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SCARY STUFF! ObamaCare Subjects Nearly Every Phone and Computer to Government Control

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  1. john gordon says:

    Im trying to predict the date when our president will strike Iran. This detached reasoning without consequense spewed by our leader simply aligns with his other ongoing directives aimed at deteriorating the American spirit. His advisers remain in line with one recurring common mindset; ensuring his “actor”spotlight reguardless of consequences. Im worried that the people will again simply accept this event as just another occurance distroying the American way of life with all its liberties. Staging of this theatrical event will simply be a political ploy to ensure his second term for re-election. By proatitvly making the public aware of this possibility, the people may contain this dreadfull event from happening. Lets encourage our leaders to wait until we have a credible and experianced leader in power before we engage in such decisions.

  2. A war will not ensure Obama a second term it will only ensure the end of the world as we know. Such will lead to WWIII possibly nuclear and the economic collapse that will pursue which is going to happen anyway but war would be a great distraction. I see the failure of identifying a political system that is controlled by one entity. As I said before what we live under with the illusion of two parties or two sides of the coin which is owned by one.

    Our liberties are vanishing fast and it is not being done by Barack Obama alone the GOP NeoCons are worse. In fact they are the one who have been pushing for war, gave us the wars that bankrupted us and the Patriot Act. Going to war with Iran and Syria is equivalent to going to war with Russia and China. How stupid is that and what do the American people have to win from it?

    I wish people would direct their criticism and blame it on the system and not just rig-left, conservative-liberal or Republican-Democrat. What will take to understand that there is a shadow government that controls all of it and the media? That is the reason why we cannot unite to fight them; it is because the majority of Americans are asleep and until they wake up we are doomed.

  3. Rod Gonzalez says:

    I am addressing this to you only because you are one of our most adamant posters. I have spoken with many serious Ron Paul supporters and asked point blank – Do you realize that most Americans are truly happy with the way things are? Unfortunately the response I get is that they need to be educated and then they’ll jump on board. Well, I disagree. There are great organizations that have tried that approach but yielded minimal returns. The populace still wants something that you or I own for nothing- PERIOD. They do not see the urgency for changing because things to them are pretty good, or at least, just not that bad. If they did, we wouldn’t feel like we’re banging our heads against the wall, or feel the need to tell people to “wake up”. For any American who still needs to wake up after all the transformation we have seen in the last decade (at minimum), then they sure as heck have no interest in being, in their mind, bullied into learning what is best for them. They are a lost cause.

    If you have ever owned a business, then as the boss, you just made the changes you wanted. Simple, jump on board or get fired. As a middle or low level manager however, you need to convince folks to follow you for the benefit of both parties. It’s an art. Unless you are perceived to have something of benefit or of greater value to offer, you’ll be ignored. Heck, the bulk of the GOP elected officials don’t see the urgency of cutting the Federal deficit, do you think John and Jane Doe do?

    Next time I post an article about President Obama, the left, the Dems, Rinos, Republicans or whoever, think of how a villain in the article (which most can agree about) can be used to impart the values and concerns WE have about the future. The In Your Face method is not working.(BTW- I support Ron Paul)


  4. Rod

    I am here because I am a patriot and I was part of the movement long before the GTP was founded. In fact I met Karianne before she founded the GTP at a protest in front of the Gainesville Sun as part of a nationwide protest for the media failing to cover our protests. Similar to what they have done to OWS. Sadly only she, her family and my wife and I were the only ones there because the football game taking place that day was of more importance to others. The reason why presently the Tea Party is not under attack and not ignored by the media is because they no longer protest but whine and such is not a threat to the establishment. There is much complaining about our Constitution being ignored but not much done on the form of protest to show them that we are mad and mean business. Sort of like in the beginning before the movement was neutralized and pacified.

    Speak Your Mind. Tell us what you’re thinking…

    I also comment here because the above is posted on the website and that is what I do. It does not say “Tell us what we want to hear” or “We are threaten by a different opinion”. Some may wish that a different voice was not heard but it is obvious that others welcome it and contribute.

    I am here because there is a need in our nation for knowledge and understanding of the system and because we need something other than the indoctrination and propaganda that we get from our government, politicians and media. I have learned a lot from those who have done such and some have learned from me by having done the same. The time has come in America where we need to understand that it is only each other that we can trust because the government, politicians and the media have been proven to lie too many times. I find incomprehensible why so many still do trust and believe in them.

    I am here because the debate is healthy and people like you questioning me opens the dialogue and get others interested on what is said. As you may have noticed I had a civil and interesting dialogue with Sue who unfortunately I do not know personally but really would like to.

    I am here because I know there are many Ron Paul supporters who feel the same way. The question of what was first the chicken or the egg applies here. We have not been educated by Ron Paul although he has tried and educated some. We have done our home work and educated ourselves and helped each other and because of that we see the world differently and because we do, we support Ron Paul who sees the world the same way we see it.

    I disagree with you that there are many Americans who are truly happy. I would say that they are satisfied that things are not worse. Just give them a little more time and they will get theirs too. There are 47 million people on food stamps. The “actual” unemployed from the US website is 22,586,900 or twice the amount that they officially report. This goes back to their lying. The poverty level in our nation has nearly reached 30%. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs and homes and millions more owe more on their homes that they are worth. Perhaps you should ask some of these people how happy they are with the way thing are going in America.

    From your statement “The populace still wants something that you or I own for nothing”. This is a misconception and one of the items used to use class warfare and keep us divided. A little more than 10% of the budget is spent on welfare. No question there are some abuses here but some of it is given to people who otherwise likely would die if they did not receive help. Other is given to people who have trouble functioning in society and if they did not get help they would cause social unrest and would be a nuisance to law abiding hard working citizens. On the other hand we have wasted trillions fighting wars under false pretenses to stuff the pockets of the bankers and the Military Industrial Complex. Need not to worry about these people on welfare because when the economy tanks and the government have no money to help them they will be the first to die either in their homes of starvation or in the hands of the same law abiding hard working Americans.

    My opinion on the left-right and Dems-Rhinos as you put it is shared by others. If some don’t agree then they can believe whatever they want and the rest of us will believe what our research in many cases extensive research have led us to. You see, people like us neither listen nor believe what the media spits out because the evidence of our research has proven us otherwise. I would like to know how much research those who disagree with us have done and what their sources are other than the lying politicians and the American media.

    It was pleasure to respond on your comment and would enjoy further debate.

  5. Rod Gonzalez says:

    You state that “The time has come in America where we need to understand that it is only each other that we can trust because the government, politicians and the media have been proven to lie too many times. I find incomprehensible why so many still do trust and believe in them.”

    You make my case, people are comfortable and happy ENOUGH to not get involved.

    You also said – “I disagree with you that there are many Americans who are truly happy. I would say that they are satisfied that things are not worse. Just give them a little more time and they will get theirs too. There are 47 million people on food stamps. The “actual” unemployed from the US website is 22,586,900 or twice the amount that they officially report. This goes back to their lying. The poverty level in our nation has nearly reached 30%. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs and homes and millions more owe more on their homes that they are worth. Perhaps you should ask some of these people how happy they are with the way thing are going in America.”

    Again you make my case – The numbers you give are irrelevant to MOST Americans. Most are still employed with blinders on and feel no need to take the time to get involved.

    It appears you have missed the point I tried to make. I believe the delivery or marketing of your message is just too bold for the average person. I know you want everyone to see things the way you do and hence see immediate change. Heck I want immediate change also, but not going to happen. I am certainly not surprised that you disagree with this point and respect your view. Just as you are in charge of YOUR own site, I am the moderator and the person who pays for this site. As such, I will do what I and many of the GTP members think is best to change the path we are going down.

    I still HOPE that we can all look back and say “wow, thank goodness MOST Americans were willing to fight for the American way of life”



  6. Rod

    Time is not on our side and if nothing else those who can’t get the clear picture fail to understand such. My point of view and others who comment on the GTP website who also happen to agree although you make it sound as if I am the only voice here that says so can understand time issue. I am well aware that you pay for the website but I also stated that I comment because on the website the below is posted.

    Speak Your Mind. Tell us what you’re thinking…

    I take the spirit of the existence of Tea Party and the integrity of the above statement as the basis for commenting and surely others do also. I and others engage in dialogue of which we feel is of importance for our country and to the citizens of our nation. Where am I wrong here?

    What is the point in voting for new politicians if they are in charge of nothing because their power has already been stripped? The link for the article posted above is one more example of the basis from which many of us have come to believe that our elected officials are irrelevant and voting for more of them is just as irrelevant unless we first change the course of the nation no with votes but with dissent. A united people can accomplish it and without violence. What message would we send those who are ruling us if all decided to stop their propaganda and indoctrination by calling our cable companies and shutting them off? What message would we send those lying politicians if none of us would show up at the polls thus making their positions illegitimate? This is just a drop in the bucket of things we could do to undermine their grip, corruption, disregard for our Constitution and the infringement on our liberty if only we were united.

    Yes, Barack Obama is the president now but the GOP supports the wars and if it was up to them we would drown in war. The fact is that we already have. We are quickly becoming a Fascist state in which force is the only way to rule; the legislation has already been passed that will allow them to do so. Do we disagree on this? This is why frequently I say that members of both parties are to blame for the mess that we are in. This is of course bearing in mind that we have seen nothing yet and it will get much worse unless we put a stop to it. This is also why many of us believe that time is no longer on our side.

    Sadly enough it is true that many are content with the status quo and all they want to do is complain although no one will listen. Sadly enough they will be the greatest victims of things that inevitably will come to pass. Because of the assertion of complacency they will be the least prepared. So what is needed to understand here is not that we are trying to change anyone’s mind but just raise awareness to our fellow citizens that things are not the way they are made believe so that they can act accordingly. Also if we were united on this we could make things turn our way, otherwise it will be each man for himself in which case it will be fine for many of us but it would have been better had we worked together.

    The true figures don’t lie and words are not necessary, just visit the US Government website and analyze what all of these figures mean in real terms. The answer to our future and things to come are evident, especially by looking at the $118 trillion in unfunded liabilities. There are only two possibilities for not seeing the final outcome: One is that we can opt not to look or two we choose to deny the obvious.

    As usual it is a pleasure to continue the dialogue and bring to the open our views and opinions.

  7. Sue says:


    Hello again. There is so much info in your above comments that I feel lost in it. Can you outline your position for me? It seems to me that we tea partiers are in substantial agreement about Obama and what has gone wrong for America. So is the disagreement about what we should be doing about it?

    Your comments on the Scary Stuff piece seem to elaborate on the discussion you and I had about the “rally” vs “protest” issue regarding Beck’s 2010 Restoring Honor event. Absent the facial expressions, body language and tone of voice cues we would have in person to person conversation, I can’t tell what is driving your point of view. You sound as if you feel betrayed and are in despair about it; or as if you are all riled up and want company who shares your anger(?), fear for America(?), despair(?).

    I don’t want to “put words in your mouth” or attribute to you feelings or motivations that are not yours, so I’m trying to be careful here. However, one of my fears is that even within the ranks of relatively like-minded tea partiers we can be split by differences in opinion about how to proceed, and thus we can be weakened in our ability to save America. Something like this just happened at the national level of the TP, and it has left me feeling very uneasy. We who love America MUST stand united if we are to have any chance of impeding her destruction.

    To me it sounds like you want to just charge ahead and do something. But what? And how? You mention the OWSers and seem to think theirs is an effective strategy, if only the media would give them more coverage. In Obama World, the in-your-face protest strategy works ONLY if the group’s issues are in line with Obama’s agenda. In that case the group gains public sympathy and acceptance via supportive coverage from the yellow stream media. If the Tea Party tried that do you really think we would receive the same media coverage and support? I don’t. I think the Left would just use it as another opportunity to subliminally persuade people that the TP is made up of women-hating, racist one perceters.

    As a caged tiger eventually learns, pacing and ramming the bars does no good. So he settles and waits. When the opportunity arises his instincts for survival guide his actions. Unlike the tiger, we have the ability to prioritize and plan what we can do to break through the bars of tyranny. IMO, that is what is needed now, not a ramming-the-bars protest, which once done is twice as boring to those not already converted to our way of thinking.

    Whatever your position is on this, you have tremendous energy that can be turned to saving America and I am grateful for that. Many people, myself included, are in such despair that we are almost immobilized. In my own case, for now I can only conceive of doing small things, like talking to strangers to raise awareness, and writing my protests on my car windows to, I hope, get people to begin questioning. I’m astonished when the strangers I encounter have absolutely no idea what is going on in govt or how it threatens them, and usually no understanding whatsoever of our Constitution and how it makes America unique. The Left has done its work well in the public training (not education) system, and our success in saving America depends on reversing that.

    Pedro, here is what I think. We who believe in and desire a Constitutional America have lost too much ground. Just as in an actual battle, we cannot win with brute force when we are so far behind, so outnumbered and without a means of supporting and re-supplying our troops. The very institutions we should be able to turn to for assistance in defending America have been taken over by the Left: the media, Congress, the White House, some of the military (maybe all), the public schools, the courts, many of the churches, and yes, the Republican party too.

    Brute force against such entrenched resistance will serve only to exhaust what few resources we have. It will not work to advance our cause, which at this stage must be simply getting the public to wake up and recognize the danger we are all in. Those we are trying to reach have been inculcated with Leftist propaganda their whole lives. Merely speaking the truth to them will not work. They have been programmed to respond to emotional manipulation, not rational, honest conversation. We have to figure out how to use Left-speak style communication to get them to listen, and community organizing and other “progressive” tactics to educate them and soften their resistance to Constitutional govt. Hooo boy! That’s a sentence I never imagined I’d see in print!

    A few years of high energy protests may feel good to some people, may help us vent our spleens, but they will not save America. There will be no quick, satisfying fix, no bold victory. We are in this for the long haul, and many of us in the TP will not live long enough to see the salvation we now work towards. Unless some rich “one per-centers” jump in with a few billion dollars to buy air time, etc., hauling America back from the Communist abyss is going to take many, many decades. So first, we must set our sights on stopping the loss, then turning around the trend of public opinion, and learn to recognize hope in the small gains. One person, one classroom, one church, one govt agency at a time.

    Those of us who love this country must remain grateful for each other, must have faith in each other’s good intentions and must support each other as we each do what we can in the fight to save America.

  8. Sue, I am with you on this and I know that others are in tune with us. I did not want to leave your comment unanswered so I am doing this short response but will get back to your questions and views later. E-mail me via my website as I suggested and I will share with you links to read and websites to visit that those in my e-mail group share. I believe that we are carrying a good and honest dialogue Rod included and that this is healthy and will lead to more unison in the Tea Party.

  9. Karianne says:


    It has been a pleasure reading your thoughtful comments. For me there are two things that stand out as far as what ails America. First, many Americans are still unaware of the actual problems we face which i’s equivalent to a doctor taking a patient into the operating room and cutting him open without so much as a diagnosis first. Many Americans on the right believe the diagnosis to what ails America is “Obama”, “socialism”, “communism”, “democrats”, or “OWS” just as those on the left believe the diagnosis is/has been “Bush”, “capitalism”, “conservatives”, “republicans”, or “Tea Party”. Without understanding the same power resides behind BOTH political parties, ALL Americans will continue to be easily fooled, deceived, and divided. This of course is the purpose as a divided and confused populace is easy to control. Another part of this control is selling the illusion that we are a “democracy”/”republic”, people have a “choice” of politician every election cycle, and that our voting system is secure making our votes mean something.

    I highly recommend you watch HBO’s “Hacking Democracy” on the security of our voting machines:

    America’s second problem, which ties into the first, is those in power must keep the populace ignorant and divided which is easily done through our media propoganda. I was an avid Fox News watcher, Limbaugh listener, etc. until I decided to turn them all off and get my information from the Internet. What I could not see until a few months of MSM detox was the level of propoganda we are subjected to. It is so difficult to see it until one steps away from it…I’d assume like those in a cult who are brainwashed to believe certain things until they get out and can only afterward see the level of control the cult had over them. I can confidently tell you that Fox News, their commentators, and other right wing radio talking heads are just as bad as those on the left, if not WORSE. The level of lies, deceit, and complicity of our media in collusion with the government is astounding. Until more Americans realize this, we will not be able to stop fighting one another long enough to unite against those who are actually in control and destroying our country.

    Lastly, I am of the opinion that a line in the sand must be drawn. Americans have bargained, cooperated, compromised, and conceded a little here and there until we now have no Constitution left. For me the day no longer exists where I will vote for a politician that is a “Republican” because he tells me he will move us a hair to the right. We have been told this by so many politicians who then get up to DC and are quickly influenced and corrupted if not already (Rubio comes to mind as one who has voted to shred the Constitution and our rights) that I simply no longer believe them. We’ve been at the fork in the road and we cannot try to continue down the road with one foot on each path as we have been doing. Not choosing a clear path, hoping somehow an inch one way or the other will help, just leads to an ever widening gap between our feet and eventually falling hard on ones butt. There is no time left and we must make a clear choice…liberty or tyranny? Otherwise be prepared for America to fall hard on her butt for remaining undecided or thinking an inch one way or the other makes a difference this far along the fork in the road.

    In all my research, there is only one man who has consistently warned us of our coming problems and the consequences of this path, for over 30 years, and has voted on principle based upon his oath to the Constitution even if it meant voting alone. It takes tremendous courage this day and age to stand for the truth, to speak the truth, and to base decisions solely on Constitutional principle when politicians in both parties are doing the exact opposite. Ron Paul is that man, and is one of a small handful politicians who has my respect.

    Ron Paul’s predictions in 2002:

  10. Sue

    I am glad that you also joined the conversation. I think that this is a very open and constructive dialogue by all who have been involved. I know that it all sounds complex and it is unless we study how things really are. I will bypass some of your questions and will tell you some of what I have learned by studying it.

    “If what your country is doing seems to you practically and morally wrong, is dissent the highest form of patriotism?”

    I think that all of us who come to the Tea Party are here with good intentions but I also believe that following an ideology is our worst enemy. “Truth embraces reality as it is. Ideology projects an image by which to gain power.” We should embrace truth. We would be in agreement if ideology was put aside and all of us had access to the same information and knowledge. Three years ago I would have agreed with most of those who now disagree with me. Actually I should say that I disagree with them as I would disagree with the person that I was three years ago. I have not changed, I am the same person with the same set of principles and integrity, what has changed is the way I see our nation and the world based on new knowledge. Don’t believe the saying that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

    I was shaken by the economic collapse of 2008 which was a wakeup call for me. It caused me to lose faith in our government and the Republican Party of which I have been a member since 1970. Having lost confidence in our government made me question their integrity and then I stumbled on the truth of a major event which was what really opened my eyes and helped me understand that we were in deep trouble. This other event I will not discuss in an open forum on this website although I frequently do with many for it is no secret to millions of Americans but still unacceptable to many in spite of all of the evidence.

    I, as millions of other Americans who have done the home work and seeing the deception by the government and the media have come to the obvious conclusion that the economy will collapse as it has passed the point of no return. Many economists agree that once the debt exceeds 100% of GDP it cannot recover and the debt can never be repaid. On November 2011 we hit 100% and in just a few months it is 103%. It is simple economics math, we are falling off the cliff and we are bankrupted. We will default either by simply not paying some or all of the debt or by massive money printing thus defaulting by hyperinflation and rendering the debt as worthless as the dollar. We don’t know when this will happen but many agree that it will coincide with the next war which will be a cover up for the collapse. I guess this simple observation is too difficult for most to either comprehend or accept. So here lies one of our major disagreements. Some of us see it as it really is and others want to hang on to a world that has vanished and believe the lies that the government, the politicians and the American media are telling them. I believe that if most could at least understand and accept this truth it would be a major achievement in coming together.

    The politicians are not in charge they have not been since who knows when. All you have to do is read the history and comments made by presidents as early as Madison to understand their frustration. Google “Teach those impudent Americans” and get a real understanding on how our nation and the world works. The bankers always have been in control, we as a nation have never controlled our money, it has always been in the hands of foreign bankers who have controlled the Bank of England since before the War of Independence to this day. No nation which cannot coin its own money is sovereign and we do not coin ours. The Federal Reserve is not a government agency; it is twelve Federal Reserve Banks which are owned by private bankers whose names we are not allowed to know because it is a secret by law. Would you consider yourself independent if someone other than you was controlling your money and every time you needed some you had to ask for a loan and pay interest on that money? No likely right? So there is where we have always been. In researching I only found of two presidents who defy the bankers by printing our own money interest free: Abraham Lincoln (The Green Backs) and John F. Kennedy (Silver Certificates) neither of which lived to end their terms.

    Because of the lack of knowledge which can be resolved by acquiring it as the information on the internet is endless we spend a lot of time debating and following issues of minor importance while failing to act on those who really matter. This is done deliberately “Divide and Conquer”. The internet holds a treasure of knowledge available to everyone. Find that treasure and it takes you into the real world. Many have taken this path, not just in our nation but worldwide. There is an awakening taking place. Those who rule the world face the internet predicament as their worst enemy is the educated masses. And that is what our number one goal should be. That is what I do and I have helped many to step into the real world. Once you step into that world the door is shut behind you and you can never go back.

    It is all very complex and requires a lot of studying and sharing of information of which I am more than glad to offer, this is what I do. Be in no despair and seek for the truth as the truth shall set us free.

    This is the reference that I often make when talking of walking into the real world.

    Hope to hear from you again.

  11. Rod, Sue, Karianne@

    I just finished reading the article on the link below which is in line with the last comment that I posted. There is a tremendous opportunity to change the course of our nation and it is within our reach. It is not by trusting our government or the politicians and it is not going to happen at the polls. It is knowledge and learning from each other that will allow us to do so. Until now we had no way of knowing our real enemies, how the used us, lied to us and deceived us but it is all now in the open for all to see. The internet has changed all or that. All that is needed is what millions of Americans have already done; shut off their propaganda and find the truth that is within our reach and among us.

    “The one area where I sometimes have a difference of opinion with friends of mine that are “awake” relates to my certainty that TPTB cannot win this battle. There are two main reasons I think they are completely doomed. The first one is the internet, which I have written in detail on before so I am not going to belabor on it here. Long story short, never in human history have we as a species been able to connect so efficiently and effectively with one another. This makes one of the key methods of control, “divide, conquer, war” much more difficult for them to implement.”

    “We have been losing for centuries. The bigger point is to take a step back and recognize the moment. We have the tools at our fingertips and the awakening happening to change the paradigm. So get off the mat and do your part.”

    “These guys are done for. Finished. I have never been more sure of this in my life. When I first started really writing on these subjects four or five years ago there was a certain percent of humanity I felt had to awaken to actually be able to transition from this ponzi scheme global economic system of oppression and death into something demonstrably better. We have now exceeded the number I thought was necessary by 2 or 3 times. At least. We must understand that all political and economic systems that are to survive must have some degree of belief in the system on behalf of the population.”

  12. Karianne says:


    I believe you just made a good point. People who may read our thoughts and look at the facts we present about the current system possibly only hear doom and gloom in our words. While adjusting to this reality is initially very frightening due to the paradigm shift required, it is empowering to finally know the truth. It allows you to have control of your life and not live out of fear so you can make proper decisions for the future of your family. Also, in understanding the current system and who America’s true enemies are, we will be able to unite rather than fight one another and will no longer fall for the deceptions of those in power.

    This awakening provides great hope to people like us, as we understand we have the power to create the world and America WE want. We WILL have a better future! We need as many people who are aware and thoroughly understand our reality in order to address America’s fundamental problems, otherwise many will be fooled into falling for the same tricks once again by those in power.

    United we stand, divided we fall!

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