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Louie Gohmert Slams Boehner After Cromnibus: Maybe Democrats Will Vote for Him for Speaker

Gohmert: Leadership Wouldn’t Work With Conservatives on Cromnibus

Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) said that conservatives in the House heard “not one word” from House GOP leadership on compromises to make changes to the cromnibus in order to get conservatives to vote for it even though “we were willing to work with them to compromise” on Thursday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.  Read more at

If Republicans Don’t Fight Now, They Never Will

The Nuclear Option – by Charles Hurt – Dec. 10, 2015

Call it the mysterious case of the Incredible Shrinking GOP.

Barely one month ago, the party sailed to victory in one of the biggest rout election waves of the past century. They ran the board and took control of the U.S. Senate. They grew to historic levels in the U.S. House. The Democratic Party was left in tatters in state, local, and governor races across the country.

But today, just a few weeks later, before GOPers even take hold of their new reins of power, the party is crying poverty. They are stricken with paralysis. House Speaker John A. Boehner, known for his weeping, begs powerlessness.

“Frankly, we have limited options and limited abilities to deal with it directly,” Mr. Boehner said last week when asked about President Obama’s unconstitutional executive action to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens presently living illegally in the U.S.

“Limited options?” “Limited abilities?” We have an unbridled madman in the White House right now taking a machete to the U.S. Constitution and the leader of the opposition party that was just thrust to power in a historic rejection of the president and his cleptocratic policies is now talking about “limited” options and abilities?

Funny, I don’t recall a single Republican running in a single race this year on a campaign that Republicans in Congress have only “limited” options and abilities to stop Mr. Obama. No, in fact, every single one of them ran their entire campaigns on the singular promise that we have to vote for Republicans so they could stop Mr. Obama. And Americans voted. [Bold type, mine]  Continue reading at

Return of the Zombie Congress

The midterms are over, but the fight has just begun. Hold Republicans’ feet to the fire.”The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.” – Thoms Jefferson

Jim DeMint / @JimDeMint / November 05, 2014

Photo: Gage Skidmore/Creative Commons

With the midterm elections just behind us, Americans might think they can finally stop worrying about politics for a while. Not so fast! Now is when they need to be more vigilant than ever.

Although dozens of politicians were replaced with fresh faces on Election Day, the losers don’t have to vacate their offices for two months. That means they can keep on voting in a “lame duck” session of Congress.

While “lame duck” is the standard parlance in D.C., I prefer the more colorful term “Zombie Congress,” popularized in recent years by George Will and others. It more aptly conveys the peril of the situation. Zombie legislators are those unhappy senators and representatives who have been voted out of office, yet still stagger dutifully back to Washington for a month or so before Christmas break.  ‘Tis the season when they are most dangerous.

Unlike their B-movie counterparts, these zombies don’t seek brains, though they could probably use some. With no electorate to appease, the newly politically “deceased” members have no incentive to restrain their more base urges to feast upon the hard-earned tax dollars of the living.

Unfortunately, lame duck sessions have become more common in recent years and have been used to rush through liberal policies while most Americans are focused on the holidays. Obamacare was rammed through the Senate on Christmas Eve in 2009. Other lame ducks were used to pass bailouts, debt limit increases, big spending bills, special-interest tax breaks and even an ill-advised arms treaty with Russia.

Lame duck lawmakers could use this year’s post-election session to push through a costly omnibus spending bill … with total impunity. Those who want to further burden Americans by taxing their Internet purchases also are contemplating the chance to ram through the misleadingly titled “Marketplace Fairness Act.” The “fairness” here means you send more money to the government!  Read more at

Not All Good For Dems

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As stated in BizPac Review-

With two years left of Barack Obama, the black communities are facing the Democratic party head on in the face of the upcoming midterms.  Rebel Pundit released a video of  Chicago activists Paul McKinley, Mark Carter, Joseph Watkins and Harold “Noonie” Ward bringing a powerful message to black voters.

A long list of heartfelt grievances about how blacks have been abused by Democrats can be summed up by one of the men, “They force us into a life of welfare. We don’t want no welfare.”

Unfortunately many are upset because they still don’t think they are getting a large enough piece of the pie, but at least it is a start to allow other ideas to be heard.


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The 15 Most Shocking Statements in ObamaCare Architect’s ‘Die at 75′ Article

Maybe old Zeke should do himself and everyone else on the planet a favor and commit suicide on his 75th birthday!

By John Nolte

Last week, esteemed doctor and one of our ObamaCare Architect Overlords penned a column for the Atlantic that should win a Pulitzer Prize for passive-aggressive shaming. Although Emanuel claims that *he* doesn’t want to live past the age of 75, the article itself could have been a listicle titled, “Top 15 Reasons No One Over 75 Should Receive Healthcare.”

Emanuel even includes a monstrous but brightly colored graph that is meant to tell anyone over 75 that their “last contribution” to society likely occurred more than a decade ago.

Good God.

The phrase “the banality of evil” gets bandied about a lot. Emanuel’s column, which in reality is a public service announcement meant to begin a debate about the way in which we prioritize healthcare, takes the prize in that department.  Read more at

Yet Again Progressive Republicans Selling Us Down The River

In what has become the modus operandi of the  progressive Republican party the citizenry are about to be nailed yet again over the next three days as the House caves in to Obama’s demands. Not only is Congress poised to deliver everything the tyrant wants it will also revert back to funding the feds with a continuing resolution thus turning its back on the hard won return last year to a real budgetary process. All because Harry Reid has let the budget presented by Congress to sit on his desk with no Senate action. Citizens, pull out your wallets and surrender your sovereignty – we’re in for a nasty, bumpy ride.

“House Republicans are poised to extend the Export-Import Bank’s charter well  into next year, despite decrying the agency as an antiquated vestige of crony  capitalism. They will fund the federal government until mid-December without  much of a fight. And, most notably, they are rapidly moving toward giving the  White House authority to arm and train Syrian rebels, despite deep misgivings  about their ability to defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and even  deeper distrust of Obama’s foreign policy.”

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Kudos To Burger King!

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Burger King has merged with a Canadian company, Tim Horton’s, for many reasons but the one reason that will overwhelmingly benefit BK’s employees and customers is the lower tax rate for this hugely successful corporation. Congratulations and kudos to BK!

“Burger King has acquired Tim Horton’s for $11.4 billion U.S. While an optimist may hope this acquisition produces the donut technology needed for a mass-marketed Luther Burger, a realist has to acknowledge that it’s probably about corporate inversion.

Simply put, corporate inversion means a corporation reincorporates in a lower-tax country abroad. The common justification of taxation is that the government provides the public goods that business needs to prosper. But the United States is unique in that it taxes corporations at 35 percent regardless of where the income is earned, and hence regardless of whether the corporation benefited from any public goods.

“When a firm operates in a competitive environment, a reduction in tax rates translates into reduced prices for consumers. No one usually complains when firms find cheaper ways to produce and then pass these savings on to consumers. It is only a strange form of patriotism, driven largely by political interests, that equates love of country with the love of the IRS.”

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The Unemployed: America’s New Leisure Class

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For those of you who truly work for a living, how do you feel about funding limitless vacation time for the unemployed?

“Only 18.9 percent of Americans who were unemployed (in surveys  conducted from 2009 through 2013) spent time in job search and  interviewing activities on an average day, according to BLS. Yet 40.8  percent of the unemployed did some kind of shopping on the average  day–either in a store, by telephone, or on the Internet. 22.5 percent  of the unemployed, according to BLS, were shopping for items other than  groceries, food and gas.”

“An unemployed person—on the average day—was more likely to spend time  on shopping, sports and recreation, socializing and leisure, than they  were searching for and interviewing for a new job, according to BLS.

According to BLS, 96.7 percent of the unemployed spent time during  the average day participating in “socializing, relaxing, and leisure”  activities and spent, on average, 5.93 hours on those activities—or more  than twice the number of hours they spent job searching.”

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FHA Housing Bubble About To Burst?

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From the Washington Times:

“Government policies are creating the next candidate for taxpayer bailout: the  Federal Housing Administration. Originally created to help low- to  moderate-income Americans buy houses, this agency now guarantees mortgages as  large as $730,000, which is significantly higher than the $625,000 houses whose  loans Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac backed before the housing collapse”

“While the Fed will look to “employment  cost” in deciding what to do in cutting back on monetary stimulus and raising  interest rates, it’s not so much that wages rose by 1 percent that matters, but  that productivity actually fell by 3 percent last year, and what happens this  year. If productivity fails to rise, we could be stuck in stagnation because an  employer cannot afford to pay more to an employee who isn’t more productive. The  growing burden of regulations is holding back productivity.”

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Left-Wing ‘Billionaire’s Club’ Subverts Democracy

by James Delingpole  30 Jul 2014

“There aren’t a lot of functioning democracies around the world that work this way where you can basically have millionaires and billionaires bankrolling whoever they want, however they want, in some cases undisclosed. What it means is ordinary Americans are shut out of the process.” Barack Obama, White House press conference, Oct 2013.

Yes, indeed. But the millionaires and billionaires doing the damage are Obama’s allies on the liberal-left, not his enemies on the right. So says a devastating report published today by the US Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works.

The report details how an elite group of rich liberal donors such as Tom Steyer and Hank Paulson – “the Billionaire’s Club” – is directing and controlling the far-left environmental movement, “which in turn lobbies and controls major policy decisions and lobbies on behalf of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).”  Read more and see the full Senate report on

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House Republicans Prepare To Betray Us Again

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Using the Veteran Affairs debacle as an excuse progressive House Republicans are growing government YET AGAIN! SHOCKER!

This is how House Republicans want to fix the VA situation.  Only it won’t actually fix the problems.  It just spends massive amounts of money to bandaid the problems. As Daniel Horowitz notes, “Total VA spending has increased by 56% to $152 billion since 2009, yet the crisis has only gotten worse.”  The House Republicans’ solution is to spend even more.”


Will The NLRB Help Unions Destroy Franchise Businesses?

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What are we being told time and time again? That small business is the engine of our country. But this is fast waning as small businesses struggle to survive under crushing regulations and taxes. Now another threat confronts them: the National Labor Relations Board.

“Big Labor has put a lot of time and money behind unionizing the fast food industry but hasn’t had much to show for it so far. They might soon get a lucky break though when a federal government agency decides a case that could rewrite corporate franchising law.

The problem Big Labor has is that in most cases your favorite drive-through burger joint is actually a locally owned small business. About 80 percent of the 12,700 McDonald’s restaurants in the U.S., for example, are not owned by the corporation.”

“An upcoming National Labor Relations Board case involving complaints against McDonald’s may fix that problem for unions. The NLRB might decide that both the parent corporation and the local franchises are in fact joint employers.”

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America’s Third World Future

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Things have gotten so bad that Detroit residents are fighting over the only thing more urgently necessary than food and weapons when nature reclaims its authority over civilization.


Even gasoline and fire can be lived without. But not water.

Wars have been fought over it and civilizations have ceased for the lack of it. And so the battle rages in Detroit as the once-great civilization slips into chaos.

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You Must Pay More

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As if it was not bad enough that the taxpayers are footing the bill for over 40 million food stamp recipients, now your food prices will go up even more when food stores have to pass on their INCREASED cost of doing business to YOU. All for the good of ensuring food stamp recipients are better educated on how to eat. Oh yeah, this will probably become a mandate as more ridiculous things have been mandated in the past.

From the Daily Mail- Free movie tickets and supermarket cooking classes are just a few of the latest recommendations the government is proposing to trim America’s waistband. The new proposals were detailed in an 80-page report released this month by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and is focused on the 42 million Americans receiving food stamps. However, it’s uncertain if grocery stores will take up these new programs as First Lady Michele Obama is already coming under criticism for her health school lunches.

The new recommendations are designed to reward healthy eating and change supermarket layouts and programs to highlight more nutritional foods.


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The Fifty Dollar Lesson

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