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Another Green Subsidy Crashes

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It does make one wonder just how long the American taxpayer can fund crony capitalism. We must remember that government funding of green energy has led to high unemployment in Spain which is also teetering on the verge of national economic collapse. Do we have enough accumulated wealth to continue our wayward spending? This is an important question as our government policy has effectively frozen any economic growth. So we are rapidly squandering the wealth we produced in the past two decades. Is it enough? I am one citizen who is not willing to find out. It is imperative that we limit our government as quickly as possible before we follow Spain’s yellow brick road!
“An electric carbattery company reportedly has laid off 125 employees since receiving $390 million in government subsidies, but is still handing out big pay raises to company executives.”Read more:


One Response to “Another Green Subsidy Crashes”
  1. Rick Devlin says:

    Oh! The age of Obama, How business has changed. Take money from the yet to be born generations to reward executives for bankrupting a company, making certin hundreds loss thier jobs and in the process spend millions of tax payer dollars. After all their failure ,planed or not, they will get raises and bonuses. Of-course they can send some of the reward to the Obama election groups so the age of Obama can continue.

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