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A Blow to Agenda 21: Defunding the Partnership for Sustainable Communities

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We just had a major win in the House of Representatives to defund the federal Partnership for Sustainable Communities. (SEE this website: This funding has been using YOUR tax dollars to promote the United Nations’ plan to control our government. The Senate is now being lobbied to restore this funding.  We MUST lobby our Senators as defunding this partnership will be a major deterrent to the advancement of Agenda 21. We are asking everyone to email our Senators and ask to approve DEFUNDING in the Senate.  WE MUST get EVERYONE we know to send the message: WE DO NOT WANT the United Nations’ AGENDA 21 controlling our lives in America!


10 Responses to “A Blow to Agenda 21: Defunding the Partnership for Sustainable Communities”
  1. Fred Easton says:

    It really is great news to see that this underhanded project is finally being exposed. We are a long way from getting it understood by the public…but a little at a time is good. Hopefully the elected leaders will spend some time and money on getting the public up to speed on the negative ramifications for Americans of this terrible project.

  2. Gerald Davis says:

    Email sent. It is a nice sounding buzz word. Suussssstainability!

    Rubio- hopefully will care.
    Nelson- I hold NO hope with.

  3. chowgirl says:

    END THE UN!!
    and THE EPA! and THE ACLU!
    to start!

  4. Hjordis says:

    Sent my two emails. Hoooray, at least there’s hope for change.

  5. Susan Baird says:

    Sent my 2 letters in too… Let Mr. Nelson know that elections are coming up so I would like to hear his view point about this issue – will let you know his reply..:)

  6. Paula Helton says:

    For some time I have belonged to a national coalition of tea party members across the nation fighting Agenda 21. As of two weeks ago we took over the Agenda 21 website. I can assure you the word is reaching people. We bounce ideas off each other, keep each other updated on all things Agenda 21/ICLEI and find out what is working in different parts of the country. There are members represented from almost every state in the country.

    For anyone interested, there is another Agenda 21 conference scheduled in Lakeland on October 1. Below is link to register. You will learn things you don’t know about this insidious cancer being perpetrated on the citizens of this country.

    Please go to to register. You will receive a confirmation email. Updates will be sent periodically.


  7. Tonja says:

    Appears to still be funded:

    ICLEIUSA: February 2012 – Approximately $1.5 Billion in Federal Funding Available for State, Local, and Tribal Governments
    U.S. EPA Feb. 13, 2012
    This message announces the availability of nearly $1.5 billion in current or upcoming funding opportunities for state, local, and tribal governments from the Department of Transportation (DOT), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Energy (DOE), Funders’ Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities (TFN), Federal Transit Administration (FTA), Department of Agriculture (USDA), and Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that can be used to support climate and energy initiatives, including transportation, energy efficiency, smart grid initiatives, and sustainability planning. For full eligibility and application details, please visit the links provided below.

  8. Lura says:

    I have contacted Bill Nelson previously, when the first snail mail letter did not receive a reply I called and followed up with a letter. I did receive a response to the last one signed by Bill which basically said thank you for your concern but as a people we must look after the greater good……all of you know their what their talking points are.

    The only way to get Bill’s attention is at the ballot box. He will ultimately pay for his deaf ear.

  9. Jen says:

    REALLY? Alright, with great restraint I’ll overlook the ignorance this group seems to have on how crucial sustainable practices of ANY sort are in this day and age and merely point out that the Partnership for Sustainable Communities was modeled over Mitt Romney’s Office for Commonwealth Development while he was governor of Massachusetts. At one point, at least, he was an avid supporter of curbing urban sprawl:

    In 2005…
    “If we are to attract new businesses and jobs to Massachusetts, we must be innovative in creating clearer, faster and more predictable paths for economic development. These grants will help us to reach those goals,” said Romney. “By targeting development to areas where there is already infrastructure in place, not only can we revitalize our older communities, but we can also curb sprawl as well.” – Romney

    The plan he’s referring to went on to receive the 2006 National Award for Smart Growth Achievement.

    and even earlier…
    Romney said this: “Sprawl is the most important quality of life issue facing Massachusetts.” (Boston Globe, 10/12/2002)

    Point being, it’s foolish to say that the Partnership for Sustainable Communities was a U.N. ploy based upon an 18-year-old UN plan to encourage countries to consider the environmental impacts of human development (which is STILL not a terrible idea in my opinion). Please do your research before spewing out detrimental nonsense to the public. Thank you.

    Also worth reading:

  10. I love it when truth and facts slaps one on the face and kicks in the rear.

    What became of that good link about Mitt Romney posted on the comment section and suddenly disappeared? Just out of curiosity why is it no longer there?

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