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Meet Senatorial Candidate George LeMieux, Tues, March 13

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7 Responses to “Meet Senatorial Candidate George LeMieux, Tues, March 13”
  1. JH says:

    I am a supporter of the Tea Party and a strict Constitutionalist. It is dissapointing, however, to not see something like this: addressed in this forum.

    It leads me to wonder if it’s because 240 Republican Representatives……some of them Tea Party supported voted for this clear breach of the 1st Amendment.

  2. Rod Gonzalez says:


    I like but only so much time in the day to research the thousands of bills and legislation that we are bombarded with. Look forward to your submitting info to the group at



  3. Jim says:

    I don’t know much about George LeMieux, and perhaps he would make a good senator, but Connie Mack has the name recognition and the respect to defeat Nelson. Defeating Nelson is the top priority!

  4. Too much faith has been put in our political and economic system and its ability to survive. The media lies and politicians lie in order to keep Americans from knowing the truth and confront them with real question and solutions. Those who believe the hollow promises of politicians being able to fix our economics ailments are delusional. Ron Paul has been talking about it for three decades and finally many are beginning to pay attention.

    Don’t discard this as nonsense and doomsday rhetoric and watch the video below and the opinion of the top financial official in the United Stated; the Department of the Treasury comptroller. In reality we are now in a much more advance stage of an economic collapse. We have now a 102.47% national debt to GDP. It was only a few short months ago that we reached 100% and we are moving fast toward the end of the cliff. Economists agree that exceeding 100% is the point of no return meaning that it can no longer be fixed. You don’t have to believe all or any of the content of the video but at least ask the politicians real questions and demand real answers with real solutions not political worthless vague redundant abstracts that defy all of the rules of economics.

    The day Americans finally shut off their TV and go to each other for truth and solutions they will begin to solve our problems, until then we will continue to sink deeper into it.

  5. Mary Bird says:

    Connie Mack has been in politics way too long, and I am afraid he is new to conservatism. LeMieux filled in for Charlie Crist and I liked what I saw then, but Rubio walked away with it during the primary.

    I hope to be able to attend the meeting in Keystone Heights.

  6. Susan Baird says:

    I have been following George LeMieux since he was appointed and have been impressed with all of his decisions except 1 – not a bad record. He worked hard against Obamacare – saw him on CNN as part of a team of 4 fighting against this travesty.

    After the primary I will be on the war path of anyone but Nelson and Obama!!!

  7. Paula Helton says:

    George LeMieux was instrumental in implementing Florida’s version of Cap and Trade under Crist. He is also a proponent of High Speed Rail.

    I do not trust him.

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