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Report: GOP Will End Fast And Furious Investigation

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Guns walk – Looks like Holder will too!

Photo: The Daily Caller

Unfortunately, I’ve been seeing this coming since February.  I even brought it up (via phone) to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform’s press secretary, Rebecca Watkins back then.

Well sadly, it looks like it’s finally going to happen:

After reading the above article and walking the floor for a little while, I sat down and penned these two verses to the tune of If I Only Had a Brain from the Wizard of OZ:

I would love to stand and fight him
But my chances are just too slim
My back bone is not fine
You see I just can’t face it
I’m afraid they’ll say it’s racist
If I only had a spine

I have got Holder for contempt
But to the Speaker he’s exempt
He should be doing time
But because there is an election
There just won’t be an ejection
If he (Boehner) only had a spine


3 Responses to “Report: GOP Will End Fast And Furious Investigation”
  1. Paula Helton says:

    Good job on the poem, Alan. Love it.

    Before the attack, did you clear it with the Ron Paul fan club?

  2. Bill Boe says:

    No surprise here; it’s get along come along game time in D.Ç. and has been for a long time; remember when President Clinton was impeached (indicted) by the House of Representatives and a GOP majority Senate was responsible for conducting a trial on the charges? Sen. Lott spent all his time grooming and did not call a SINGLE witness to support the HOuse accusations against Clinton… attempt at all to convict Clinton since the media and polls were sympathetic to him; Clinton dodged the bullet with a 50-50 vote with many GOP senators voting not guilty…..after all, the polls said a guilty vote may cost them a few votes and some ABC commentator may say senators voting for a conviction were “mean spirited”…..; this country had a chance in the GOP presidential primary to support the spirit of Goldwater and Reagan but the country club Rhinestone Republicans embraced Romney and despite the ads and cliches, big spending will continue….just on different things; personally, I hope Ron Paul goes Third Party and if not, it will remain business as usual…….no guts, no focus on the constitution….just more government by convenience rather than conviction!

  3. Cecilia says:

    Well said,Bill! As was written in Tragedy and Hope, by Bill Clinton’s mentor, The two parties should be nearly the same, so that when the voters “throw the rascals out”, there will be no major change, which is the road to big government.
    Whose fan club are you a member of, Paula?

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