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Love Wearing MY Gainesville Tea Party T-Shirt

I received this tweet from GTP member Jim Sharp yesterday:


Your Help Needed To Fix Alachua

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We ENCOURAGE YOU to ATTEND the NEXT Alachua County Commission meeting and join the crowd of citizens who are committed to being there.  Show your support for the right to vote on Tuesday, 6/24.   Your attendance may make all the difference in getting two initiatives brought forth by the citizens of on to the November ballot for a vote in Alachua County.

Issue #1:  Term Limits for County Commissioners.  2 consecutive terms of 4 years or 8 years total.

Issue #2:  Single Member districts for the County Commission.  The sole reason single member districts were created was to ensure minority voices are heard.

It is IMPORTANT to understand that the citizens are NOT asking to make a choice on these two initiatives, ONLY to have them put on the ballot for a vote.  Citizens are asking county commissioners NOT TO SUPPRESS the vote or block access to voting because of self interest. Currently, the City of Gainesville, the State of Florida and the Federal Government have single member districts and term limits.

Even thought the organization that was tasked with getting the petitions needed to add these items to the ballot never really got off the ground, the county residents still had Bruce Nelson.

Mr. Nelson has shown the Commissioners that this is a very worth while and valid vote for the residents to have, and as such, the Commission will debate and vote on whether to add it to the ballot for YOU to vote on it.

Meeting starts at 5:30pm- (arrive early for a good seat)
Where:  County Administration Building

Room 209, 12 SE 1st Street, Gainesville, FL 32601

We look forward to seeing you there.  We encourage you to bring a friend and see how the process of local government works if you’ve never attended a commission meeting before!


Do you remember the Fire Assessment that the County wanted to institute several years ago?  It was only due to the 200+ residents showing up to show their displeasure that it did not pass.  You can have an effect on this too.


Congress, Do Your Job on VA Scandal

An Op-Ed by Pete Hegseth, CEO of Concerned Veterans for America

The Obama administration wants to be clear: they’re very, very angry over the dysfunctional state of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), where reports of falsified wait lists and delayed care at VA medical centers are growing into a national scandal for the executive branch.

Specifically, administration officials say they’re “mad as hell.” That’s how VA Secretary Eric Shinseki described his response to the scandal in testimony to the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee last week. Read more at

The VA scandal has hit “home” as it has reached the Malcolm Randall VA Medical Center here in Gainesville.

Common Core Finger Puppets

Attribution: Jerry Holbert, The Boston Herald


Help Rep Keith Perry Help You!

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When Representative Perry was elected he pledged to fight for his constituents by standing firm against irresponsible governing. No governing has been more irresponsible than the administration of Gainesville Regional Utilities by the City of Gainesville Commissioners. Now is an opportunity to join Rep. Perry by signing his petition demanding accountability from the commissioners.

From your State Representative Keith Perry..

“After years of irresponsible decisions leading to some of the highest utility rates in the state, GRU and its managers in the City of Gainesville must be held accountable. Their poor decisions affect the lives and pocketbooks of their customers, including the thousands of customers living outside of the Gainesville city limits who can’t even have a vote to challenge their decisions.

Currently, if you aren’t a Gainesville voter, you have no say in electing the City Commissioners who set your energy rates and policy. I will continue to work hard with legislators and local leaders to give ratepayers a stronger voice and fight for lower rates.”

Link to Petition..

Bus Rapid Transit?

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Gainesville Residents! Time To Vote For Your Commission!

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Please VOTE (early or March 11) to help bring  representative government back to the citizens of Gainesville and elect people  that put citizens first rather than rigid political ideology!$116  million in unjustified biomass costs were shifted to GRU customers, against the  advice of legal counsel, while the majority of the City Commission was asleep at  the wheel giving GRU management outstanding performance review and  raises.We can’t afford this malfeasance or to keep paying the highest  electric rates in Florida (and going higher) because of the fiscally  irresponsible decisions made by a City Commission that doesn’t listen to the  citizens.

The Todd Chase Campaign from District 2, The Craig Carter Campaign from District 3 and The Annie Orlando Campaign , At-Large, have put party politics aside and appear to be the only candidates who care about ALL the voters. They were the only campaigns to inquire about what concerns many of the Gainesville Tea Party supporters had about the future of the city.

Happy 5th Birthday, Tea Party!

Rick Santelli’s Rant Feb., 2009

Hat Tip:

Alachua County Residents: Attend Transportation Tax Meeting!

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ONE CENT TRANSPORATION SURTAX PUBLIC MEETING: Tuesday, February 18 at 5:00, Room 209 of the County Administration Building at 12 SE 1st Street, Gainesville.
From our responsible commissioner, Susan Baird:
Now you and everyone else who have complained about the roads have an opportunity to make your voices heard! On Feb. 18th, 5:00, the  BoCC will have a public meeting about the Transportation Sur Tax initiative that  will give us a chance to give input to the current referendum for the November  ballot.  Commissioner Hutch along with two other commissioners have already approved the tentative draft to  include:
One cent sales tax for ten years
Maintaining the same split as 2012 for each municipality with each town providing its own project wish list.
The project list for the county is for resurfacing – no new capacity.   We have yet to see what the City of Gainesville will include in theirs – whether or  not they have Bus Rapid Transit with dedicated bus lanes and even their Trolley.
If you only go to one meeting this year, this could be the most interesting  one that will affect all of you and easy to understand.  Put it on your  calendar.


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Thanks to the valiant efforts of a dedicated group of citizen activists an INDEPENDENT Special External Audit of GRU is being discussed tomorrow night, Thursday, February 6, at 6:30 at City Hall in downtown Gainesville. MAKE PLANS TO ATTEND! It is very important that the auditorium be filled with ratepayers who want to hold GRU accountable for the irresponsible financial decisions made by the commission over the past few years. (Parking is free). Only by showing that the ratepayers demand this audit is there any chance that it will actually occur. This is an opportunity for you to make a difference! Please see the letter below.

Support an audit!
Please join me and other fed-up citizens at City Hall on Thursday @ 6:30 pm in the auditorium to support a desperately needed external special audit of Gainesville Regional Utilities.
Properly designed special audits are necessary to gather information about past decisions that cannot be obtained any other way.
Unfortunately, several anti-progressive machine politicians on the Gainesville City Commission  ­— those who have been responsible for bringing Gainesville the highest electric rates in the state, who are wrecking our environment and who continue to call out-of-state and overseas wood-burning energy speculators their “partners” ­— do not want a special audit.
Expect excuses like “too expensive,” “fishing expedition,” or “it’s time to move forward,” or, if those excuses don’t work, expect cynical efforts to limit the scope of the audit with arguments like “we need to concentrate only on what we can in advance guarantee will result immediately in identifiable reductions in electric bills.”

Cynical. Outrageous. Enough.

Ernesto Martinez,



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A herculean effort on the part of active and concerned citizens has forced the Gainesville City commission to begin the process of conducting a Special Audit of GRU’s financial decisions leading to the current state of charging the highest utility rates in the state. ATTEND THE MEETING OF THE FINANCE COMMITTEE TOMORROW TO INSIST ON A SPECIAL AUDIT!
PLEASE attend tomorrow: Wednesday, Jan 29th, at 5pm @ City Hall, downtown Gainesville, in the auditorium (parking free after 5pm). Discussions will begin for a Special Audit of GRU during the audit and finance committee meeting.
This is far too important to miss.  A “Special Audit” is needed for the financial health of our utility and community.
A large crowd is needed.
Thank you.
“Why do GRU customers pay the highest electric rates in the state, and what can be done? Only a special audit can provide the answers. Let those commissioners who want to delay or cover up details of what has occurred know that you want them to move immediately forward with a special audit of GRU.”
Letter to the Editor of the Gainesville Sun…

Alachua County Residents: PLAN TO ATTEND!

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Alachua County Legislative Delegation
Hearing Date Announced
State Representative Keith Perry (R-Gainesville) announced today that a delegation hearing has been scheduled for Friday January 10, 2014 at 9:00am . The delegation, which includes Senator Rob Bradley, Representative Clovis Watson, Jr., and Representative Elizabeth Porter, will hold this public hearing in order to vote on two local bills.
The discussion and voting will be limited to the two local bills: a referendum to determine the need for an independent utility authority to manage and operate the Gainesville Regional Utilities and; the Repeal of the Boundary Adjustment Act.  These topics were previously discussed at the November 20th Delegation Hearing.
The delegation hearing will be held in the Santa Fe CIED Center located at 530 West University Avenue Gainesville, FL. 32601.
For additional information, or to be placed on the agenda, please contact Amanda at the office of State Representative Keith Perry at (352) 313-6544 or

My Dog Barked at the Meter Reader

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My Dog Barked at the Meter Reader on Friday

GRU Ratepayers: Time For You To Subsidize Power Customers Across The State

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At least GRU ratepayers are subsidizing power customers within the county in the contract with the City of Alachua but are we now expected to subsidize customers throughout the state? It would appear so. GRU management is giving power away to the City of Winter Park for (.062 per kWh) is substantially LESS than what GRU customers will be stuck paying for in fuel charges alone in 2014 (.071 per kWh) rising to 0.084 per kWh in 2015.

“Gainesville Regional Utilities. GRU offered four options for a 7 day per week 24 hours per day must take power. The offerings included 10 MW and 20 MW for either three or five years. Negotiations with GRU resulted in an extension of the GRU deal for a 6 year period. The pricing for GRU options include fixed energy prices for the duration of the offering. Negotiations with GRU have resulted in a GRU agreement to provide the fixed price must take offering for a period of 6 years starting in 2015 following the expiration of the current SECI agreement. The GRU offering has an evaluated price of $62.84/MWh for the six year evaluation period.”

City of Winter Park Commission Agenda for June, 2013…

Youngsters Should Attend

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If you are in Gainesville this Saturday, the University of Florida chapter of Students For Liberty will be hosting this years regional event. You do not have to be a student, but if interested in your future and being around other liberty minded individuals, this is the event to attend. I am looking forward to the line up of speakers (click link for list).

The registration is free so just click on this link-




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