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Digital Domain : A Florida Solyndra

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3 Responses to “Digital Domain : A Florida Solyndra”
  1. Bill Boe says:

    Once again, we hear political cliches but actions speak for themselves. It was George W. Bush who used EXECUTIVE powers to seize the Destin Dome offshore leases from Chevron which would have provided Florida abundant, inexpensive, and environmentally safe energy for at least 20 years. All of Florida’s congressional delegation, with the exception of Rep. Mica, OPPOSED energy development in the Gulf off Florida, including then congressman Adam Putnam; The Destin Dome is 26 miles from Pensacola and natural gas cannot contaminate a beach. The Chevron permits progressed through review of the Clinton administration from lease purchase through exploratory permits and Chevron met requirements for production permits successfully; it was BUSH who blocked the production. Chevron sued and won for an illegal taking of their permits and you, the taxpayers, had to pay Chevron back the expenses in lease purchases, permitting, exploration, etc.; So thank W and Putnam for that intrusion into the free market; now subsidies for selected companies favored by our new faces in TAllahassee; yes, we need alternatives to the Democrats and REpublicans….or at least candidates who think for themselves instead of having the party and lobbyists think for them!

  2. This is in reality of little importance compared to the bigger picture. As a nation we are going down the bankruptcy hole by either openly defaulting or by money printing to make the debt worthless. QE3 will do nothing to repair what is already broken. Neither Mitt Romney nor Barack Obama can make things better or even maintain the current economic status. QE3 will do nothing to stimulate the economy; it is designed to purchase the debt that nobody else is buying so that we can function for a few more months. There is not enough money in the world to satisfy the thirst and need for more borrowing in a global scale. Without continued borrowing the economy will collapse and by continued printing the dollar will collapse. It is a no win situation and we must accept and deal with this truth. The way to begin repairing this damage is by accepting it. Just as alcoholics we must face the truth and attend rehab. Lying to yourselves and paying attention to lying politicians and media just as whining will solve nothing. We must become a nation of problem solvers instead of a nation of whiners. Take charge and make a difference by rejecting and standing up to the status quo.

  3. Roy Callahan says:

    Notice how some of our local poiliticians are as bad as their federal counterparts? they always know better and we pay for their mistakes. So sad.

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