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Gainesville a Proud Member of ICLEI:International Council For LOCAL Environmental Initiatives

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ICLEI: ICLEILocal Governments for Sustainability, founded in 1990 as the ‘International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives’, is an international association of local governments and national and regional local government organizations that have made a commitment to sustainable development. The association was established when more than 200 local governments from 43 countries convened at its inaugural conference, the World Congress of Local Governments for a Sustainable Future, at the United Nations in New York in September 1990.

Gainesville became a member of ICLEI in 2006  Since then our city commissioners have redoubled their efforts to take away private property rights and a local free market that facilitates private businesses. Through the ownership of GRU the city of Gainesville generates over 30 million dollars per year, paid by the rate payers (with special interests enjoying a variety of exemptions) into the general revenue fund that is then used to subsidize chosen businesses. ICLEI is an arm of the United Nations’ Agenda 21 working towards a global governance with emphasis on the American taxpayer subsidizing other countries through restrictions on our energy usage accompanied by huge transfers of citizen wealth to these countries.  

About ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability USA
ICLEI USA’s membership represents some of the most aggressive and innovative climate action happening in the United States including: innovative building codes in New York, carbon neutrality goals in Austin, light rail in Portland, renewable energy in San Jose to energy efficiency in North Little Rock – ICLEI USA’s members are moving forward on lowering Greenhouse Gas Emissions and bolstering their sustainability efforts right now. For more information, please visit:

Go ahead…cruise around their website. It will make you cringe.


8 Responses to “Gainesville a Proud Member of ICLEI:International Council For LOCAL Environmental Initiatives”
  1. Deanna May says:

    We have seen the evidence in Gainesville for a long time.that there were pushing Agenda 21. Shame on the people who didn’t bother to vote in your recent election – wasn’t it only 16% of registered voters who turned out? No wonder Gainesville is so darned liberal. To see where all this liberalism takes us, look at California right now – it’s a failed state.

  2. Alvin C Tate says:

    WHOA! This Agenda 21 issue is a mean “stomp out the private property rights of the individual” program! It has NO PLACE in the governmental agenda of ALACHUA COUNTY!

    Here’s another reason that the membership of the Gainesville City Council and the Board of County Commissioners needs dramatic change! Thanks for your commitment to making these changes happen!

  3. Cecilia says:

    And if the above is not alarming enough, you need to know that ICLEI also plans to radically (and with stealth) change government, education (ref.UNESCO), private property & housing (under assault by EPA), healthcare (i.e.Obamacare), (public)transportation, and SOCIAL JUSTICE (aka equal outcome, communism)! That pretty much covers every aspect of our lives; most of it w/o a chance to vote on it! is a good site to check out, and Tom Deweese has been on top of the issue since it’s inception.

  4. Bette Holland says:

    The Tea Party loves to stir up people with fear and lies, and this is just another case of it. You are targeting an organization because they want to help communities make sure that my grand-children have a clean healthy place to live, with plenty of water, food, and housing for all the 3 billion more people who will be on this earth by 2050. It would do your constituents well to read the facts rather than all the garbage that comes from right wing blogs and Tea party websites.

  5. Dear Bette Holland; You had better pull your head out of your neck and start paying attention. Agenda 21 will obliterate billions of people to reach it’s goals of Sustainability. That is the entire POINT—they believe there are entirely TOO MANY PEOPLE ON THE PLANET TO SUSTAIN. If you want to continue with your completely ignorant beliefs, that’s up to you, but I would suggest you start digging the graves your grandchildren will occupy shortly if this is allowed to continue. This has NOTHING TO DO with the Tea Party—you obviously would rather shoot the messenger for bringing you the message you don’t want to hear. So before calling me or any of us crazy, try doing a little digging, as we have been doing, and then call us crazy in the face of irrefutable evidence.
    I’ll refer you to one website……the work has already been done for you. You don’t have to go to…we‘ve already done that for you. All the information is there, and more. Have a GREAT day.

  6. Alan Berkelhammer says:

    Dear Bette Holland:

    Please document the “fear and lies” that the Tea Party is spreading. Also would you please post some links to the “facts” so that our members will have something else to read “rather than all the garbage that comes from right wing blogs and Tea party websites.” Thanks.

  7. While much time is wasted by patriots on class warfare the biggest danger that Americans face today is apathy and unwillingness to acquire new knowledge that is in concurrence with present times. The information is available and accessible via the internet and there is an urgent need for Americans to do the unbiased research to weigh and make sense out of this information. We must stop relying on the American media as a source of information. They do not inform; they indoctrinate and spill nothing more than propaganda to sale the American people their agendas.

    As in the case of Bette Holland we can easily see that the Agenda 21 sales pitch has recruited her into believing its noble and happy ending cause. What she has failed to do is the home work and the research to comprehend what will be required to achieve such utopia. The fact is that it is not intended for the betterment of the common people but to the contrary. This is a plan or and “Agenda” as they properly label it to ensure that they will make the planet a better place for them to live while eliminating well over half of the existing population of the world.

    This is happening in collaboration with governments which they control and let us not put a label on this as a particular political party for them both are controlled by the same.
    You can watch the below on Agenda 21 and get a better understanding of it. You can also watch the full version and get a better view of the entire agenda to rule the world.

    This is not a liberal or conservative issue, this is a people issue. Those who see themselves as liberals are more gullible to follow this agenda just as conservatives are more gullible into being persuaded with wars. Well informed people are neither gullible nor easily persuaded. Be truly yourself by becoming better informed.

    Alan, I see that we finally agreed on something. We probably could agree on a lot more if ideology was put aside. I do not follow any ideology; I only look at the facts and the information that is available and allow it to take me where intuition and common sense prevails.

  8. Rod Gonzalez says:

    Hey, I love it when we can ALL see the big picture and work together to fix the problem. We have come to the point that every politician must be held accountable for their voting record.

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