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Fracking:Technology Bringing the Fuel for Tomorrow

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From the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow: “Misleading claims about shale gas development serve dogma but not the public interest”

“The Sierra Club and other environmental pressure groups are redoubling their efforts to “stop fracking in its tracks.” No wonder. The technology is an existential threat to fundamental “green” dogmas.

Horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing is a true “game changer.” In less than two years, this proven but still rapidly advancing technology has obliterated longstanding claims that we are running out of petroleum. Instead, the USA now finds itself blessed with centuries of oil and gas. Thankfully, much of it is on state and private lands, which cannot easily be locked up by federal diktat.”

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2 Responses to “Fracking:Technology Bringing the Fuel for Tomorrow”
  1. Fracking has untold potential with little downside (except some people in depressed areas may have some $$ for personal retirement savings). Mismanagement is usually the cause of potential hazards, not the technology itself. Over time it appears that: The More Government Oversight of Management > The More Mismanagement > The More Harm.

  2. Karianne says:

    While I support safe drilling and being energy independent, I do not support companies who will do it at the cost of the safety and health of American citizens. Those chemicals used from fracking end up in the drinking water of people who live around the area.

    And I do believe it is possible that injecting fluids of any sort into the Earth can cause unknown results.
    There has been a link shown between an increase in “small quakes” and fracking.

    “A naturally-occurring rate change of this magnitude is unprecedented outside of volcanic settings or in the absence of a main shock, of which there were neither in this region,” Ellsworth and his colleagues wrote.

    I don’t know about you, but I would not want the ground beneath my home being “encouraged” to shake even a little bit by some company. There are better energy solutions available but that would require the release of patents bought up and suppressed by the big oil companies, so don’t hold your breath.

    Stop messing with Mother Nature. She wins every time.

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