens of Obamacare have already been well documented, especially as they pertain to small businesses. But as small businesses prepare their corporate tax returns next year, many accountants are warning that, based on Department of Labor guidelines issued after the election, countless small businesses are about to be hit with a huge tax penalty that they simply cannot afford.


Land Of The Free, Home Of The Brave???????????





Just Shut Up And Do As We Say!

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Well, well, well, it’s always nice when the truth comes out. Question is, what are you going to do with the truth?

As many may be aware, one of the masterminds behind The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), Mr. Jonathan Gruber, has had a few videos surface were he brags about deceiving the American public in order to ensure that Obamacare would pass. Any wonder why the main street media has done nothing with the news?

A year ago some of the Gainesville Tea Party leadership had the distinct displeasure of seeing one of his presentation in Tallahassee when the State Legislature was debating providing a State vs Federal Exchange.  Mr. Gruber was debating the great representatives from The Madison Institute who wanted no part of the State participating with the plan. Mr. Gruber could not have been more smug looking down his nose at all the commoners, yes you the taxpayer.  Watching these videos only reemphasizes how the majority of the American public is just used as pawns by the politicians and the pseudo intellectual academics.

So please read the following links and the next post in this email so that you can continue to arm yourself with valid information.

From Breitbart News-

From Michelle Malkin-




VOTE vote VOTE vote VOTE

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Tuesday November 4th, election day, is almost here and let’s face it, there are TWO main races that will affect your future.

Alachua County Commission district 4 and Governor of Florida. Yes you still need to cast your vote for the small government candidates in all the races but if you look at the polls they should be pretty safe.

Alachua County Commission district 4: The winner of this race will swing the commission one way or the other.

If you have done your research or attended the Gainesville Tea Party Debate you will see that there is a clear distinction between the two candidates. Only one truly believes and has consistently stressed the need for a limited government that should focus on core services and protect all private property and that’s John Martin.

Last week we posted a video by Terry Martin-Back who made some very valid points about the future direction of the county and the election. Click here to watch

Depending on the role YOU believe government should play in the County, your choice is simple.

Florida Governor:  If the wrong person wins this race it will make the high energy prices brought to us by the disastrous Biomass plant look like amateur hour. Yes, Charlie Crist has already stated that global warming is a serious concern and that he will ensure that green energy takes a front seat in Florida. While he’s at it he might as well make carbon credits/Tax a reality. If the State of Florida developed a backbone to NULLIFY disastrous Federal regulations, via the Tenth Amendment, Crist would only stand in the way.

For all our Libertarian friends who are hoping for a Hail Mary for Libertarian candidate Adrian Wyllie, go ahead and cuss me out, but the 4% or 5% that he may garner will hurt all of us, the State and YOU if it helps Crist win. You’ve heard our explanation on how to move forward and make a real difference within the two party system so I will not bore everyone with it now.

If you are reading this email you have already or are certainly planning to vote on Tuesday but we NEED MORE.  The two races above are overlooked many times by voters as not important since they are not Federal races. We cannot afford that. Do not hesitate to talk to all your family members, co-workers, church members, friends and ex’s (yes it is that important). No, you are not seeing Tea Party rallies as in the past, but that is in large part due to millions of Tea Party supporters working with Parties, Candidates and Organizations to help turn the Nation, States, Counties and Cities around.



Not All Good For Dems

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As stated in BizPac Review-

With two years left of Barack Obama, the black communities are facing the Democratic party head on in the face of the upcoming midterms.  Rebel Pundit released a video of  Chicago activists Paul McKinley, Mark Carter, Joseph Watkins and Harold “Noonie” Ward bringing a powerful message to black voters.

A long list of heartfelt grievances about how blacks have been abused by Democrats can be summed up by one of the men, “They force us into a life of welfare. We don’t want no welfare.”

Unfortunately many are upset because they still don’t think they are getting a large enough piece of the pie, but at least it is a start to allow other ideas to be heard.


Click for video-

The Next Executive Order

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As expected, the President will likely use his pen and cellphone after the Nov 4th elections to grant his long awaited Amnesty promise. Many of us in the Gainesville Tea party are all about allowing work visas to almost all comers who have jobs awaiting them BUT that can only work if :

-Get rid of the welfare state

-Ensure that the BORDERS are secure

-IMMIGRATION laws are followed.

Even the progressives may soon see the day that they regret pushing for this agenda.


The Militarization of Law Enforfcement

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I am all in favor of giving our Law Enforcement all the help they need to combat the criminal element but do we really need an Armored vehicle with 24 cops to collect $80,000 from an elderly man?
Read more:





County Elections

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Here is a great youtube video sent to us by Terry Martin-Back about  County Elections. Beyond being a great patriot who served his country in the military, Terry is a local Realtor and contractor who continues to serve the community.

As one of the moderators of this side I am using my executive privilege to post this COMMON sense video.

Happy Voting.

Still Making A Difference!

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Maybe the following articles will motivate those so called Conservatives who like to sit home and bitch instead of getting active. That goes all the way from D.C. to your local elections.

First article by ED MORRISSEY-  

These results, from a Sept. 25-30 Gallup poll, demonstrate that despite what appears to be a lower profile this year, the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party — about 18% of all national adults — remains a powerful force, given their higher interest in the election and higher motivation to vote. This is not a new phenomenon; Republican Tea Party supporters gave the 2010 midterm elections more thought and were more motivated to vote than other Republicans, although all voters in general were paying more attention that year.

Continue by clicking link-


Here is a second article by Susan Crabtree in the Washington Examiner-

Here are a few words from Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert, R-Texas. “All around the country, and in Texas particularly, there’s just a powerful move to get out more liberals than conservatives.  Too many conservatives have stayed home. It should have been clear to them that it would be dangerous for America if they stayed home. We’ve got to turn that around.”

And yes, dangerous it was. Please read the rest of the story-





Ebola and Racism

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You have just got to see this video of Rev Jesse Jackson being interviewed by Ben Swann. No matter what Swann asks, the good Rev shows that reality and logic are irrelevant when it comes to getting a point across.

Chance To See Derrick Wilburn!

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If you did not see Derrick Wilburn from the Americans of Color and the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives when he was in Gainesville last year, you’ve got another chance. This time he will be speaking to the Gilchrist County Tea Party and they will also have Congressman Ted Yoho.  Man, they have some pretty good recruiters if you ask me.





The Gilchrist County Tea Party has scheduled two dynamic speakers for this month’s Tea Party Meetings.

We are proud to bring you a National Conservative Speaker that is lively, funny, and informative.  Derrick Wilburn, from Colorado, has agreed to join us on Tuesday for an evening of conservative enlightenment.

Derrick speaks all over the Country and we are very fortunate to have him join us.  He will talk about how important it is for rural communities to come together and address the many issues that we have in fighting the progressive and liberal movements.  He also will address how we can unite and be more productive in keeping Gilchrist County conservative.


Congressman Ted Yoho will also be present to bring us up to date on all the National issues that we now have before Congress and how he plans to address them when it’s time to vote.  Your input is very valuable to him and he really seeks to find out how his constituents feel about the U.S. involvement in Syria, Iran, and how to combat ISIS.  Congress is under tremendous pressure from many different factions, and Congressman Yoho really appreciates your feedback and input.

Don’t miss our next meeting,Tuesday, October 14, at 7 PM.  We meet at the County Commission Chambers, on U.S. Highway 129 and S.E. 1 Avenue Trenton; across the street from the County Courthouse.



Amendment One

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From our friend Dan Peterson at Coalition For Property Rights-

No on Amendment 1-

Protecting water and land resources is worthy and should be embraced by every Floridian. However, Amendment 1 is a special-interest proposal mandating an $18 billion raid on documentary-stamp revenues for the next 20 years. Red flags should fly before anyone concerned for good public policy regarding conservation and the role of government.

The first red flag raised is the bad public policy of inserting a part of our state’s budget into the constitution. Why? It limits the budgeting authority of the Legislature. It is the Legislature’s responsibility to work with the governor to balance the budget annually, meeting the manifold needs of our state. Through the Legislature, all needs (including environmental) are considered, debated, and approved by our elected representatives, not just those of a single special interest.

California, with spending mandates in its constitution, has severely limited its legislature’s control over the state’s budget. Consequently, it flirts with bankruptcy. Florida should reject going down that road.

A second red flag is the fiscal impact additional conservation land will have on meeting local needs. When property is moved from private ownership to government, it is moved off the tax rolls. Less taxable property means less tax revenue to pay for things like education, roads, infrastructure and public safety. Local governments will be forced to choose between cutting spending or raising property taxes and/or fees. The counties in Florida with the most conservation lands are also the counties with the highest property taxes, according to Florida TaxWatch.

A third red flag is the impact on our state budget and economy. Amendment 1 authorizes expenditures to acquire land. More government land means more government employees to oversee that land, more materials and more equipment to maintain that land. Amendment 1 grows government and increases maintenance expenses.

Beyond growing government and its costs, Amendment 1 will negatively affect Florida’s economy. Targets for acquisition include rural and agricultural lands — farms and ranches. One of Florida’s strongest and largest economic engines is agriculture, supporting thousands of jobs and making Florida a key partner in the international-trade market. Approximately one-third of Florida is in agriculture. Farms and ranches contribute to Florida’s economy providing revenue to our state and livelihoods for many Floridians. Removing those lands from production weakens Florida’s economy.

Another red flag is the amount of land already under government ownership and control. Already more than 27 percent of Florida is in conservation. Add other properties for government offices and facilities, and the total climbs to nearly one-third of Florida owned and controlled by government.

The state of Utah, more than half owned by government, is a case worth noting. Its lawmakers can attest to the challenges of budgeting for education when less than half of the land is available for taxation. That, together with too many acres of government-owned land either uncared for or off-limits to citizens, is another road for Florida to avoid.

The fact is private owners are better stewards of land than government. Government should not be handed $18 billion of taxpayer money to acquire and control land.

The American dream embraces the principle of private citizens owning and using property as a protection against the potential tyranny of the state. Increased government ownership threatens that principle with no guarantees of better land stewardship.

“We the people” have elected representative leaders who have pledged to make water and land public policy a priority in the 2015 legislative session. Hopefully, they will honor that pledge.

Our diverse state deserves a comprehensive approach to addressing our future. Being locked into Amendment 1 for the next 20 years with its multiple red flags limits that approach — and that’s bad for Florida.

Dan Peterson is executive director of the Coalition for Property Rights, a nonprofit advocacy movement.

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