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Repeal the Mandate Tax and Get Health Care Right

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11 Responses to “Repeal the Mandate Tax and Get Health Care Right”
  1. I originally wrote this to post here as a comment but I decided to share it on my website also, so it is posted there too.

    Health Care reform: A worthless battle


    Let me put a little caffeine on this subject and open a few droopy eyes.

    The battle for the Health Care bill is not the real battle but just a skirmish and too much time and energy is been wasted on it. The Health Care bill in its original form was geared towards the future plan of globalization with the understanding that our economic path was unsustainable and will collapse in the near future rendering the present healthcare system obsolete due to a depression, high unemployment and many other factors. And make no illusion, for the present system will crash.

    For the sake of fairness we should agree that Obama Care is not really credited to Obama. All he did was sign a bill that he was presented and “told” that he must sign. This legislation which he did not write was already written long before he took office, it was the globalist’s Health Care and we know that we have them in both political parties. The battle that took place after the introduction of the law and the way it was modified earned it the real name of what it should be of “GOPama Care”. In addition the favorite candidate of the GOP for the 2012 election was the first globalist to test it in Massachusetts. It is inexplicable why many of those who oppose GOPama Care are so eagerly waiting for November 4th to arrive and vote for Mitt Romney. The fact that GOPama Care was upheld is a dream come true for Mitt Romney.

    The real conflict addresses globalization, our path in that direction and renunciation of sovereignty to be managed by a global United Nations governing body. This has been the goal of many throughout the world’s history. All have failed because it is not within human nature to be enslaved and be owned by a few and those who are attempting to do it now in due time will also fail. Considering the belief that man was born to be free and independent, those who presently rule the world have been working hard at altering the modern human mind and body thru drugs, pharmaceuticals and indoctrination thru the very powerful media that they have created. If you don’t want to be a contributor disengage yourself from all three of them.

    Their ultimate goal for control is the implanting of RFID chips and modern technology is bringing them closer to achieving this goal. Ultimately our salvation could be some kind of nuclear war which would destroy the electronic systems and satellites which offers them this capability (no satellites, no drones over America).

    I don’t know about the rest of you but I can do without a cell phone, cable television and a few other electronic gadgets and would exchange them any day for my freedom.

    Watch this on FRID chips and the world government. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGahvZl7rgc

  2. Paula Helton says:


    I also see Freedom as the right to own any technological gadgets I want.

    “Our salvation could be some kind of nuclear war”? Really????????????

  3. Susan Baird says:

    I sent my letter in to them and will continue to work hard to defeat Mr. Nelson and Mr. Obama Nov. 6, 2012!!! Let’s make a clear statement this fall! We have lots of work to do with local, state and national elections. It will be worth it! :)

  4. Bill Boe says:

    Letters sent! Thanks for the means to do so efficiently and quickly. The health tax is made possible by bipartisan buffoonery in Congress and on the Supreme Court; Obamacare passed Congress with GOP votes and was preserved by a vote cast on the Supreme Court by a George W. Bush appointed judge that said the tax is OK since Congress can pass taxes. Hello! Once upon a time legislative bodies created poll taxes and those taxes are now gone, found unconstitutional! Looks like the only thinking judges were appointed by our last great president, Ronald Reagan. A dark day for America…..lets use our political flashlights and bring some sunlight into this night of shame with votes for candidates who can read, understand, respect, and honor the United States Constitution!

  5. Paula @

    Since you did not understand the point made in reference to a nuclear war I will clarify it. You see, the globalists in their agenda for total world domination could drive us into a nuclear war causing a world catastrophe and self destroying in the process in which case would be the only good thing to come out of it and as you put “our salvation” and as a result perhaps they will fail in their attempt to enslave those of us who want to be free. I have come to understand that freedom is not for everyone.

    Those who are promoting and planning an attack on Iran who happens to be is a signatory of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and have opened their facilities for inspection are not themselves signatories of the treaty, have always refused UN inspection, John F Kennedy had requested it but he was assassinated and then ignored by the succeeding presidents (how convenient), they possess nuclear weapons which now have placed in submarines acquired from Germany and have the ability to black mail the world and are putting it at risk. Russia and China have already warned that an attack on Iran is not in their best interest. There are many other ramifications resulting from an attack on Iran and the possibility of triggering a nuclear war are high but who cares other than those who can see the world as it really is as the rest will be herded where the globalists will take them believing what they want them to believe.


    “At some point such actions which undermine state sovereignty may lead to a full-scale regional war, even, although I do not want to frighten anyone, with the use of nuclear weapons,” Medvedev said. “Everyone should bear this in mind.”

  6. Paula @

    Here is an article recently written by Paul Craig Roberts Assistant Secretary of the Treasury during the Reagan administration basically saying the same thing I do as his article is headed “Washington Neocons are leading the world to destruction”. Need it any plainer than that? So go ahead and continue to vote and support the Neocons and let them be “my salvation” because they will self-destruct. Unfortunately they could take tens of millions with them just in our nation alone. Don’t let the content of the conversation be interpreted as an emotional response for I really enjoy the exchange.


    “The Reagan administration achieved both goals, only to see these accomplishments discarded by successor administrations. It was Reagan’s own vice president and successor, George Herbert Walker Bush, who first violated the Reagan-Gorbachev understandings by incorporating former constituent parts of the Soviet Empire into NATO and taking Western military bases to the Russian frontier.”

  7. Ted Kmet says:

    Obamacare was sold to the American people on the basis of false and misleading information. Back in 2003 I wrote a letter to the editor pointing out an article in the Gainesville Sun, of all places, where a poll reflected that only 20% of uninsured adults lived below the poverty level and 30% made at least three times the poverty level. This only emphasizes that a large number of medically uninsured were uninsured by choice.The assumption that the progressives have pushed is that the 40 million uninsured couldn’t afford the premiums. These uninsured would rather spend their money on “the good things of life” and we, the responsible citizens have to pay the price by being saddled with Obamacare.We never had people “dying in the streets” from lack of medical care under the past system because there were safety nets such as medicaid.. We can thank the progressives and their lackeys in the press for perpetrating this farce on all of us.

  8. Much debate about the Health Care plan and not a clue of what our real problems are much less bother to address them.

    We are a bankrupted nation just as the PIIGS are. I know we can print more dollars but the answer to this illusion is listed farther below.

    Every week there is an emergency meeting somewhere in Europe to save the Euro.

    If any European nation defaults the derivatives dominoes will fall and the entire world’s economy will crash overnight. In fact it already did in 2008 but was put on hold with not just TARP but $16 trillion in loans to foreign banks. In just a couple of years the Fed handled out more money than our entire GDP to keep the credit from drying up.


    The top four US banks have gambled $204 trillion in derivatives and no printing machine can save them when the dominoes fall. We can see that JPMorgan Chase just lost $9 billion and that is only the beginning.


    The world’s economy is going to crash and with it the Dollar and the Petro Dollar.

    How will we import the $60 billion monthly deficit trade when no one will accept our dollars?

    How much gold do we have when no elected official has ever audited our gold? Do we have any and if so who says so and where is it?

    There is a run on the banks in Europe right now and the banks are running dry.
    US banks hold $5 trillion in deposits guaranteed by the bankrupted FDIC that only has a few millions to back it up. So when the run on the US banks start you better be first in line because the second person will get none. Did you know that banks are no longer required to give you your money; that they deserve the right to have you fill out a form and come back in seven work days to get it if they have it?

    I don’t get it. Americans have been protesting and debating the worthless Health Care which probably will never be implemented in full because we are likely to have a World War, a Depression and a government that will hardly be able to take care of itself much less its citizens.

    Instead we should be asking from them to resolve our economic system and stop bailing out the banks. Not after the next election, not next year, not ten year from now but today.

    We should also be protesting and demanding that the existing wars stop much less to start another one with Syria and Iran.

    If we can’t see these things and act upon them, then we will get what we deserve.

  9. Ted Kmet says:

    As to Mr Alfonso’s most recent comments, Obamacare is going to cost us billions of dollars in additional federal dollars and drive us ever closer to bankruptcy. That, and our loss of personal freedoms to a massive federal government, are the reasons why I’m so opposed to it.

  10. Rod Gonzalez says:

    Thanks for the input Ted. No one should just take this laying down.


  11. Ted @

    Let us take it a step higher; I can’t say it enough so I will repeat myself. Obama Care is not the disease but just one of the symptoms of a much complex virus that is affecting our nation.

    My views are much reflected on the video below. Visit the link it offers a very good perspective on the nature of not just the bill but our nation in general in respect to the law or the lack there off.


    The reason the present Health Care Law was upheld by the Supreme Court is because as stated on the above video, there is no law. Thus they can pass the Patriot Act, NDAA and any law they wish because they no longer follow the law. Ironically most still follow the delusional assumption that a change to this can be done by just removing Obama from office and replacing him with Romney. Did many here forget that Obama Care is actually Obamney Care?

    Sorry, no such luck, you are going to have to try a little harder than that. Of course there was another choice with the Ron Paul R3volution but most chose a different path by opting for morphine instead of amputation to stop the gangrene that is consuming or liberty. So what is left now but the 2nd American Revolution or total submission? Which is it going to be?


    “The plurality of citizens naively accepts that the national government has legitimacy. Such a claim is erroneous. What more proof does one need that slavery is the official status for the American public. The implication of affirming the health insurance mandate sets the precedent for and escalates an unlimited federal tyranny.

    By opening the flood-gate of unlimited federal taxation authority to compel behavior, guarantees punitive submission for a limitless concoction of social engineering. It is a short leap to require ID chip implants and compulsory designated conduct.”

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