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Our Friend In Venezuela

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The most recent take over by Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez is no surprise to those who follow him. Who cares about one more American business being taken over?  Ten years ago candidate Hugo Chavez promised CHANGE for the Venezuelan people.  By dangling the right carrots he was elected and CHANGE has been non-stop. Today, Venezuela is known as the murder capital of the world, there are daily black outs, water and food shortages;  any profitable industry is being nationalized. Chavez drains the business of its assets and then  uses this money to help strengthen the Socialist movement in Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru and other countries in Central America. Private property is virtually non- existent so  the average person is not allowed to take money out of the country.  Chavez has imported thousands of Cuban officials and workers to help run the government as he does not trust the Venezuelan people anymore.  He has also formed strong alliances with North Korea, China and, most recently, Iran.  The ease in which Hugo Chavez was elected and has transformed Venezuela is an eerie premonition to what is happening here.  DO NOT SAY IT CANNOT HAPPEN HERE BECAUSE  THIS IS AMERICA:  it already is happening. I urge all freedom minded Americans to fight for our country and the principles upon which it was founded. 

Click on this link for an article about the Venezuelan-Iranian new world order-


4 Responses to “Our Friend In Venezuela”
  1. Living in Puerto Rico, I was able to observe the effects of Chavez first hand since there is a great deal of traveling throughout the Caribbean and South America. Persons who had toiled for decades saw their investments go up and smoke. There are alarming similarities between the Chavez Campaign and today’s here in the United States….

  2. Edwin Coelho says:

    I voted a week ago. The problem we have in this country is people had been too comfortable, too well off, and they lost their Christian beliefs. Liberty is never free. It has to be protected daily. It should be a fever in our souls.Religion is a basic instinct fired by our mortality.It is not superstition it is fact.Evolution proves one thing that God, who made the laws of physics, will one day make us a far wiser being. I urge you to vote for God, America and liberty, not for goverment seeking power to enslave us with envy and divisiveness. Wake up America!

  3. Jonathan Lubar says:

    My freedom/liberty has nothing to do with the absence or presence of “Christian beliefs.”

  4. I’m not here to making political comments, but I will say that it’s important for each generation to understand the swift, harmful political movements (of various ideologies) that have predated us so that we can protect our society from these sort of things.

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