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Dept of Justice: No Longer Defends Liberty for Americans

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“In a scary development, a major Obama fundraiser who defended a convicted al Qaeda terrorist will become the third highest ranking official at the Department of Justice (DOJ), which, ironically, is charged with defending the interests of the United States.

Northern California lawyer Tony West has been named Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division, making him the No. 3 guy at the agency. In 2009 West, who helped Obama raise tens of millions of dollars as finance co-chairman of his first presidential campaign, was appointed to help run the DOJ’s civil division which represents the government, Congress and presidential cabinet officers and handles cases dealing with significant policy issues.”

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One Response to “Dept of Justice: No Longer Defends Liberty for Americans”
  1. We may look at this a bit different the day we recognize who Al Qaeda is and who they work for. They are nothing more than paid mercenaries. They worked in Libya to overthrow the government and assassinate Gaddafi and are working in Syria to do the same.

    Our own NeoCon elected officials are urging of arming and smuggling those same mercenaries into Syria.

    How would we feel if it was done to us? Let me guess, I know the difference is that we are free and they are not right? Or is it not that an undemocratic and repressive state being set up at home. Do we not also feel that we are losing our liberty?

    I know, they don’t elect their leader and we do and then they work for the interest of someone else and not that of Americans. What is the difference other that one is a reality and the other an illusion? We need to stop living this dream and come to grasp with reality if we are serious about solving our problems.

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