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A Little ‘Happy’ Song for Your Tax Day

Here’s a little levity on Tax Day (if that’s possible).  You may rest assured, however, that every cent you pay will be put to good use.  And by the way, I’m sure all those folks out there with free cell phones are extending you their warm appreciation.  Whether or not you’ve heard Pharrell’s hit song “Happy,” you can appreciate this Tax Day parody by Reason’s Remy.

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Speaking Truth to Power – The Black Conservatives Fund

On Monday, April 14th former ACORN whistleblower and True the Vote spokesperson Anita Moncrief announced the launching of a new PAC, The Black Conservatives Fund:

“I am proud to be on the board of a new PAC, The Black Conservative Fund. BCF will support black conservative and Republican candidates. We are also focusing on education, training, challenging race baiters/hustlers and working together to improve our communities.

“Our website is live and our proud board members are: Ken Blackwell, CL Bryant, Sonnie Johnson, Erik Rush, Kevin Daniels, Princella Smith, KCarl Smith, Alfonzo Rachel, Ron Miller, myself and others.”


The press release announcing the launch stated the following:  Black Conservatives Fund is committed to supporting black conservatives who are dedicated to spreading the message of limited government and traditional values. The organization will support candidates through direct contributions in addition to web, TV, and radio advertisements, conducting get-out-the-vote drives, and funding other activities that BCF endorsed candidates may need.  “All across America, black conservatives are running for office in record numbers.  The lock that the liberals have held on the black vote is slowly but surely breaking,” said Anita Moncrief, a founding member of BCF’s board of advisors.  You may find the complete press release here.

The BCF came out slugging and wasted no time announcing that the first two candidates it is supporting are T. W. Shannon, running for Congress from Oklahoma, and Mia Love, running a second campaign for Congress from Utah.

BCF on Facebook:  Twitter  hash tag #SayItLoud.



Obamacare is Waging “War Against Doctors”

There have been may letters/stories like this over the last few years, and they always reinforce the horror that is Obamacare.  Unfortunately, much more is yet to come – ADB

WASHINGTON – U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks cited a letter today from a Decatur physician who wrote that the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act was resulting in a “war against doctors.”

Brooks, R-Huntsville, read the letter from Dr. Marlin Gill, who called for the repeal of the new national healthcare program known as Obamacare. Brooks has also been a vocal opponent of the law and voted for its repeal.

“America should heed the warnings of doctors like Dr. Marlin Gill of Decatur, Alabama,” Brooks said in closing his speech. “Failure to do so risks unnecessary patient deaths while destroying the best health care system the world has ever known.”

The text of Gill’s letter

FAIL: Democrat Claims Constitution is 400 Years Old

The inmates are running the asylum!

Florida Special Election Results: GOP’s David Jolly Wins

In the  Florida District 13 Special Election to replace the late Republican Rep. Bill Young,  Republican Jolly received 48.5 percent of the vote, progressive Sink 46.6, and libertarian Lucas Overby 4.8%.  The spoiler candidate’s night was spoiled.  I guess that’s why Rand Paul and his dad run as Republicans.


A warning to Democrats: David Jolly’s victory in the Florida special election is a big sign the upcoming midterms could be painful.

Privately regarded by Republicans as a weak candidate, the former lobbyist Jolly overcame both funding obstacles and a Libertarian party challenger who received five percent of the vote to beat Democrat Alex Sink.

The race was widely considered a referendum on Obamacare, with top political prognosticators calling it a “must win” for Democrats in the weeks leading up to the election.

A Sink loss would “would almost certainly be regarded by dispassionate observers as a sign that President Barack Obama could constitute an albatross around the neck of his party’s nominees in November,” Stuart Rothenberg, one of the most highly respected political handicappers in the country, wrote in Roll Call.  Read more at:

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Alan Grayson Under Investigation for Domestic Violence


Florida Democrat Alan Grayson is under investigation for domestic violence according to a statement from Capt. Angelo Nieves of Florida’s Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Along with submitting pictures which reportedly support the allegations, Grayson’s wife also alleges that Grayson told her he would leave her “In the gutter” with nothing in the presence of the couple’s young children.

Grayson co-sponsored the 2013 re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act.

Grayson’s wife Lolita, who also recently filed for divorce, claiming their 24 year marriage is “irretrievably broken,” claims Congressman Grayson “pushed her against a door, causing her to fall to the ground, during a confrontation Saturday at their home on Oak Park Road.”  Read more at:

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Gowdy: Susan Rice ‘Stunningly Arrogant’ With no Regrets on Misleading Benghazi Talking Points

Always candid congressman Trey Gowdy (R SC) discusses National Security Advisor Susan Rice’s comments on Meet the Press, where she said she has no regrets for using misleading talking points about the Benghazi attack.

About David Gregory’s softball (or should I say beach ball) interview with Rice on Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” he said, “I get tougher questions in the Bojangles drive-thru than he asked her.”

Rep. Gary Peters Lawyers Up to Silence Julie Boonstra

Post continues below video

(Americans for Prosperity, Michigan)  February 22, 2014

Rep. Gary Peters (AP)

LANSING – Today Rep. Gary Peters set his Washington DC legal attack dogs out to intimidate and silence Julie Boonstra, a Michigan mother battling leukemia who had the courage to speak up after the insurance plan she liked was cancelled due to the Affordable Care Act.

Instead of listening to Julie’s concerns, Peters took steps to strong-arm Michigan television stations to simply pull “Julie’s Story” from the airwaves.  These are desperate political tactics from someone who is increasingly incapable of defending his support for Obamacare.

AFP-Michigan State Director Scott Hagerstrom issued the following statement:

“The fact that Representative Peters would sic his legal team on a Michigan mother battling cancer to muzzle her tells you everything you need to know about his record of putting politics over people.

“Julie Boonstra was brave enough to tell her story about how Obamacare is making her life worse and instead of offering compassion and solutions, Rep. Peters responded with intimidation.

“Rep. Peters is an unwavering supporter of Obamacare and now he won’t take responsibility for the devastating impact it’s having on millions of Americans just like Julie.

“This attack on her credibility is disgusting, unwarranted, and inexcusable.  Congressman Peters and his indecent campaign team should be ashamed of themselves.”

Click here to watch Julie’s Story:  (as above)
Click here to read the legal letter from the Peters Campaign
Click here to read the original AFP article

Katrina Pierson and her story are what the Republican Party desperately needs

Amy Kremer is chair of Tea Party Express and a friend.  In this article she writes about Katrina Pierson a conservative running for Congress against establishment RINO, Pete Sessions, in the upcoming Republican primary in Texas. The article also delves deeply into the Grand Old Party’s efforts to sabotage conservative candidates no matter the cost.  Maybe they should forgo the elephant logo for that of a Kamikaze pilot? – ADB



Katrina Pierson

By Amy Kremer

(via Rare)  Have you heard of Katrina Pierson? Probably not.

We hear a lot about the problems the Republican Party has attracting voters outside its traditional base, perceived as overwhelmingly male, older, married and white.

GOP-affiliated talking heads lament the fact that women, young people, singles and minorities won’t give the Republican Party a second look. Party operatives spend millions on post-mortems and autopsies analyzing the intractable puzzle of the GOP’s lack of acceptance within these circles.

We are told that Republicans might never win national elections again because they alienate minorities and don’t know how to reach or effectively communicate their message to a diverse set of voters. Continue reading at:

“The GOP Establishment WANTS the IRS to go after the Tea Party”

Pat Caddell said yesterday on Fox News that the reason Republican leadership hasn’t pushed for a high level investigation of the IRS for targeting the Tea Party is because they want the IRS to go after the Tea Party:

When you have 71 percent who want an investigation, 64 percent who believe it is a sign of corruption including nearly a majority of Democrats, the reason is the establishment Republicans want the IRS to go after the Tea Party. Got it? They want them to go after the Tea Party because the Tea Parties are an outside threat to their power hold. And I’m telling you the lobbying consulting class of the Republican Party or Republican leadership who have been attacking the Tea Party and alienating them, they want the IRS to do this!

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Judge Jeanine Pirro Blasts Obama’s Power Grab

Published on Feb 15, 2014  In her opening statement on ‘Justice’, FNC’s Judge Jeanine Pirro exposes and defines Barack Obama’s continued and unchallenged abuse of executive power.

Mark Levin Excoriates House GOP Leadership, Says Boehner Must Be Replaced

On his Tuesday radio show following the U.S. House of Representative’s 221-201 vote to allow a so-called clean hike in the federal government’s borrowing limit, conservative talker took aim at the Republican leadership and other Republican members in the House for going along and voting for the hike.

Boehner: “We’re Examining Our Options”

Let’s see, what are his options?  Surrender?  Capitulate?  Give in?  Beg?  Cry?

( – House Speaker John Boehner’s office said today that he is examining options on how to respond to what the speaker yesterday characterized as President Barack Obama’s “rewriting” of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act “on a whim.” “We are examining all of our options,” Boehner’s spokesman Michael Steel told on Tuesday.  Read more at

Trey Gowdy Demolishes Obama and Obamacare in 5 Minutes!

Breaking:  This interview was done on Sunday.  On Monday, president Obama unilaterally delayed the employer mandate because:  “That’s the good thing as a President, I can do whatever I want.”

Obama and Obamacare’s supporters are desperate. They’re now pushing for a 3-year delay in the start of the law in order to get past the next two elections. Remember how Ted Cruz and conservatives only wanted a one-year delay?

Isn’t it odd that last fall Obama was so anxious to start up Obamacare by October 1 that he locked WWII vets out of their own memorial to bully the Senate into opposing the delay? Might he wish he could get a do-over on that decision?

In this 5-minute video, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) demolishes both Obama and the disaster that is his “signature achievement” — Obamacare.

In their latest ploy, Obamacare’s flailing supporters are telling us how loss of a job or lost work hours is actually a GOOD thing. Do they know how absurd they sound?

From The Desk Of Congressman Ted Yoho

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I did a tele-town hall with a number of veterans in the 3rd District. It was an
honor to speak to so many heroes and hear what is on their minds. Since the
House passed the budget and omnibus bills, I’ve heard from many who still have
questions about what these pieces of legislation actually mean for veterans.

You know I’m a big fan
of the truth, so let’s talk about it.

Here’s the first thing that was very important that both of these bills got right.  Article 1,
Section 9, Clause 7 of the Constitution clearly states that, “No money shall be
drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law…”

This work of genius was deliberate on the part of our Constitutional framers. They intended for
Congress, and in particular the House of Representatives, to have clear
oversight over appropriations bills so that we may cut, amend, and change the
legislation as we would any other bill. They wanted us to have strict oversight
over how your tax dollars are spent. Sadly, we’ve moved away from that
Constitutionally intended process and have passed what are called Continuing
Resolutions, which are rubber stamps on current spending. These bills lack true
Constitutional oversight and transparency and move us away from the way our
budgetary process was intended–which causes more debt and more spending. You
only need to look at the exponential increase in our debt to see that the
status quo clearly is not working. Something needed to change.

I came to Washington to stop perpetuating the status quo and get us back to a more Constitutional
process. By putting spending bills through the proper process, taxpayers get
much needed oversight, transparency, and control over how their money is spent.
If this budget and omnibus bill failed, we would have reverted back to crisis
spending and stop-gap measures that add more and more to the debt. I voted for
the budget and omnibus package to get us back to a regular budget process that
put Congress back in control of spending.

One of the most heartbreaking rumors I’ve been hearing is that these votes harmed our nation’s
veterans.  There are more than 120,000 veterans in North Central Florida,
and I’ve said time and again we have promises to keep to them and our

This legislation provided a much needed 1% raise in salary for our troops; as well as funding
for veterans healthcare, military readiness and equipment, and funding to get
rid of the VA disability backlog. The backlog of claims at the VA is one of the
most persistent and ongoing issues I’ve heard from folks in the 3rd District.
Many of our veterans have waited years to get their benefits. This is simply
wrong. This legislation not only provided funds to tackle this backlog, it
created a plan to eliminate it by the end of 2015. It is also estimated that
6.5 million veterans will be treated this year. The omnibus bill provided $43.6
billion to care for these heroes.

A lot of people think that the 1% reduction in the COLA increase for working age veterans equates to
a cut in their benefits.  This does not affect medically retired personnel
or recipients of the survivor benefit plan; and any changes do not take effect
until 2016. This is very important. First, this was specifically done so that
Congress has time to make changes based on the recommendations of the Military
Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission whose report will come out
before the changes take place. Secondly, it was constructed so that veteran
COLAs are not the first pensions that are affected. Beginning this year, new
Federal employees have begun contributing more to their own pensions. And
third, after a veteran reaches the age of 62 it reverts back to the original
COLA calculation.

Additionally, Congress has already introduced a number of pieces of legislation to repeal any changes
to veterans’ pensions. I am a cosponsor of legislation to go after fraudulent
payments in the IRS that go to folks who are here illegally. This alone would
save billions, and those funds would be put towards veterans’ pensions to
negate any changes. I am also working on my own legislation to apply similar
changes to Members of Congress, the President and Administration, and other
Federal employees. If I am going to ask anyone to make changes to their
pension, I have to be willing to make changes to mine.

In addition to important funds for the VA and our troops, this appropriations bill cut funding
to the IRS by $526 million, blocked a pay-raise for the Vice President and senior
political appointees, cut $143 million from the EPA, rejected a $72 million
dollar proposal from the President for EPA regulatory programs, prohibited aid
to Libya until they cooperate with the Benghazi investigation, and restricted
the NSA’s ability to collect the communications of American citizens. Had I
voted no, I would have voted against these important reforms.

Because of Affordable Care Act, we have every reason to be wary of big bills that come through
Congress. This was not an easy vote for that very reason.  That’s why I
understand why there is some misinformation out there about the budget and
spending measures we passed, because even I disagreed with some of the things
that ultimately became law. Having a regular budget and appropriations stops
these large omnibus bills from happening in the future and puts control back
where it needs to be—with individual Members of Congress. Whether you agree or
disagree with my support of the reforms I’ve outlined, I hope I’ve shed some
light on why I voted the way that I did. As always, it is my goal to keep you
as informed as possible.



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