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Congress Debates the Federal Reserve: Reform or Abolish?

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We all know that neither party truly believes there is a problem with the Federal Reserve. Is this just for show?

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6 Responses to “Congress Debates the Federal Reserve: Reform or Abolish?”
  1. This actually makes sense in reference to the article inserted in this comment.

    After using the Federal Reserve for 99 years now they will vilify it. They hid from the people for nearly a hundred years that it was not part of our government and was nothing more than a private investment of anonymous individuals. But now as they scheme has hit the end of the road they will convince the people to give them something new and different and then it will make it easier to do the below.

    When the people realize what they have done and that they were suckered one more time it will be too late and the people will be told “Well, you asked for it”.

  2. Cecilia says:

    Yes, I agree; 99 years of this unconstitutional theft by inflation, and it’s only when our economy has nearly collapsed and the citizenry are are clamoring that our “representatives” are looking into the issue.
    Another way that the Fed cheats us is that they promote taxation without representation; projects and wars are funded by the Fed’s unregulated printing of money without voter consent. Who needs us? except for the taxable work we do.
    Too bad that more weren’t listening to Ron Paul for the decades that he was sounding the alarm!

  3. Cecilia @

    Just look around and see how many are still not listening.

    In order to change government and the course of the nation the people would have to change and abandon the herd. Are they?

  4. Karianne says:

    I just came across this video. It’s a 12 year old girl explaining how the banks and govt are committing fraud against We the People. She is from Canada, but simply insert America and the Federal Reserve in her speech instead.

  5. Marshall clayton says:

    Reforming the Federal reserve will only allow for government and corporate loopholes which could continue the corrupt management. The only way to return to sound money and a free market principles is through complete abstinence. Abolish the Fed. Parallel with the Fed I believe the FDA to be become equally corrupt and stiffling to a free market. Lets get rid of both Federally run opporations and deal with the issues on privately run bases.

  6. Karianne says:

    I agree. We must cut out this cancer destroying America. 2013 is the 100 year anniversary of the establishment of the Fed. What do you say as a birthday present to America we End the Fed!

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