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Catherine Engelbrecht Testifies in the Loretta Lynch Confirmation Hearing


TTV Takes to Capitol Hill This Week
True the Vote Founder Catherine Engelbrecht testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary this morning, regarding the potential confirmation of U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch for the position of Attorney General. Engelbrecht’s goal was to raise awareness to the DOJ’s failure to adequately and fairly investigate the abuses carried out by the Internal Revenue Service. Engelbrecht urged the Senate to consider Lynch’s confirmation carefully and ensure the American People that she can bring the reforms to the Department that it so seriously requires.
In a 2009 speech, General Holder called America ‘a nation of cowards.’ If you remember nothing else from my comments, remember this – I am not a coward, I am not a victim, I am a messenger for all those Americans who love our country, love our fellow countrymen, and pray for a better tomorrow. I am here to say our country is, right now, at a tipping point. We have replaced rule of law with moral relativism; we have replaced truth with political correctness; in all the double speak and double think we have become increasingly unsteady about how We the People factor in to a future left in the hands of our current leaders.”

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Organizers Train Newly Minted Protesters in St. Louis

Protesters anxiously awaiting the St. Louis grand jury decision relating to the shooting death of 18-year-old Mike Brown have been training activists all weekend in preparation for the day the grand jury makes an announcement about whether to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson for Brown’s death.

In a small room located on South Jefferson Avenue in a building used by IUOE Local 148, organizers like Rev. Osagyefo Sekou are instructing groups of individuals about tactics relating to resisting police commands during demonstrations.  Sekou is a St. Louis native who grew up in the area but now lives in Massachusetts.

Topics covered by organizers like Sekou as well as Deray McKesson and others included decentralized protest actions, jail support, first aid, legal issues, as well as staying safe on the streets during demonstrations. Read more at

By the way, if you really think this is going to be non-violent, the line to buy the bridges is over there on the left.

‘Tea Party Lawyer’ Behind Attacks Against Texas Tea Party AG Candidate LUBBOCK, Texas—Dan Backer, the D.C. area attorney widely known for his work with, has come forward as the one responsible for attacking Texas Attorney General candidate State Senator Ken Paxton in a massive half-million dollar Texas ad-buy. Ken Paxton is the Tea Party candidate who Senator Ted Cruz proudly honored. A media professional who works with told Breitbart Texas that the group has no part in what their attorney is doing. Read more at


What Republican Would You LEAST Want as President?

Governor Christie has been getting a lot of attention since his recent re-election last week.  Both the Republican establishment and Democratic pundits as well as the main stream media have all but crowned him as the 2016 GOP presidential nominee.  Never mind his position on illegal immigration and the Second Amendment, or his big Obama hug (anyone remember Charlie Crist?).  But in an ongoing poll from Eagle Rising/, it appears that Conservatives feel differently.  Check out the poll below, and scroll down to the bottom to see up to the minute results and cast your vote for the Republican you would LEAST  want as President.  Note, the results below are as of 10:30 PM on Monday.

See current results and vote in the poll.

Benji Backer – Defending the American Dream Summit 2013

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Conservative teenager fearlessly takes on the left.

Benji Backer is from Madison, Wisconsin. At fifteen Benji has already done in more conservative activism and has experienced more harassment and retribution from the progressive left than most people will in a lifetime.  As a high school freshman, Benji talked to his classmates about how governor Scott Walker’s reforms were working and saving people money.  As you will see in this moving video, his life has never been the same again. This speech took place on Friday, August 30 at the Defending the American Dream / RightOnline conferences at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL.

AFL-CIO: We Will ‘Steamroller’ Any Lawmaker Who Opposes Amnesty

A principal official at the AFL-CIO, one of America’s biggest labor unions, said Wednesday the organization would politically demolish any politician who opposes mass amnesty for the country’s at least 11 million illegal immigrants.

“Politicians know that if they stand in the way of citizenship we will steamroller them,” AFL-CIO director of immigration Ana Avendaño said, according to the Financial Times. “That’s a fun evolution.”  Continue reading on

Hitler Finds Out That Scott Walker Won the Wisconsin Recall Election

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Scott Walker, Governor of the year!!

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Governors Journal recently named Wisconsin governor Scott Walker “Governor of the Year.”

Governor Scott Walker

How cool is that!

  And the Liberals, Unionistas, Teachers, and other outside groups want to Recall him. They want him recalled because he took away their POWER and primary sources of money, Union Dues and WEA & Trust Health Insurance, which was found to overcharging for premiums by as much as 60%!!!!  And noone has even been charged w/ that extortion!!  Recalling Scott Walker  would be as stupid as the Packers cutting Aaron Rdgers.  Being a transplant from Chicago, and a lifelong Bears fan, that would be OK w/ me, but it’s not going to happen.

Here is some of what Scott Walker has accomplished in less than a year:


Why was WEA Trust Insurance allowed to rip off the Wisconsin taxpayer for so many years? Why was the corruption allowed? 3.1 million a year saved by the Appleton School districts and thousands saved in other school districts simply by dropping WEA Trust Health Ins. How does this happen? We the Wisconsin taxpayer deserve an answer, at least an investigation.  Share with other Wisconsin taxpayers so they know the truth – we’re sure not getting it from our media.


> Ashland School District – saved $378,000 on health insurance;

> Kimberly School District – saved $821,000 by dropping WEA Trust Insurance;

> Edgerton School District – dropping WEA Trust, expecting to save at least

> Baraboo School District – dropping WEA Trust, expecting to save at least $660,000;

> Dodgeland School District – dropping WEA Trust, expecting to save $260,000

> Elmbrook School District – changing health care provider, savings estimated at $878,000;

> Mequon-Thiensville School District – saving $49,000 on dental insurance coverage;

> Marshfield School District – saving $850,00 by dropping WEA Trust;

> City of Sheboygan – Mayor Bob Ryan says collective bargaining reforms will  provide enough savings to make up for the reduction in state aid;

> Wauwatosa School District – tax levy decreasing, no programs will be cut, class sizes won’t increase, thanks to the reforms in collective bargaining;

> Manitowoc – Laid-off city workers may get their jobs back due to the wage/benefit reforms contained in Walker’s budget. Changes to overtime rules saving the county $100,000;

> Pittsville – will see a 9% decrease in the school portion of their property tax levy. “This is the first year we have not needed to short-term borrow,” stated Board President Strenn;

> Appleton School District – will save $3.1 million just in health insurance costs due to being able to bid out the coverage and being able to drop WEA Trust;

> Racine County – inmates can now be used to perform tasks such as landscaping, painting and shoveling sidewalks. Executive Ladwig states this is a win/win for the inmates and the county. It frees up county employees for other tasks, gives the inmates a sense of value, and helps the county maintain property that has been neglected.”

> Kaukauna School District – hiring additional teachers, reducing class sizes, enacting a merit pay system, and due to Walker’s Budget Bill, Kaukauna’s operating budget has moved from a negative $400,000 to a positive $1,500,000. Much of this savings was due to being able to drop WEA Trust.
> Hartland School District – switched from WEA Trust and saved $690,000;

> Hudson School District – saved $832,000 on health insurance due to ability to bid the insurance.

> KSTP did a study of the savings in Sheila Harsdorf’s 10th Senate District. They found that Ellsworth, Prescott, Menomonie, Somerset and Hudson school districts are all reporting large savings due to the changes signed into law by Gov. Walker.

> Keep in mind, WEA TRUST is Shelly Moore’s union insurance company,
a company that has obviously been ripping off the school districts for years,
thanks to collective bargaining that prohibited school districts from seeking insurance coverage from any company other than WEA Trust.

> How much tax money would we have saved if school districts had been “allowed
by the unions” to bid out their insurance over the years? I’d say probably many, many, many millions statewide. It’s the union money train running off the
tracks, finally, and Shelly and her union don’t like it.


> Walker signed an Unemployment Insurance extension adding 13 weeks of UC benefits.

> Passed a state budget on time, without tax increases, that leaves WI in the black for the first time in over 10 years.

> Turned a $3.6  billion deficit into a $300 million surplus.

> Cut bonding by nearly 20%.

> Cut more than 1,000 government jobs, including 735 long-term vacancies.

> In the first 6 months of 2011 WI showed job growth more than twice  the national rate.

> Protected our votes by requiring a picture I.D. at the polls.

> Became the 49th state to recognize our 2nd Amendment right to carry concealed weapons.

> Paid off WI’s $60 million debt to MN under the former tax reciprocity agreement.

> Paid back over $200 million to the Injured Patients and Families Fund. This is money that Gov. Doyle unconstitutionally raided from the Patients’ Compensation Fund.

> Walker expanded the prohibition against tax money being used to subsidize abortion.







 Hat tip:  TeaPartyNation


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“What do you get when you mix Democratic fat-cat donations, Big Labor favors, pharmaceutical lobbying and Beltway business as usual? Answer: another toxic half-billion-dollar Barack Obama-approved crony deal. Move over, Solyndra.  Here comes Siga-Gate.” Please click on this link to read Michelle Malkin’s newest article.

Anyone Like Any Broken Crosby & Nash Albums or CDs?

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Did you ever have a food or a drink that you really used to like but haven’t had for awhile?  And then when you tried it again you didn’t like it anymore?Continue reading at”

Gallup Poll: Teachers’ Unions Losing Americans’ Support

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 ”An annual poll regarding the U.S. public education system shows that teachers’ unions are losing support among Americans, while the percentage of people that support school reform has reached a record high.”

“Patrick Semmens, Director of Legal Information for the National Right to Work Foundation, said the poll shows that “The public is increasingly realizing that teacher union bosses have for years put forced dues and union power ahead of what’s best for students and teachers.”

“The public’s growing distaste for teachers unions is also illustrated in its support for measures that run counter to union interests or policy. For example, poll respondents believe that teacher salaries should be based on several factors, including performance, evaluations, education level and experience, instead of the union model, which is based largely on seniority.”

“According to the PDK/Gallup survey, a whopping 70 percent of those polled believe that natural talent has more to do with the ability to reach students than college training, and 73 percent favored giving teachers flexibility in the classroom, rather than forcing a prescribed curriculum.”

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Public Unions: How Long Can We Afford Them?

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From the Wall Street Journal:

“Collective-bargaining rights have made government virtually unmanageable.”

“Over 20 million people work for federal, state and local government, or one in seven workers in America. Their salaries and benefits total roughly $1.5 trillion of taxpayer funds each year (about 10% of GDP). They spend another $2 trillion. If government could be run more efficiently by 30%, that would result in annual savings worth $1 trillion.”

“One huge hurdle stands in the way of making government manageable: public unions. The head of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees recently bragged that the union had contributed $90 million in the 2010 off-year election alone. Where did the unions get all that money? The power is imbedded in an artificial legal construct—a “collective-bargaining right” that deducts union dues from all public employees, whether or not they want to belong to the union.”

“America should ban political contributions by public unions, by constitutional amendment if necessary. Government is supposed to serve the public, not public employees.”

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NLRB Chairman’s Former Law Partner Defends Union Violence

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The AFL-CIO Defends Union Violence as a legitimate union activity

A little over a month ago, in a case that drew national attention, a man was targeted at his home, shot and injured, all because he dared to run union free business. Now, in Buffalo, New York, a case involving outrageous allegations of labor-racketeering and union violence aimed at non-union construction workers and company owners is proceeding through the judicial process. Its outcome, however, may have wide-ranging ramifications on a national level.

Forget for a moment that a man was stabbed in the throat, hot coffee thrown on non-union workers, sand put into gas tanks and a woman threatened with sexual assault. Forget the fact that the judge presiding over the federal racketeering case against Operating Engineers, Local 22, in Buffalo, NY ultimately rejected the AFL-CIO’s attempt to file a amicus brief, the sheer fact that the national AFL-CIO even attempted to intervene speaks volumes:  Continue reading on

Unions and the Feds Block Economic Recovery

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“For the professional bureaucrat, telling businesses where they can or cannot locate their operations might be the next logical step after telling them what they can or cannot pay employees. But for the entrepreneurs and businessmen who are keeping our economy afloat, the attempts of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to dictate in what states businesses can operate represent job-killing policies our economy can’t afford.

When the time came for the Boeing Co. to upgrade its facilities to manufacture more of its 787 Dreamliner, the company decided to build a new plant in South Carolina rather than expand its existing facilities in Washington state. The decision was based, at least in part, on South Carolina’s business-friendly policies. South Carolina is a right-to-work state, meaning employees decide for themselves whether to join a union.”

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Is Our Federal Govt Run By Unions?

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Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch spoke Saturday at the St. Augustine Tax Day Rally. Below is a sample of the good work this group is doing!

“The White House this week transmitted two union promotions through its tax-paid email system, and although both praised the president, they gave no appearance of having any other link to Obama administration operations, prompting a Washington watchdog to wonder where is the dividing line between big labor and the president.

The criticism comes from Judicial Watch, which just one day earlier issued a report that the Obama Health and Human Services agency plans to spend $200 million of taxpayer funds to promote Obamacare, the president’s signature law that has been declared unconstitutional by two federal judges.”

Read more: White House email system carries <I>whose</i> news releases?

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