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Occupier Thanks Former Soviet Citizen for ‘Converting’ Him to Capitalism, Pro-Israel, Pro-USA

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I first ran across this video more than 10 days ago (May 5th).  I’ve watched it several times since then, sometimes mesmerized, sometimes smiling and sometimes cheering.  I’ve wanted to post it since day one, but I’ve been reluctant to do so because it’s long, over 15 ½ minutes long.  Well, as you can see below, I couldn’t hold back any longer because it’s a must watch clip.  Continue reading at:


One Response to “Occupier Thanks Former Soviet Citizen for ‘Converting’ Him to Capitalism, Pro-Israel, Pro-USA”
  1. Ironic to see that finally one good OWS protester was found by those who criticize those who criticize corruption. I don’t know where the concept that all OWS protesters denouncing the abuses of Wall Street make them anti-Capitalist. Wait, I do know, in the American media propaganda of division to conquer.

    Personally, I am for anyone that will protest the corruption of Wall Street and the failure on our government to prosecute such corruption. I am for Capitalism, Nationalism and Pro-USA and support OWS and wish that as in 2009 we would whine a little less and protest a lot more. It seems that many Tea Partiers are not interested in protesting anymore and prefer to criticize those who protest and just go where the GOP will take them as if they did not share equal responsibility for the ailments of our nation.

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