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“Green” Energy: A Job Killer

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As we progress through this campaign season “green” energy will continue to be touted as environmentally sound and a contributing factor  in creating jobs. The article below was written last October BEFORE so many government funded “green” energy companies began going bankrupt. It is clear that government driven energy programs are not the answer to our country’s needs; only a free market can supply our demands in a safe and economical way.

“While environmental advocates can imagine future green jobs that could result from environmental regulation, their calculations often miss the existing not-so-green-jobs that the regulations eliminate.”

“ the philosophy of the Obama administration, which argues that we should promote environmental regulations now because they will create green jobs in the future. As the White House website says, “The transition to clean energy has the potential to … create millions of jobs.” For instance, the administration contends that regulations on greenhouse gas emissions will ultimately stimulate job creation in alternative energy as businesses shift their activities in response to the regulations. In his New York Times blog, Paul Krugman explains the logic: “Tighter ozone regulation would actually have created jobs: it would have forced firms to spend on upgrading or replacing equipment, helping to boost demand.”

Full article…http://american.com/archive/2011/october/when-the-color-of-unemployment-is-green

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