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Muhammad on the Metro? AFDI’s Pamela Geller…

By Michael Cavna – May 28

Artist Bosch Fawstin, left, is presented with a check by Dutch politician Geert Wilders and founder/organizer Pamela Geller during the American Freedom Defense Initiative program at the Curtis Culwell Center this month in Garland, Tex. (Gregory Castillo/The Dallas Morning News via AP)

Muhammad on the Metro? AFDI’s Pamela Geller on her plan for cartoon WMATA ads.

UPDATE: On Thursday afternoon, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority suspended “all issue-oriented” ads on the D.C. Metro system through the end of 2015. Here is AFDI founder Pamela Geller’s response:

“WMATA has submitted to the assassin’s veto,” Geller says to The Post’s Comic Riffs.

“Following the cowardly policy change for the New York MTA, the Washington MTA has suspended all issue-oriented ads through the end of year after we submitted our free speech ad. Oh, the irony. This is an end run around the First Amendment.

“These cowards may claim that they are making people safer, but I submit to you the opposite. They are making it far more dangerous for Americans everywhere. Rewarding terror with submission is defeat. Absolute and complete defeat. More demands, more violence will certainly follow. The message is that terror works.

“This is sharia in America.”

Here is the original post:

THREE YEARS after American Freedom Defense Initiative founder Pamela Geller bought “Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.” ads that could be prominently seen on Washington-area Metro trains, she is again seeking D.C. transit commercial space for her signage. This time, though, Geller plans to depict Muhammad.

It’s not just any image of the Islamic prophet, but the cartoon by artist Bosch Fawstin that won the AFDI’s “Jihad Watch Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest” competition this month in Garland, Tex., where two gunmen attacking the contest venue were killed.

Geller announced this week on (as first reported by The Hill) that the AFDI has submitted the Muhammad ad for review by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. Metro spokesman Dan Stessel has acknowledged that the ad is going through the review process, and said in a statement that the Muhammad sign “has not yet been approved for our system” — which includes Metro buses and trains.

Besides Washington, Geller has previously succeeded in getting ads placed on transit systems in San Francisco, Chicago and Philadelphia. Last month, New York’s MTA voted to ban all political ads in the wake of a judge’s ruling that the agency could not reject provocative ads, like those of the AFDI, because they were critical of Islam. The MTA’s move could foreshadow the decision facing the WMATA, which in 2012 lost a federal judge’s ruling to Geller; her ad at that time read, “In Any War Between the Civilized Man and the Savage, Support the Civilized Man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.”

MICHAEL CAVNA: First, can you confirm that you specifically submitted Bosch’s winning cartoon [to WMATA] for consideration as an ad — and [if so], did you write any ad copy to run with it? Basically, if it’s approved as is, what will we see?

PAMELA GELLER: Yes, I submitted it with the caption, “Support Free Speech.” That’s what we will see, along with the AFDI logo.

MC: You were initially legally successful in getting your [“Hamas Killing Jews”] ads placed on public transit in New York, of course. How do you compare that to this new D.C. effort, in terms of legal hurdles and likelihood?

PG: First Amendment rights are the same in N.Y. and D.C. The outcome of legal challenges should also be the same.

MC: Have you submitted this ad anywhere besides Washington?

PG: We have not yet submitted the ad anywhere besides Washington. We await word from the WMATA.

MC: Have you had any direct contact or response from anyone [at WMATA]? And if D.C. Metro does not approve your ad, do you plan to pursue this further in Washington — either legally, or by eyeing other potential places of public signage?

PG: No, I haven’t heard from anyone, and yes, we will challenge in court any ban on the ad.

MC: In terms of freedom of expression in this country, is there anything you believe is too visually profane, or objectionable, or sacrilegious, to be allowed as public signage such as a Metro ad or billboard?

PG: There are reasonable obscenity laws. There is nothing profane, or objectionable, or sacrilegious about my ad. The cartoon clearly addresses the need to stand up against, rather than surrender to, violent intimidation and forcible attempts to impose Sharia upon Americans — for drawing Muhammad is not illegal under American law, but only under Sharia.

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Scary, Scary, Scary

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We are posting this article just to show what many Millennials are being taught and exposed to. It has been making the rounds on several of the social media channels that they follow. Make no mistake, it is Socialism plain and simple. Problem is that it is not published in the Socialist Party USA journals, which luckily still has a LITTLE negative connotation attached to them, but is camouflaged with trendy words and topics in social media. Add much of our government school system and institutions of higher learning reinforcing this and you’ve got a serious problem.

Granted, there are a few problems I agree with such as crony capitalism and corrupt officials, but cannot believe the spin the writer is putting on almost everything else.

Below is a part of the article just to get you started. Please do click on the link at bottom for the complete article.


“If you care about marginalized people — if you care about the oppression of women, LGBT people, disabled people, African Americans and Hispanics and other people of color — you need to do more than go to same-sex weddings and listen to hip-hop. You need to support economic policies that make marginalized people’s lives better. You need to oppose economic policies that perpetuate human rights abuses and make marginalized people’s lives suck.

And that means not being a fiscal conservative.”

AUDIO: GTP May 23 Meeting w/ Special Guest Randy Russell

Click the graphic to hear Randy Russell at GTP

Click the graphic to hear Randy Russell at GTP

Author of “American History in No Time” About the Book: The history of America is an amazing story, but all too unfamiliar. American History In No Time is the quickest way to get up to speed with the basics.

Even those who are well-informed are likely to find many things they did not remember, did not have quite right, or never knew. American History In No Time can also be a valuable resource for parents who want to help their young children learn the basics in small doses.

Hat tip: Tony McKnight

Memorial Day Tribute – God Bless

Bill Nye the Science Fiction Guy

Coulter: Knowing What We Know Now, Would You Say Jeb Bush Is Retarded?

By Ann Coulter
Was Jeb Bush too busy watching telenovelas during his brother’s presidency to remember the Iraq War? We went to war at such breakneck speed after 9/11, that, before the invasion, I was able to write approximately 30 columns about it, give five dozen speeches on it, discuss it on TV a hundred times and read 1,089 New York Times editorials denouncing the “rush to war.” So I remember the arguments.

Contrary to the fairy tale the left has told itself since Obama truculently gave away America’s victory in Iraq, our argument wasn’t that we had to invade Iraq because of Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction. And the left’s argument certainly was not: “He doesn’t have any WMDs!”

Our argument was: There were lots of reasons to get rid of Saddam Hussein, and none to keep him.

Indeed, after Bush’s State of the Union address laying out the case for war with Iraq, The New York Times complained that he had given too many reasons: “Even the rationale for war seems to change from day to day. Mr. Bush ticked off a litany of accusations against Iraq in his State of the Union address …” (New York Times, Feb. 2, 2003)

Among the reasons we invaded Iraq were:  Continue reading at

Great Meeting Scheduled For Tomorrow

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Our Saturday May 23rd meeting is a great way to start off the Memorial Day Weekend. Looking forward to hearing this author and reading his book.

Let’s show him a great patriotic Gainesville welcome.


Miller Time: The Clinton Foundation

Dennis Miller opines on the O’reilly Factor on May 20th, 2015: “You know, the Clinton Foundation has more shaky donors than a blood bank next to a bus terminal.”

Click here to watch the full Dennis Miller segment.

Culture of Victimization Exposed by Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin joins Megyn Kelly to discuss Race Victimization tactics of the left’s Vinita Gupta and Michelle Obama, as well as Malkin’s new book Who Built That.  Kelly sets the stage with the following introduction before the discussion begins:

The head of the civil rights division at the Department of Justice is now suggesting we really shouldn’t be surprised by the rioting we saw in Baltimore or in Ferguson and here’s why: Vinita Gupta saying in a speech yesterday, that the looting, mayhem and violence is based on a mistrust of cops that stems from said cops’ predecessors enforcement of slavery and Jim Crow laws. Earlier I discussed this with internet entrepreneur Michelle Malkin who is the author of the new book, Who Built That. Michelle, so great to see you…

Freshman Victimized by Insufficiently Diverse Mascot

Please read the entire article.

Comic Artist Brett Booth Talks Diversity In Comic Books

By John Velisek USN (Ret)

According to the Rutgers Daily Targum, freshman Emmet Brennan helped author a bill “…to create black, Latino, Asian, and third-gender mascot friends to accompany the school’s original “Scarlet Knight” mascot adopted in 1955.” “Our mascot does not represent how diverse we are as a school,” decided Brennan after he “…noticed the mascot’s fair skin and blue eyes while working as a press box server during the university’s football games.”

Katie Park, writing for the Daily Targum, tells her readers:

After taking issue with the mascot’s complexion, Brennan began collaborating with student Mohamed Asker who currently serves as the SA’s student affairs chair. Asker is also a member of the Arab Cultural Club and assisted Brennan in drafting the bill.

Although the bill passed the SA, Brennan said there “were some concerns over the mascot possibly being offensive if it wasn’t done properly.” To assuage those concerns, Brennan consulted with the university’s black, Latino, and Asian cultural councils and has encouraged his peers to contribute to the process of creating diverse mascot friends.

“What we were really hoping is that this would be a discussion with the entire student body,” Brennan said. “So we would have a working committee of the different multicultural [groups], possibly the Queer Caucus — basically students who represent a unique voice, and have them all working together at the same table to make sure red flags that arise with any of those groups — that mascot would immediately be tabled.”  Continue reading at

Watters’ World: Patriot Edition

Jesse Watters quizzes the folks on what Memorial Day really means. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Liberal Paradise

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Hat tip: John Cutright

Al Sharpton’s Daughter Sues City After Spraining Ankle

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By Kathianne Boniello

Dominique Sharpton, Al Sharpton - Photo: Getty Images

She learned at the feet of a master.

Shakedown artist Al Sharpton’s eldest child wants $5 million from city taxpayers after she fell in the street and sprained her ankle, court rec­ords show.

Dominique Sharpton, 28, says she was “severely injured, bruised and wounded” when she stumbled over uneven pavement at the corner of Broome Street and Broadway downtown last year, according to a lawsuit.

Currently on vacation in Bali, the membership director for her gadfly dad’s National Action Network claims she “still suffers and will continue to suffer for some time physical pain and bodily injuries,” according to the suit filed against the city departments of Transportation and Environmental Protection.

“I sprained my ankle real bad lol,” she wrote in a post to Instagram after the Oct. 2 fall. Continue reading at,



Stephanopoulos, ABC Have Not Fully disclosed Clinton Ties

Investigative reporter and best selling author Peter Schweizer has been vilified by the progressives and the mainstream media for his new book, Clinton Cash. I guess the truth hurts. In this article, which appeared in USA Today, Schweizer, uncovers Stephanopoulos’ undisclosed involvement with the Clinton Foundation:

Photo: Heidi Gutman, ABC

Fact-driven, fair, aggressive journalism animates American politics. As an investigative journalist, I am accustomed to asking tough questions. When I publish, I expect tough questions in turn,

That’s not what ABC News This Week host and chief anchor George Stephanopoulos delivered when he interviewed me about my new book on the Clinton Foundation last month. There’s a reason. Though Stephanopoulos belatedly disclosed $75,000 in donations to the foundation, he has yet to disclose his much deeper relationship with the Clinton Foundation.

When Stephanopoulos invited me on his Sunday program, I knew that he had worked as a top adviser and campaign manager to President Bill Clinton in the 1990s, but I didn’t know about his donations or his other ties to the foundation founded and overseen by the former president and his wife, potential future president Hillary Clinton. Continue reading at

Florida GOP Chairman: ‘This State Is Going Red in 2016′

by Sarah Rumpf  15 May 2015

ORLANDO, Florida—As the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) gathers in Orlando for their quarterly meeting, RPOF Chairman Blaise Ingoglia joined Breitbart News for an exclusive interview about the party’s plans for 2016 and the important role he expects Florida to play in the elections.

Ingoglia told Breitbart News that RPOF has made substantial structural and strategic changes as 2016 approaches. “The first thing that we realized was that in order to win 2016, we had to have a better ground game,” he said. “The GOP dominates in midterm elections and we sort of have our challenges in presidential elections, [so we are] refocusing our attention to grassroots, boots on the ground, being involved in the community, and giving the grassroots leaders of the county parties the tools they need to go back into their communities to get their local people elected but also turn out the vote for our statewide candidates.”

Ingoglia described how the party had reorganized to help their ground game efforts. Previously, the party representatives had met at the quarterly meeting by Congressional districts, and each county has a Republican Executive Committee that meets monthly. Now, starting with this quarterly meeting, additional caucuses would be also organized by region: the Panhandle Caucus (Tallahassee, Pensacola), Northeast Florida (Jacksonville, St. Augustine), I-4 Corridor (Tampa, Orlando, Daytona), Southwest Florida (Naples, Fort Myers), and Southeast Florida (Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, St. Lucie). Continue reading at

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