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Tea Party Network Meeting This Friday and Saturday!

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TTPN Annual Meeting in Lake City, Sept. 13-14

Tea Party Network


Join fellow patriots at the annual Tea Party Network meeting on Friday, September 13th and Saturday September 14th in Lake City, FL. We have a great slate of speakers such as Congressmen Ted Yoho, Florida House Members and such notable speakers as Trevor Loudon (Click Here to see flyer). This will be a very informative meeting. The speakers will cover issues such as Stand Your Ground, Illegal Immigration, Property Rights, Common Core, ObamaCare and much more. Please pass this information to EVERYONE! Click Here to view and download a PDF that you can distribute.


DIRECTIONS: I-75 to Lake City, Exit 427, turn West on us 90, 2.9

miles into Lake City, Jackie Taylor Building 128 Birley Ave., Lake City, FL 32024

(building on the left ), Century 21 sign out front.

If you will attend please RSVP to this e-mail Ttpnrsvp@theteapartynetwork.org after you read the flier. I am looking forward to seeing you there!

Catherine Baer, TTPN Chair




BREAKING: Doug Guetzloe Sentenced to 15 Months

Doug Guetzloe, the founder of the Florida TEA Party political party and Ax The Tax,  was just sentenced to 15 mos. in prison for federal tax evasion:

11:30 a.m. EST, May 21, 2012|By Amy Pavuk, Orlando Sentinel

Political consultant Doug Guetzloe was sentenced to 15 months in federal prison Monday for failing to file his tax returns.

Federal prosecutors said Guetzloe, founder and chairman of Ax the Tax, failed to file returns on almost $187,000 in income in 2005, and more than $188,000 in 2006.  Via the Orlando Sentinel.

The trial:  http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/2012-02-13/business/os-doug-guetzloe-irs-tax-trial-orlando-20120208_1_tax-returns-doug-guetzloe-electioneering-communications.

Hernando, Citrus school districts snub Glenn Beck group’s Constitution booklets

BROOKSVILLE — It started as an act of patriotic philanthropy.

Last month, the Nature Coast 912 Project donated thousands of U.S. Constitution booklets to the Hernando and Citrus school. The goal was to get a pocket-sized booklet into the hands of every eighth-grader.

The donation, however, prompted officials in both districts to consider: When does a copy of the Constitution and other historic documents become political material or advertising?

Officials in both districts concluded the booklets have some problematic characteristics, so they won’t be handed out as the 912 Project group had hoped.

“It doesn’t matter what group it is,” Hernando superintendent Bryan Blavatt said. “The question is, are we giving out resources that are primary sources … or is it subject to opinions and viewpoints and selective choice of materials?”

Hernando received 2,500 booklets for seven schools; Citrus got 1,315 for five schools. The booklets were not all identical and some came with additional material. All have a stamp or sticker of the “Nature Coast Pasco-Hernando-Citrus 912 Groups,” and some included the group’s website address, said Mike Mullen, assistant superintendent for Citrus schools.

Some booklets donated to Hernando were published by the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, whose website describes its mission as serving communities through “fellowship, compassion, and dedication to God, family and country.”

These booklets contained other primary texts such as the Declaration of Independence, Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and Patrick Henry’s Call to Arms. A foreword to the booklet reads: “Unless Americans remember and preserve our rich heritage of liberty, a new Dark Age of tyranny could lock the majority of mankind into the harsh chains of totalitarian slavery.”

Some booklets donated to Hernando were accompanied by a one-page sheet from the Cato Institute, a conservative think tank, with the heading “Constitutional Authority.” The sheet asserts that the Constitution has been misinterpreted, leading to “a government that’s effectively unlimited … and increasingly unaffordable.”

Booklets donated to the Citrus district refers the reader to books published by the National Center for Constitutional Studies, a conservative, religious-themed organization formed by Mormon political writer Cleon Skousen, who argued that the founding of the United States was a divine miracle. One of Skousen’s books referenced in the booklet, The 5,000 Year Leap, is often cited by political commentator and 912 Project founder Glenn Beck, who wrote a foreword for a later edition.

“When you add all of those things together, it’s not just a simple Constitution,” Mullen said. “You’ve got to be real careful when you’re passing out information to the kids.”

The National Center for Constitutional Studies is not a credible source of Constitutional history, said Doug Kendall, founder and president of the Constitutional Accountability Center (CAC), a Washington, D.C.-based think tank and law firm.

“I don’t know that there can be too many copies of the Constitution in circulation, but when it comes to teaching about the Constitution, I think we should trust our teachers and the history books, not the tea party or the 912 Project or any other ideological group,” Kendall said.

Citrus school officials plan to return the booklets because the School Board attorney concluded the additional content in them conflicted with the district policy forbidding the distribution of political materials, Mullen said.

In Hernando, which has a similar policy, principals were told to make the booklets available for students who wanted one but not to hand them out to every student, Blavatt said.

“It’s a way to provide an opportunity for students to get the material, which was the intent of the group, and not be in a situation where we’re handing it to them and not giving them a choice,” Blavatt said.

He added: “Ninety-nine percent of the material there is valuable to students. You have to weigh that.”

Blavatt said he did not know how many of the booklets remained.

The districts’ decisions puzzled 912 Project members, said organizer Maureen Arrigale of Hudson. The group reached out to school officials last year with the idea for the donation and submitted booklets for review, Arrigale said.

“The booklets they have are the same booklets we sent them,” Arrigale said. “We’re not promoting any kind of agenda or politics whatsoever. Our name just happens to be on the book.”

The Nature Coast 912 group donated money to the East Pasco Tea Party Patriots to purchase Constitution booklets for Pasco County schools this year, Arrigale said.

The Patriots donated Constitutions to the district last year and officials had no concerns about passing them out, said district spokeswoman Summer Romagnoli. The booklets had the stamp of the East Pasco Tea Party Patriots, but that in itself is not a problem, Romagnoli said.

“As long as it’s not included with any sort of political message,” she said.

Mullen acknowledged that staffers had reviewed the booklets but did not research the National Center for Constitutional Studies publications or the 912 Project until the Times inquired. He also noted that the booklets reviewed by staff did not have the 912 Group stamp or sticker.

“I know they claim they’re not a political group, but they have direct links from their website that do take you to partisan political websites,” Mullen said.

Beck founded the 912 Project in 2009 on nine principles and 12 values he says represent the spirit of the American people on the day after the Sept. 11 attacks. Among them: “I believe in God and He is the center of my life.” The group is non-partisan, but its conservative membership overlaps with the tea party movement.

Members of the 912 Project and tea party groups lament what they see as a lack of accurate instruction in U.S. history classes.

“What we’re out to do is educate people that things in the Bill of Rights are being taken away from us and are being misconstrued,” said Nature Coast 912 member and Hudson resident Annette Weeks.

This past spring, the Tea Party Patriots started a nationwide campaign to remind teachers that a 2004 federal law requires public schools to teach Constitution lessons the week of Sept. 17, commemorating the day the document was signed. The Patriots started an adopt-a-school program and members encouraged school officials to use curriculum provided by the National Center for Constitutional Studies.

Tony Marrero can be reached at (352) 848-1431 or tmarrero@sptimes.com.
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CNN/Tea Party Presidential Debate

Last night a historical event occurred in Tampa: the inaugural Tea Party Presidential debate! Tea Party groups from across the nation gathered to ask questions and hear the platforms of the candidates for the 2012 Presidentail election. Featured were the Florida groups of which I am proud to say included Gainesville Tea Party and our Tea Party Network (groups from north central Florida). As we move forward towards 2012 we must remain steadfast to our values: limited government, fiscal responsibility and free markets, the values upon which our country was founded and the only values that will preserve the individual freedom and prosperity that we have enjoyed as citizens of the greatest nation in the history of mankind. NOW is the time to get involved! Find your candidate, both local and state, and WORK to get these candidates elected! We have the unique opportunity to change the face of American politics and turn this country around from the sprint towards socialism. We urge you to give both time and money to your local candidates and to get involved with the election process. Be a poll worker! Be a poll watcher! The 2012 election is the most important election of your lifetime and to sit on the sidelines is to encourage the fall of our country. It is your responsibility to pledge to work as hard as you can to return our countrty to the principles of the Constitution. Join us in our fight!

TEA PARTY NETWORK State Convention, 11/4 – 11/6


Have you heard that we are going to be having a statewide Tea Party Network Convention November 4-6, 2011 in Daytona Beach? Have you visited the convention website www.ttpnc.com yet?

The following is included for an early registration price of just $149.00 :
Friday Night- Dinner with your fellow patriots and a welcome from our state leaders and a noteworthy keynote speaker,
Saturday- Breakfast with another key speaker,  breakout sessions all day including Krisanne Hall on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, Bill Warner on how to Defeat Political Islam, and Dr. Richard Davis on the FED. FORUM for all candidates running for the US Senate in 2012.  To end the day we will have another Patriot dinner with a dynamic speaker.
Sunday- Breakfast and continuation of the breakout sessions.  We are working on a Presidential Candidate forum to close out our weekend.
Many of the keynote speakers have not yet been announced as we are waiting for their declaration of candidacy for President and US Senate. 

Much of the work to organize this event has been done by Pam Dahl from the Tri-County Tea Party in the Villages. They have hosted many notable speakers including Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and Sarah Palin to name a few. I can assure you, you will not be disappointed when the final roster is announced.
I would like to encourage you to go to the website www.ttpnc.com and buy your tickets. Augustine. Early registration for the convention would be advisable as there are only 1600 seats available for the entire state and Tea Party Network has had 5000 people attend a one day rally in St. Augustine! Although member organizations of  Tea Party Network are receiving this information first, all conservative groups across the state will be invited.  For those of you that would like to stay across the street from the convention center at the Daytona Beach Hilton Oceanfront Resort we have arranged a special rate of $99/night. (All rooms are oceanfront!). If you would rather stay elsewhere there are other great hotels in the Daytona area.  Plan on attending this convention!  It will be an event to remember!

The Tea Party Network
Patricia Sullivan, Chair

John Beck, Vice-Chair


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The taxpayers of Florida must once again unite to prevent government from giving billions of dollars to special interests. The “Sun Rail” government rail project will have only 3700 riders a day and benefit powerful special interests while costing taxpayers billions. Taxpayers have voted down rail in 2003, 2004, and 2010 yet special interests keep pushing these projects at our expense.

Goto the website  http://vetosunrail.org/ and read a few of the comments about this boondoggle.

Say “I am a Florida taxpayer and I oppose Sun Rail.”

Phone: 850-488-7146

Fax: 850-487-0801

 Keep the statement short and concise:

“I am a Florida taxpayer and I oppose Sun Rail.”

 Gov. Scott may make his decision soon after the Legislative session ends so please call and fax today and help melt the phone lines.

Florida taxpayers and voters continue to voice opposition to rail boondoggles, yet our politicians together with deep pocketed special interests, taxpayer funded agencies and the local media continue pushing these wasteful projects we cannot afford.
Please call and/or fax today!

Gov. Rick Scott at St. Augustine Tax Day Rally, Sat, April 16

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PLAN TO ATTEND!!  Click on the  flyer below for the list of notable speakers, featuring Gov. Rick Scott and his Lt.Gen Jennifer Carroll! Others include State Sen. John Thrasher and State of Florida CFO Jeff Atwater, along with Constitutional scholar Krisanne Hall.

This is your opportunity to show your appreciation to Governor Rick Scott!

For those of you that would like to avoid the hassle of driving  please contact John Beck at jb@gainesvilleteaparty.org as soon as possible for details about the bus!

St Augustine Rally Flyer 4 16 2011

Rick Scott in the Wall Street Journal

Our Governor is steadfast in his commitment to bring prosperity to our state by promoting business and job growth. Come to Eustis, Fl., on Monday afternoon to attend a Tea Party rally in support of Governor Scott. He will be there bestowing the honor of unveiling the next year’s budget FIRST to the patriot groups of Florida. Don’t miss it! 

“Mr. Scott’s job-creating plans center on making Florida the most business-friendly state in the U.S. “We’re competing with 49 states and a variety of other countries now where people are willing to invest their dollars,” he said. “My job…is to make this the place where people want to do business.”

Click below…


“Get Out the Vote” Rally: Saturday 10/30

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Next Saturday (10/30) is the final weekend before the most important election in many years! To highlight this very significant day we are inviting you to join as we drive in an eye-popping motorcade from Gainesville to Middleburg. We want you to decorate your car or truck with flags and decals, streamers and garlands and join us as we Rah Rah our way through some beautiful country led by our Network Tea Party ship, the Dartmouth (recently featured in the UF Homecoming parade!). Other Tea Partiers will be joining us as we make stops in Hawthorne, Interlachen and Palatka. The Journey will end in Middleburg where we have a program of great speakers planned for you!

More details to follow but MARK YOUR CALENDAR!   We want to see you there!

TEA On The Ballot

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Do not be fooled with the letters”TEA” as a party next to any candidates in the November election.  In our area we have a Mr. John Ferentinos running for Florida House of Representatives, District 11.   In Florida the TEA party had 19 candidates in 18 races sign up at the last minute.  None of the grass root tea party groups endorse any of these Florida Tea party candidates. I think most of you know why they are running but let’s expand on Mr. Ferentinos. He originally registered for the FL Senate district 26 race but was not approved due to problems with his paperwork. So he immediately decided to run for the FL House District 11 seat while also initiating legal action against the state for wrongfully denying his candidacy for senate. Hard to get much info on him but his home in Kissimmee is not in district 11 and to date has not raised a single penny beyond his registration fee.  His treasurer also has ties to the infamous Alan Grayson of Orlando.  That leaves us with two true candidates, Debbie Boyd- Democrat and Elizabeth Porter- Republican.  Remember your conservative values as we need our state officials to fight Washington’s liberal reach.

KrisAnne Hall to Speak in Lake City

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KrisAnne Hall to Speak at September 23rd Meeting in Lake City

Join North Central Florida 9-12 Project Group at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 23rd at the Taylor Building in Lake City for our monthly meeting.  KrisAnne Hall will be speaking that evening on “Changing our Perspective In Order To Continue In Our Battle For Our Country”. Terry Rauch will also be speaking on the Proposed Amendments that will be on the November 2nd ballot.  It is important that we learn as much as we can about the amendments so that we can make an informed vote.  KrisAnne always brings a unique perspective to anything she speaks about and has a wealth of knowledge on the U.S. Constitution and the other founding documents.  We are scheduling speakers for the October 14th and 28th meetings. We hope to have the candidates in to speak again to us before the election.  John Knapp has ideas on a “Reboot America” campaign that he will explain to us at one of the upcoming meetings.  Please plan to join us and bring your family and friends.  The Taylor Building is located at 128 SW Birley, close to the corner of U.S. 90 and Birley in Lake City.  Turn south on Birley from U.S. 90 approximately 3 miles west of I-75.  It is a large gray metal building with a Century 21 sign in front.  For more information, call John at (386) 935-1705 or Sharon (386) 935-0821.

Tom's Speech in St. Augustine

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Some people have requested to read Tom Hayes-Morrison’s speech from the St. Augustine Rally.  Please do not copy or distribute Tom’s speech without first obtaining his permission at tom@gainesvilleteaparty.org.

St. Augustine Rally – Sept. 18, 2010

(The ideas and comments contained herein are those solely of Thomas Hayes-Morrison and do not necessarily represent those of any Tea Party organization or any other Tea Party Member.)


Thank you. I believe what I have to say this afternoon is important and I want to get it right so I’m going to try to stick closely to my notes. If I sound a bit stiffer than usual I apologize.

I believe the tea Party has come together so quickly because a lot of us figured out that some career politicians, Democrats and Republicans, have been defying the constitution and common sense for years; that they are destroying the very soul of our nation by stealing our ECONOMIC and POLITICAL FREEDOM.

Think I’m exaggerating? If the government tells you whom you can hire, how much you have to pay them, when they can work, the size of the bathrooms, the height of the hand rails, and then takes 38% of what you make, who controls the business?

If the government tells you how much money you can make, where to build your house, how to build your house, where to send your children to school, even what kind of light bulbs or cooking oil to use, and now with Obamacare who can have children, who’s going to have what quality of life, and how long you’re going to live, who owns you?

Political freedom? Acorn, the President’s former employer and major supplier of votes, is caught registering Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and thousands of dead people in 20 states. Government unions and foreigners spend half a billion dollars to elect a man with no apparent qualifications while 53% of the voters act like its American idol. Politically appointed judges keep counting the votes until their party wins. Incumbents buy life time jobs with our tax money. And most of us don’t vote!

The truth is we haven’t been economically or politically free for years. We suffer, perhaps terminally, from the absolute control of the ECONOMY and the PEOPLE by a small group of self-styled political, government, and academic experts using regulation and taxation to dictate our lives. Technically the proper name for this is fascism but it comes in lots of flavors so to keep it simple and familiar I’m just going to call it socialism.

Anyway, if you think I’m being extreme, look at just a few of the huge changes that are happening. Perhaps the most dangerous is the official curtailment of our 1st amendment right to free speech. It’s now against the law to say things that the ruling politicians don’t like. It’s called political correctness, which is far too cute a term for such poison. It’s rigorous enforcement colors every aspect of our lives and censors every aspect of our public conversation. It is destroying our relationships with each other as well as our democratic process.

And then there’s how we measure success which is changing from what you actually create, achieve, or produce … to how good your intentions sound, who you know, or how you make everyone feel. No one is held accountable. Every kid gets a trophy. Where will we get the producers, the warriors?

And we’re changing from a society based on personal responsibility and constitutional law to one that says your bad behavior is not your fault, the ends are worth the means, and in which there is no common law … just regulations whose interpretation depends upon who you are and who appointed the judge. This is the end of the rule of law. It’s the means by which our democracy is slowly being strangled.

And think about the attempt to eliminate equal opportunity for all. For close to half a century the socialists have worked to replace equal opportunity with equal outcomes. We are told that people’s outward physical characteristics, national origin, or sexual proclivities are more important than each person’s aptitude, drive, ability, and intelligence. This is the very definition of racism or sexism or whatever “ism” it is supposed to eliminate. And to quote Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, “It demeans us all”.

The only thing 50 years of politically dictated UNEQUAL outcomes, preferences, and quotas has done is split us into smaller and smaller competing hyphenated special interest groups.  Soon there will be no Americans, only hyphens. An unintended consequence of this process has been to make us the most “ism” conscious nation on earth. If you’re an employer, supervisor, educator, banker, scout leader, or entrepreneur or anything with a group, you must be hyper vigilant and super sensitive to everyone’s race, gender, age, religion, or handicap. You have to do this in order to be able to prove to the tens of thousands of government employees charged with enforcement that you are in compliance with the myriad laws and regulations.

This is the exact opposite of the complete and equal assimilation of all our citizens into American life that we were trying to accomplish. The socialists have taken equal opportunity, something uniquely American, something that had the goodwill of every thoughtful citizen, and turned it into a threat to our very existence.

How did all this happen? … It’s our own fault. Most of us ignored politics … in hindsight at great cost … 40 to 60 percent of our people fail to vote in national elections; as high as 90 percent skip local elections. And we tend to be happily clueless about major issues.

And our situation keeps getting worse because our failure to participate has given us a congress in which 400 of the 535 members claim government service or lawyering as their previous life experience … a President and his cabinet in which none of the sixteen people can put business on their resumes … and in the Gainesville area, only three of 17 city, county, and education commissioners who will spend almost a billion dollars of our money this year can legitimately claim to have worked in the private sector.

We are ruled by people who have never been economically productive, who have never had a real job, who are unwilling to compete as producers, and who have an almost psychotic need to control the rest of us. Socialism makes perfect sense to them.

The problem with all socialists is they are clueless as to how a society really functions or creates wealth and therein lays the problem. Let me stop for a second and ask … everyone here does know there really is no such thing as a public sector, government funds, or Obama stash, right? That every penny the government at any level spends has to be given to it by someone who created wealth in the private sector?

The reason we’re in such trouble now is the Democrats’ economic strategy is to take money from the producers, run it through the government with a large overhead cost, and then give the reduced amount to someone else to spend in the way the politicians think is best. Even a sixth grader could understand that there is nothing gained by doing this. This, by the way, is a simple description of Keynesian economics which has never worked anywhere.

Here’s all you need to know about economics; no matter what the political system, someone has to hunt or produce, diligently and efficiently or ultimately everyone starves. Historically, the good hunters have been willing to pay part of what they catch to people who could hunt to stay home to guard the fire and the cave, which is critical, think army, police, fire department.

People in government seem incapable of grasping the fact that if the number of non-critical non-hunters, think research assistant to the Mayor of Gainesville, gets too big and demands too much of the catch, the hunters quit. Then the non-hunters try to hunt, because it looks easy. And people starve and the leaders have to resort to force to keep control. Think communist police states … or Obama’s already funded 2 million strong domestic civilian security forces.

How’s our hunter/non-hunter ratio? How many are hunting? If you take government employees into account from an economics perspective, only 34% of federal income tax filers, or 38 million out of 106 million, actually pay taxes … or hunt. How about non-hunters? We have 61 million people on government assistance and 21 million non-critical government employees. The numbers are sort of apples and oranges but it looks like we’re paying 82 million economically non-productive people at a cost of 75% of all taxes paid, or $3 trillion a year. That’s a real transfer of wealth!

To give you some further perspective, if you are a federal income tax payer you currently owe roughly $360,000 in federal debt borrowed in your name … and it will be paid. And just for fun, each additional billion spent or borrowed by the government is $26 per tax payer and each trillion is $26,000.

People in all parts of government tell us we are too stupid to understand how complex things are. Nothing can really change because we are confronted with the proverbial Gordian knot. I say the opposite is true. Things are much simpler than they tell us. For example, the solution to our economic melt down is very simple. Call it the Hamo Plan. Immediately reduce all taxes by 50% and lay off half the non-critical government employees or 10.5 million people. About the same number we now have really unemployed in the private sector.

History proves that the economy would experience explosive growth; the people currently unemployed would have jobs in a matter of months, and even the ex-government employees would be hired within a year because the demand for labor would be so high. The unemployment costs would be about the same. We’d save a trillion dollars in taxes and any initial tax shortfall would rapidly be made up by greatly increased government revenues resulting from the vigorous economy. It could be done. The sword we need to cut the Gordian knot is our vote for regular people who have common sense.

Want to know a REAL inconvenient truth? … What ever you call it, liberalism, progressivism, fascism, socialism, or communism, 3.5 billion people, half the people on earth, have tried it. For as long as 90 years they suffered incredible economic and social misery and proved the outcome is always the same… the independent and productive individuals are vilified, persecuted, and taxed out of existence … and the two legged sheeple who remain end up slowly starving to death under the iron rule of a few self-proclaimed “smartest people”.

I never thought I’d live to hear someone like Vladimir Putin, the former head of the KGB and the Prime Minister of Russia, tell a U.S. President, Barak Obama, as well as the rest of the world, “It doesn’t work, don’t do it”? Davos, January 2009 … When a life long communist party boss says they’re switching to capitalism, the president and his admittedly communist staffers and teachers as well as the rest of us should listen.

I just took all this time to share a little bit of reality with you hoping you’ll understand we’re in a fight to the death to keep our extraordinarily successful, democratic way of life. That its way more than politics as usual. But I have good news that Putin, if not Obama, will approve of. We can put 80 years of liberal, fascist, communist toothpaste back in the tube … and it’s quick and simple if everybody here will join us in doing three things:

First … PAY ATTENTION. Things are really much simpler than our political masters would have us believe. If it doesn’t make sense create an uproar. Remember, they need us to stay home to keep control.

Second – VOTE – for real people who share your views. And get others to vote. A thousand votes can elect a Gainesville city commissioner.

Third – GET INVOLVED – recent elections have proven we really can make a difference. Share what you learn with your friends and neighbors. Sign up to help.

Start right now. Check out the candidates. Judge them harshly by the Tea Party’s core values of fiscal responsibility, limited constitutional government, and free enterprise. Do they really believe in them, practice them, and have a history of supporting them … and have they ever had a real job?

In addition, candidates at all levels MUST have the courage to say no to everything that fails the test of common sense … they MUST be willing to DEFUND and DISMANTLE the socialist programs that are destroying us … and they MUST have the inner strength to resist the socialist bribe of personal power. If they don’t have these, they’re not the right people.

In closing let me tell you what I am not, and I hope, what you are not … I am not a mindless ox meant to silently pull a load in yet another failed progressive, liberal, fascist, socialist, communist nightmare … I am not a sheep to be sheered by the global warming hoax just so Al Gore can make another billion … and I am not a free ATM machine forced to have a lower standard of living so politicians can use my tax money to buy the votes they need to keep their jobs.

What I am … is an active member of the Tea Party … a group of more than 36 million people who refuse to be subjugated. Who have had ENOUGH!! …We’ve been called the new radicals, the new revolutionaries, the new freedom fighters, and the new patriots. We’re all of these things … I say to you rise up and join us in taking back our country! … Pay attention, Vote, Get involved … LET FREEDOM RING!

Drawing for Sig Sauer Pistol at Rally

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Drawing for Sig Sauer Pistol at Rally

For any gun enthusiast, we are having a drawing for a limited edition (only 1776 made) Gadsden 9mm Sig Sauer P226 pistol. Inspired by the Tea Party movement, it is adorned with beautiful nickel accents, and inscribed with the insignia that proudly flew on the flag that took us to battle throughout the Revolutionary War. It has the Gadsden emblem engraved on the gun and the grips with “Don’t Tread on Me” etched on the barrel.  Gun retails for $1,100.00.  We are selling tickets on the bus and at the rally.

Tickets are only $10 each! You can see a picture of the pistol by clicking here.

You may also purchase tickets online via our website.  Click on the ‘Donate’ button on the right side of the website to pay via PayPal.  You will be emailed your ticket number and receive a receipt.

(Gun will not be present at rally.  Arrangements have been made for winner to pick up the commemorative firearm from a licensed dealer once all federal requirements have been met.)

More Fake TEA Party Mischief

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Central Florida Tea Party Council Calls for Withdrawal of Peg Dunmire;
Confrontation Erupts
By Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

Part 1 Video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqToouaM58k&feature=player_embedded

The Central Florida Tea Party Council, a coalition of local tea party
leaders, scheduled a press conference today to call on Peg Dunmire,
the Florida TEA Party political party candidate, to step out of the
district 8 race.  (See Press Release Below)

Based on the recent revelations of financial ties between Democrat
Alan Grayson and Doug Guetzloe, the CFTP Council questions the
legitamcy of the Florida TEA Party and called upon the character and
integrit of Dunmire to step aside.

Amazingly, the leadership of the Florida TEA Party, Fred O”Neal,
political consultant Doug Guetzloe and Peg Dunmire showed up
unannounced in a desperate attempt to sidetrack this message.
Guetzloe, in particular, stalked the location selected for the press
conference, the Orange County Supervisor of Elections  Office,
verbally challenging every tea party activist he could find.

Making outrageous accusations and very insulting remarks which
included calling several female tea party activists “bimbo’s” and and
mocking an tea party activist who happens to be an amputee by saying
“I would shake your hand, if you had any.”

We have a short video showing Guetzloe aggressively responding to
Local 6 reporter Tony Pipitone, and take note of the FTP minion
wearing a t-shirt with the party logo on it making every effort to
interfere with the interview.  This is but a small indication of the
raucous atmosphere that was created by the so called ‘leaders’ of the
Florida TEA Party.

Grayson Paid Company Formed by Faux Tea Party Candidate

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**Tea party members…please remember that the grass-roots tea party movement is not associated with and does not endorse the Tea Party Political Party in the state of Florida.**

Be Forewarned: Below are the names of the people who have decided to associate themselves with the FAKE Tea Party Political Party.  Please advise others!

US Congress

  • District 8, Peg Dunmire (TEA)
  • District 12, Randy Wilkinson (TEA)
  • District 25, Roly Arrojo (TEA)

Florida House of Representatives

  • District 11, Stephen Taylor (TEA)
  • District 34, John DeVries (TEA)
  • District 38, James “Heinie”  Heinzelman (TEA)
  • District 40, Darin Richard Dunmire (TEA)
  • District 41, Jon Foley (TEA)
  • District 51, Victoria A. Torres (TEA)
  • District 73, Raul Ismael Pantoja Rodriguez (TEA)
  • District 79, Jose A. Alvarez (TEA)
  • District 91, Ryan Swyers (TEA)
  • District 96, Jason B. Weakley (TEA)
  • District 115, Christopher Blau (TEA)
  • District 119, Alex Fernandez (TEA)
  • District 120, Henry Llorella (TEA)

Grayson Paid Company Formed By Fla. Tea Party Candidate

Payments Boost GOP Claims That Grayson Wants To Split Conservative Votes

Tony Pipitone
POSTED: Monday, June 21, 2010
UPDATED: 11:05 am EDT June 22, 2010
ORLANDO, Fla. — U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson’s campaign has paid nearly $20,000 to a corporation created by a Florida Tea Party candidate, with help from that party’s top consultant, lending support to Republicans’ claims that Grayson is funneling some of his $30-plus million fortune toward a party that is running a candidate against him in the general election.

Grayson’s motivation, Republicans say is to support a “sham” party whose candidate will siphon away conservative votes from the eventual Republican nominee in November, boosting Grayson’s chances of re-election.A Local 6 investigation has found Grayson’s campaign spent $19,898 with Public Opinion Strategies Inc., a company formed by Victoria Torres, a Florida Tea Party candidate for a state House of Representatives seat in Pinellas County. Torres has said she created the company in December 2008 with the help of the Florida Tea Party’s public relations consultant, Doug Guetzloe.Guetzloe and his attorney, Frederic B. O’Neal, who created the Florida Tea Party last year, are being sued by Republican tea party movement activists who claim the pair created the Florida Tea Party to “hijack” the tea party movement for their own “gains (and) profits.”The owners of Public Opinion Strategies — the people who stand to benefit financially from the multimillionaire Grayson’s campaign money — are not revealed in public records.The only corporate director listed in state records is the Florida Tea Party candidate Victoria Torres, who swore in court papers in April that she has no cash, no income, no potential income, no stock and no possible asset from any corporation. In a financial disclosure statement filed last week with her candidacy papers, Torres revealed she earned $10,000 last year from Public Opinion Strategies, but claims no financial interest in the company. Grayson paid the company $16,898 last year and $3,000 in February 2010, according to filings with the Federal Elections Commission.Torres did not respond to phone calls, visits to her Orange County house (which is also the corporation’s official address), or a note left there by Local 6 asking about the company.But Torres has for years worked off and on for Guetzloe and — like Guetzloe — has been represented by O’Neal, the Florida Tea Party chairman.“I do things for (Guetzloe) that he asks for me to,” Torres testified last year in a deposition in an unrelated lawsuit.For his part, Grayson, a first-term Democrat, continues to maintain Guetzloe has played no role with anyone in his campaign. When Local 6 began to question Grayson about how his campaign came to find and pay the company Guetzloe helped form, Public Opinion Strategies, Grayson said, “That is a campaign matter. I’m not going to be disclosing anything more” than required by federal law.

Republicans Demand Full Disclosure

Bruce O’Donoghue, a Republican seeking the nomination to oppose Grayson, called a news conference last week to accuse Grayson of concealing his links to the Florida Tea Party.“Alan Grayson’s fingerprints are all over the creation of this so-called ‘party,’ and he insults the intelligence of voters by claiming he had nothing to do with it,” O’Donoghue said. “These political games are designed to hide the cozy relationship between Grayson and this sham organization.”Monday, when shown the paper trail revealing money from Grayson to Public Opinion Strategies, O’Donoghue said Local 6 had uncovered the “direct connection. We were connecting the dots and this research you’ve been able to bring forward really solidifies that. It shows the conduit and it’s what we said, these guys ought to come clean and tell us exactly who’s doing what and who’s paying whom.”

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