Saturday, May 30, 2015

House panel rejects Medicaid expansion

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3 Responses to “House panel rejects Medicaid expansion”
  1. Banzai Bill says:

    I’m sure others may have heard it but for those that didn’t (and hopefully will pass it along) there was a discussion on the radio yesterday regarding a possible perfect cure for a state’s Medicaid situation regarding individuals both covered by Medicaid and those that have no insurance at all.

    Apparently the state of Arizona has had a bill languishing in it’s House for a while now that sets forth a plan whereby the doctors in the state are asked to give (charity/pro bono) four hours a week of free medical care to those in need. In return the state would attach all of the doctors who volunteered for this program on to the state’s malpractice coverage saving the doctors, in some instances, six figures. The state has the malpractice insurance to cover their state run (university) hopitals and the feeling is that everyone would come out ahead; the doctors would be saving money, the Medicaid costs to the state would go down considerably and those without adequate coverage would get an upgrade.

    Of course…..the reason why the bill has not seen the light of day in the Arizona House is……yep, the insurance company lobby. They would be the losers in the scenario. (Yeah, we would all feel bad about that…..not!) Also, the liberals here in the state and those in D.C. probably would come out in force against it as it would take a tremendous amount of control away from them, as in the dictate that everyone must purchase coverage.

    Sounds like an interesting plan and if we talk it up maybe some enterprising, rising political star will pick up on it. If we install something similar in Florida we wouldn’t have to worry about our “Tea Party Governor” flip-flopping for votes. (Okay, maybe that’s hoping for too much.)

  2. Paula Helton says:


    I was on a call with Speaker Weatherford yesterday and this actual plan you speak of was brought up with him as an avenue Florida might explore. He expressed interest in looking into it.

    One can hope.

  3. Banzai Bill says:

    Thank you Paula. Now that gets my hopes up!

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