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Great Tea Party Event This Friday And Saturday

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The Tea Party Network will be having many great speakers at the two day TTPN – 2014 and Beyond Conference. You will be given information and updates on issues facing our state and nation such as immigration, education, ethics reform, property rights, and of course the November election. We will be placing a heavy focus on repealing Common Core since full implementation will occur this year in Florida..  CLICK HERE to review and print the REVISED two day schedule.

Please plan on attending the TTPN – 2014 and Beyond Conference September 12th and 13th. The conference will be held at the Days Inn, 2390 North US Highway 27, Clermont, FL. (Florida Turnpike Exit 285).  This meeting is open to all Tea Party supporters. CLICK HERE to download the brochure for sharing. Please make your conference reservation on the Eventbrite website. There is a $12 fee for each day which includes your lunch. If you would rather send in your reservation, please CLICK HERE  to print out the reservations form.

Hotel reservations can be made by calling the Days Inn (352) 429-0483. Ask for the TTPN Rate: $45/night.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Clermont.


Florida School Board Becomes First To Opt Out of Common Core Testing

From Florida Stop Common Core Coalition:

Karen R. Effrem, MD – Executive Director
In an historic, “shot heard round the world” vote, the Lee County School Board voted 3-2 before a standing room only crowd, the majority dressed in red to show opposition to the testing, to immediately suspend all state-mandated standardized testing.The vote was taken after about 35 different parents gave public comments about the academic and emotional harm as well as expense, lack of legality and constitutionality and many other problems of the incessant and out of control testing program.  Similar to our report of the state hounding a little boy dying of the complications of cerebral palsy about testing, a Lee county mother spoke of the country sending a proctor for her son to take a test when he was in the hospital on home bound education after receiving an external defibrillator for what will be an ultimately terminal heart condition.  (Clip above – ADB)
Read more and watch more clips including the full school board meeting at: flstopcccoalition.org.
H/T: John Beck

Blame ‘Retirement Liabilities’ for Florida’s $11.5 Billion in Off-the-Books Debt

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Even though many of us are certainly disappointed in some of  Gov Scott’s decisions or votes, such as the largest State budget in Florida’s history, we CERTAINLY want him to beat Charlie Crist.   And for those who will complain that the Libertarian candidate Adrian Wyllie should win, should and could are worlds apart.  I would predict that Wyllie will get at most 4% of the vote. That’s too bad but the two party system is in place to ensure its survival.  Until all citizens who care about individual freedoms get involved, we have to do the best we can.

So back to the ever increasing liability that most States are dealing with- State Retirement Liabilities-

Click for article-


Justin Amash Supports Ted Yoho for Congress

Two term conservative congressman Justin Amash (R, Michigan) has endorsed Ted Yoho in his reelection bid against challenger Jake Rush.

Rush, a Gainesville attorney, has made headlines for his role playing hobby (source: Gainesville Sun, SaintPetersBlog), for his ruthless attack ads on Congressman Yoho, and large contributions to his campaign from a super PAC Florida Conservatives United (source: FactCheck.org) which is run by his father and aunt who are both Democrats.


Congressman Amash has recently won his primary after a vicious campaign which was so filled with smear tactics; it was called the nastiest in the country. Amash lashed out in his victory speech where he pulled no punches. Watch a portion of it here:

Video Hat Tip: Rod Gonzalez

Thanks Florida for Requiring Photo Voter ID

I lost three followers within five minutes of tweeting this.                                               I must be doing something right.

VA Reform Bill Is Just Starting Point

11:20 AM, Aug 13, 2014 • By PETE HEGSETH

With the overwhelmingly bipartisan vote for the Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act of 2014, Congress passed the most significant reforms to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in decades. And, right on cue, here come the grumblings from the second-guessers.

As the bill was on its way to the president’s desk for signing, the critics stepped up to denounce the $16.3 billion congressional compromise.

For example, guests on a Fox News panel savaged the bill, claiming (implausibly) that it was “designed more for unions than veterans.” Meanwhile, an August 4 Wall Street Journal editorial suggests the additional funding for patient choice means that the “VA is being rewarded for failure.”

The argument is that the new legislation will do nothing more than prop up a failing bureaucracy. This represents a serious misreading of the bill’s key provisions. Read more at: weeklystandard.com.

Pete Hegseth is the CEO of Concerned Veterans for America and a Fox News contributor. Pete is an infantry officer in the Army National Guard, and has served tours in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Guantanamo Bay.

Common Core Finger Puppets

Attribution: Jerry Holbert, The Boston Herald

H/T:  Townhall.com

Springs Protection Act-

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Now that the 2014 Florida Legislative Session has ended I wanted to forward a letter from Dan Peterson with the Coalition For Property Rights. There were victories but also many losses that came out of the session.



Property Rights Protected as Session Ends

The 2014 Legislative Session ended Friday night in Tallahassee with property rights protected from legislation that could have brought harm.The Springs & Aquifer Protection Act remained in House messages without becoming an issue on the final day of Session.  As one colleague wrote to me, It took a huge effort from the Coalition for Property Rights, Homebuilders, the Chamber and AIF as well as local governments to thwart the ill-conceived SB 1576.  Never underestimate the value of your voice at home…it makes a huge difference that legislators hear from affected persons.”CPR thanks each advocate who voiced their opinion to their Senator and Representative.  Your calls and emails made a critical difference.  And, thanks to you and others, CPR was able to speak out regularly and clearly on behalf of property rights in various committees and with many officials individually.Another bill CPR had been watching met the same fate.  The Neighborhood Improvement District bill would have allowed such districts to bond taxpayer dollars for all manner of unnamed projects invented and directed by unelected appointees.  And, property owners would have ultimately been responsible for the borrowed money.To be sure, the issues of water quantity and water quality will be a major focus in next year’s legislative session.  CPR will again be watching and offering suggestions for good public policy on this very important issue.  In anticipation of this discussion, CPR asks you to:

SAVE THE DATE of Friday, May 30.
On this date CPR will host the 2014 Spring Issues Forum.  The topic will be:
Florida’s Water Programs and Property Rights
Our keynote speaker will be Governor Scott’s lead man for water policy, the Deputy Secretary of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Drew Bartlett. This special luncheon forum will be held at the Orlando Country Club.  Make plans now to attend.  Details will be released soon.Finally, thanks to all who helped fund this year’s travels to Tallahassee.  Your support and words of encouragement made a huge difference during times of discouragement.  One CPR member made it all worth the effort, “Thank you for all your hard work on this bill (SB 1576) and for keeping us informed on property issues. I’m grateful for your leadership.”CPR will continue to work hard so we can keep you informed.
Dan Peterson, Executive Director


Contact Legislators To Preserve Your Right To Carry A Firearm

SB-296 Firearms/Mandatory Evacuations is a bill to allow law-abiding citizens to take their firearms with them when they are complying with a mandatory evacuation order under a declared state of emergency.   This bill will keep law-abiding citizens from being arrested and having their firearms confiscated for taking their firearms with them when they evacuate.

SB-296 Mandatory Evacuation is the Senate version of HB-209 that has been under constant attack by the Florida Sheriffs Association and continues to be under attack in the Senate.
Amendments have been filed for the Florida Sheriffs Association to literally gut the bill and usurp your right to bears arms when you need them most. The Florida Sheriffs Association, while proclaiming their support for the Second Amendment, continues to actively OPPOSE this legislation and your right to bear arms.

Watch the Florida Sheriffs Association tell a previous Committee that it is their opinion that you only have a “right” to own firearms and not a “right” to bear firearms.




Please email THESE committee members IMMEDIATELY and ask them to SUPPORT SB-296 with NO AMENDMENTS


(To send your message to all just Block and Copy All email addresses into the “Send To” box)



Common Core Math Assignment

Revolt Against the Testing Tyrants

By Michelle Malkin  •  March 19, 2014

Have you had enough of the testing tyranny? Join the club. To be clear: I’m not against all standardized academic tests. My kids excel on tests. The problem is that there are too damned many of these top-down assessments, measuring who knows what, using our children as guinea pigs and cash cows.

College-bound students in Orange County, Fla., for example, now take a total of 234 standardized diagnostic, benchmark and achievement tests from kindergarten through 12th grade. Reading instructor Brian Trutschel calculated that a typical 10th-grade English class will be disrupted 65 out of 180 school days this year alone for mandatory tests required by the state and district. “It’s a huge detriment to instruction,” he told the Orlando Sentinel last month. The library at one Florida middle school is closed for a full three months out of the 10-month school year for computerized assessments. Read more:  michellemalkin.com.

Florida Special Election Results: GOP’s David Jolly Wins

In the  Florida District 13 Special Election to replace the late Republican Rep. Bill Young,  Republican Jolly received 48.5 percent of the vote, progressive Sink 46.6, and libertarian Lucas Overby 4.8%.  The spoiler candidate’s night was spoiled.  I guess that’s why Rand Paul and his dad run as Republicans.


A warning to Democrats: David Jolly’s victory in the Florida special election is a big sign the upcoming midterms could be painful.

Privately regarded by Republicans as a weak candidate, the former lobbyist Jolly overcame both funding obstacles and a Libertarian party challenger who received five percent of the vote to beat Democrat Alex Sink.

The race was widely considered a referendum on Obamacare, with top political prognosticators calling it a “must win” for Democrats in the weeks leading up to the election.

A Sink loss would “would almost certainly be regarded by dispassionate observers as a sign that President Barack Obama could constitute an albatross around the neck of his party’s nominees in November,” Stuart Rothenberg, one of the most highly respected political handicappers in the country, wrote in Roll Call.  Read more at:  breitbart.com.

Related: Democrat Rep. and DNC Chair Debbie “Wasserperson” Schultz spins last nights defeat.


RPOF Legislative Affairs Committee Resolution Against Common Core

By Catherine Baer with the Tea Party Network-

The Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) Legislative Affairs Committee was convened by Chairman Lenny Curry after an overwhelming show of support for the anti-common core resolutions at the January 2014 Annual meeting of the RPOF.  The anti-Common Core resolutions were passed by the State Committeemen/Committeewomen’s Caucus and the REC Chairmen’s Caucus at the RPOF annual meeting -

This a must read!  Letter from RPOF Legislative Affairs Committee to Chairman Lenny Curry





Charlie Crist: A True Racist

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From Alfonzo Rachel from ZoNation-watch the entire video..it really sums up Charlie Crist (and the true liberal view of Tea Party and minorities)! Thank you, Alfonzo!


Protect our Property Rights by Eliminating Regional Planning Councils

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We actually have a lobby group in Tallahassee that has the best interest of all Floridians, Grassroot Activists and yes, even themselves. Liberty First Florida.

Please read their newest bulletin about the dangers of the accepted practice of State Regional Planning Councils (aka Agenda 21).

“Unfortunately, the 11 Florida Regional Planning Councils have become a de facto agency of the federal government to promote “Smart Growth” and “Sustainable Living” schemes at the expense of local control of land use decisions and private property rights.”

Click for Article-   http://libertyfirstfl.org/?p=540



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