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Meeting:Veteran Services Advisory Board

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Many of you are aware of the controversy surrounding the location of the Veteran’s Transitional Unit in Alachua County. Although our citizens wish to support veterans’ programs the location chosen for the site of the transitional unit is not appropriate, neither for the neighbors, business community nor the veterans. The location in question is at the intersection of Newberry and Tower roads in Gainesville, far away from the Veterans’ Hospital and other services  needed by the veterans. Thus far citizens have been able to delay the final confirmation of this particular site; the Veterans’ Administration has granted the Alachua County Housing Authority six more months to find another location (of which there are several) or move forward at this location. The special zoning needed for the current proposed location is already in place due to the efforts of land use attorney David Coffey (who always seems to be right in the middle of any development in this county with detrimental consequences for the taxpayer!).

The Veteran Services Advisory Board Reviews operation of the Veterans Services Office and provides advice on future policies. The Board also coordinates information between organizations and establishes committees for Military Honors, Ceremonies and community involvement.

Their next  meeting will be held at the American Legion Hall (at the intersection of NW 6th Street and Hwy 441, also NW 13th Street) at 5:30 PM, Monday, September 12th. PLEASE ATTEND!! The members of the Board value input from our citizens and as citizens you deserve the opportunity to speak your mind. Also WRITE YOUR COUNTY COMMISSIONERS at

For more information and to find out how else you can get involved contact Ginger Nappy at OR Terry Martin-Back at


2 Responses to “Meeting:Veteran Services Advisory Board”
  1. Pete McManus says:

    Lorie, what is the time Thomas Hayes Morrison will be vetting the Constitutional Amendments being proposed, at the American Legeon Hall, tomorrow, Saturday, 10/20/2012?

    Constitutionally yours, Citizen Pete McManus(352) 256-1880

  2. Rod Gonzalez says:


    The meeting is next Saturday the 27th.

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