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Alachua County Drops ICLEI Membership!

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From our most cherished County COmmissioner, Sue Baird:
Dearest Friends of the County and the world,
My greatest wish (among so many others…) is for the U.S. to get out of the  U.N.  Or should we say that the U.N. get out of the U.S.
The good news is that we have taken one small step by discontinuing our  membership to ICLEI, the United Nations initiative to establish Agenda 21 in United States’ cities and counties (Local Governments for Sustainability).
I have asked Mr. Chris Bird (head of the county Environmental Protection Department) to also send them a letter requesting that they  remove Alachua County from their list of members on their website.  I  should get that next.
Our next important step  is to get John Martin, Jean Calderwood  and Dean Cheshire elected to the county commission.  Imagine what the  four of us will accomplish!  If we do not get this done, I will guarantee you, member of ICLEI or not, the commission  will align with Agenda 21  philosophy  more than ever before.
Fifty days to a better four years or a worse four years.  Our actions will  determine that outcome.
Susan Baird
For information about ICLEI…


14 Responses to “Alachua County Drops ICLEI Membership!”
  1. Cecilia says:

    Thank you Susan for whatever you can do to get us out of Agenda 21. As you know we pay dues to be an ICLEI member, yet it is without voter consent! There is a growing movement against this would-be tyranny; “so frogs are jumping out of the pot, that the heat has really been turned up quickly”. Alabama just voted to remove them statewide:
    The John Birch Society’s offer of model legislation has been accepted by Alabama and other states and municipalities.

  2. Cheryl says:

    We are donating as we can…to Jean Calderwood, John Martin, Ted YoHo, Dean Chesire, and Keith Perry. Keith DONATED one of his huge trailer trucks for the GHS Marching Band & Guard to hold their uniforms, etc. when we went on important competitions, district and state competitions, etc. for TWO years back in 2001-2003! Then we were able to get new professionally-made band uniforms! He’s a great guy. We are blessed to have so many good people running.

  3. Cheryl says:

    We are donating as we can…to Jean Calderwood, John Martin, Ted YoHo, Dean Chesire, and Keith Perry. Keith DONATED one of his huge trailer trucks for the GHS Marching Band & Guard to hold their uniforms, etc. when we went on important competitions, district and state competitions, etc. for TWO years back in 2001-2003! Then we were able to get new professionally-made band uniforms! He’s a great guy. We are blessed to have so many good people running.

  4. Cheryl says:

    Oops…sorry about the duplication. Our computer is so slow. Also, thanks to Ricky and Denise Cruce and daughter, Amanda, for helping so much with the Perry trailer and being a band captain!

  5. Hjordis Owens says:

    Whoo-hoo!!! 1 giant step for Alachua County! Gradually, we are seeing that happen in many counties of FL. A great thank you for those who work to eliminate this evil program.

  6. Fred Easton says:

    Needless to say, on the surface this sounds like great news. Stopping the spread of this menace is very important to this county, state and country. However, the last paragraph is not well stated and hope it is not more political double speak. If it is completely true, that Alachua County is getting out of the ICLEI, dropping the membership and repealing any statutes or ordinances implemented under the Agenda 21….ICLEI concepts…..then please state it in the clear so that there is no misunderstanding.
    Thank you
    Fred Easton

  7. Sue says:


    I agree. Is this a “legal separation” or a true divorce?

    We need to purge ICLEI from our community right down to their fingerprints. It’s a good first step. But we won’t be rid of the UN until we tell the EPA, the UN’s enforcement arm, to stay off our private property and out of local matters, such as our Gainesville street-sweeping practices, which they mandate and we pay for.

    Folks, if we can’t even fight City Hall, what chance will we have against the UN Global Government “Hall” without the protection of the Constitution?

    The New World Order is not just a conspiracy theory anymore! That dark danger that you can’t see but you sense approaching is no mere nightmare, no conspiracy theory spawned in paranoid minds. It is REAL.

    Obama, with his redistributive class warfare politics, has already shown us a glimpse of how this tyranny will work, and it does not bode well for those of us who love America the way she was and didn’t see a need to “fundamentally transform” her.

    We are well beyond the “nudge” stage Obama spoke about, the stage where an effective resistance could’ve been mounted through writing our elected officials, holding protests etc. Now we are entering his “shove” stage and if he is re-elected it will take an extraordinary, organized effort to stop him. I fear we will not be able to respond to this threat en masse, since we can’t even agree on whether it’s best to vote Romney or Johnson to oppose Obama.

    The fed govt now has in place all the”laws” and detention centers necessary to stomp their boots down on our necks and deliver us, our hopes and dreams, and the wealth we create with our work, into the belly of the NWO.

    We are in very deep trouble here. I fear the opportunity for effective “polite” protests ( you remember – the hippie protests, and the civil rights marches, and the Rodney King era city-burnings etc ) has been lost. I shudder to think of what comes next.

  8. Laurie Newsom says:

    For Sue,
    YES WE CAN fight City Hall. Citizens have made a great impact on the Alachua County Commission and continue to fight the City of Gainesville commission for principles and property rights. If even more citizens would get actively involved the process would move along much faster. Every liberty minded citizen must VOTE in November and should take the responsibility of getting involved with active citizens that are working hard to make a difference. GTP has many opportunities to get involved. JUST DO IT!

  9. Jeff says:

    eye roll…deep sigh…slow head shake

  10. Marshall Clayton says:

    Know,call your Sheriff, and encourage her to Nullify the NDAA.

  11. Karen Bracken says:

    Susan Baird for President. It is a shame more leaders are not in touch with what needs to be done like this wonderful woman. If you ever want to move to TN get in touch. I want you in my city.

  12. As we all know I do much writing, express my opinion, present facts and have been critical of the Tea Party in reference to having aligned with the GOP who is as guilty as the DNC on what ails our nation, especially the economic disaster that we are facing; actually it is a catastrophe just waiting to happen. But to be fair on the local level it has been more effective by cleaning the old guard. The dropping of the ICLEI is definitely a step in the right direction. I hope that when the new guard arrives they stop behaving like rich kids and serve the community properly by becoming more efficient, removing the waste and cutting the taxes. We don’t need to replace the old class of elites with a new class of elites. After all, if a new guard by claiming the need to repair roads and fulfill other needs end up with tax increases or more fees without running a leaner and more efficient government we have not achieved a thing.

    Above is a link with the list of ICLEI members. Visit it to see that as usual Americans are suckers for punishment. Click on it and see where our political and elected officials have taken us. Anyone in the world who takes a look at it will be rolling on the floor laughing at us but this is just one of the many things they have a reason for doing so. We live in a nation with vast natural resources. If our nation were to be divided equally each of our 310 million citizens (man, woman and child) would be living in more than one square mile. Yet, as usual we are foolish enough to shackle our own chains by signing up to ICLEI. And this is just one of the things we sign up for or naively are suckered into believing.

    There is little time but still hope that the dummying of our society by the media and education system that have conspired against our people may be halted and actually reversed. The good news from TV is that viewership recently dropped another 500,000; a good sign that Americans are catching on. We don’t know how many more it will take but eventually we will reach a tipping point in which the propaganda machine will be inefficient and the people will be set free.

    I know that many here believe that Obama must be defeated or we will lose our nation and I will tell you that our greatest danger is this election is to put another NeoCon in charge. The NeoCons have taken over the Republican Party and are serving themselves. They have long abandoned what Conservative Republicans believe in. The path that we are in now was put in full speed between 2001 and 2009 when the NeoCons were in total control, were breaking all of our laws and took away any real authority from our Congress. So there is no misunderstanding I was also guilty of this because I naively and foolishly not aware of what was taking place voted for them twice and do not intend to do it again. So when I vote for Gary Johnson which is my second choice after Ron Paul, that vote will not be wasted if it keeps another NeoCon puppet from taking power. I will vote for my conscience and principles but those who will vote for the lesser of two evils now you know who I think the lesser is and a NeoCon is may last choice. Obviously some will disagree but mainly because they still refuse to see and admit what the NeoCons did to our nation and the crimes they committed during those eight years. If you could open your eyes and see it as me and many others have you would not be voting for these criminals.

  13. Marshall @

    That is exactly right and the reason why our Sheriff must continued to be voted in by the people and not appointed by the Governor. And before we vote for a Sheriff they should be vetted on how the stand on the NDAA and other unconstitutional oppressive laws that have been passed. Just showing up at the meetings with a few brochures is not good enough.

  14. Joe Harrison says:

    I live in Sarasota County. We supposedly got rid of ICLEI also but it seems their plans are still going forward. The county comprehensive plan devised under ICLEI has been readopted. Be aware that the situation may continue even though ICLEI is no longer officially in place.

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