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California’s Dreaming (Snowballs Always Roll Downhill)

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When governments raise taxes and/or increase regulations, businesses leave. When businesses leave, governments raise taxes and/or increase regulations even more. When governments raise…  Snowballs always roll downhill.


In early May, we like to visit California. It is spectacular, beautiful, and special. Our hero Ronald Reagan once said that “If the pilgrims had landed in California, we would have never found the rest of the country.” He was right. Today, he would be wrong.

Pilgrims were productive settlers, and today successful and productive citizens are fleeing en masse from California. It is a shame.

First stop on our trip is Oakland. Floyd has a meeting with an innovative medical specialty firm trying to start in California. The owner of the firm has started many companies, all in California. Early on the agenda for discussion was talk of moving out of the Golden State to another less regulated, business friendly state.


One Response to “California’s Dreaming (Snowballs Always Roll Downhill)”
  1. Can Mitt Romney save the economy? Give me a break!

    It is not that California is unfriendly to business and overtaxed as the article estates that it did not use to be this way. This is a natural phenomenon of governments; they spend their way into bankruptcy. The problem is that California is bankrupted, just as Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and many other states and so it is our nation. What the nation has that the states do not is the Federal Reserve printing press. The predicament with the states is the same problem that the PIIGS have (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain) and others can be added to the list now. When they sign up to the Euro they lost their sovereignty and the right to print their own and sovereign currency.

    I read this morning the below ridiculous article stating that if Mitt Romney does not get elected the economy is going to implode. It is easy to see that this could only be accomplished by kicking the can further down the road until it hits the wall thanks to the Republicans lifting their opposition to more debt, a lot more debt. Of course this would not solve the problem and the endgame would be the same.

    There is no way to prevent our economy from imploding even if Ron Paul who I intend to vote for is elected. The only thing that he proposes is to do it differently and now, by doing so in an organized manner it could be possible to still save the dollar and avoid the pain to be greater. The Federal Reserve continues to finance our debt and printing to keep the Treasury spending and that is fine as other nations do it too except for the members of the European Union who gave up that right and they will regain that right by leaving the EU. This will destroy the Euro and quickly will implode the economies quadrillion dollar worldwide ($1,000,000,000,000,000) derivatives gambling and the US economy and the bankers the Fed has been trying to artificially save. The problem the US faces is that the Dollar is the world’s currency and debasing it by continuous bailing of our nation will cause other nations to stop using the dollar. Make no mistake; that is the real reason we have been involved in all of these wars and that is why they want to attack Iran who already stopped using the dollar for its oil transactions. When the dollar buys nothing it will be game over and it will change the world that we live in beyond the imagination of most Americans. It is going to happen and cannot be stopped which is why they have passed all of these laws to deal with social unrest and a people’s revolt. This is also why the banking oligarchs who rule our nation and the western world from the shadows are inching us into WWIII to cover up their guilt by distracting us.

    My point is: The day we stop macro analyzing our problems and look at the bigger picture we will shut the TV off and talk to each other to find real solutions as it is “we” the people that is going to pay a high price for their gambling, selfishness, mistakes and the mess that the shadow government have got us in. They will only try to save themselves and will care not about the people.

    So when are we going to get serious, look at the greater picture and start looking out for ourselves, our families and our friends which we will need when SHTF?

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