Thursday, May 28, 2015

Portland, Oregon: Insane and Insufferable

Pegeen,  Hawkins, Byerly: our own little Goldschmidt wannabes! And all you second-class citizens get ready to pay. The trolleys are coming to Gainesville and bus rapid transit to Alachua County with no road repair in sight. You should take the time to read the full article so you will be knowledgable when your tax bill rises and your opportunities to prosper dwindle. Or maybe you will do something about it before we get mired down in total insanity. 

“The same year Portland began implementing its urban growth boundary, Neil Goldschmidt became mayor. Goldschmidt quickly recognized that the land-use-transportation connection could be exploited to political ends, and this insight would make him the state’s largest powerbroker for decades to come.”

“Goldschmidt had to find an irrationally expensive new mode of public transportation, and thus began liberal America’s love affair with “light rail.” And light rail had another advantage over buses, namely that the laying of tracks and the placement of stations allowed Goldschmidt even more power to manipulate land use, making him a kingmaker among developers.”

“Vaunted though it might be, Portland’s light rail system hasn’t been the success its planners hoped. It’s called “light” rail not because the trains are less heavy, but because it’s more lightly used by the public than, say, New York’s subway or Washington, D.C.’s Metro. Over the course of the 1980s, the city’s first light rail line was finally completed, and the percentage of Portlanders using public transportation declined.”

“So I may be 3,000 miles away as I write this, but I’m not a disinterested observer. Perhaps some time and distance are needed before rendering an impartial judgment on what has become of a city that you truly know and love. Unlike the New York Times, I write not to praise the place but to note the litany of things that plainly have gone wrong. Also to alert anyone else who’s listening: Right now, America’s civil and social engineers are beavering away trying to turn your city or town into the next Portlandia.”

From the Weekly Standard:


4 Responses to “Portland, Oregon: Insane and Insufferable”
  1. The integrity of the politicians’ actions has again and again proven to have been to benefit them and those they have been in cahoots with. In our nation today the absence of investigative reporting and the threats and dangers of doing so have dangerously shifted from the side of the people to being in the hands of a few. Not to say that any wrong doing may be the case it should be noted that an in depth investigation should be done before any approval of a Gainesville trolley system takes place.

    As in our case we do not know what the secret motives are behind those who want to introduce or promote similar policies locally but based on the Oregon and Portland example given let’s look deeper into the character of the person behind it. We can rest assured that behind every decision by digging deeper we can find secret agendas and secret dealings. Integrity is not an on and off characteristic of man but a life time achievement, either a person possesses this quality and live by it or does not and his/her actions will always be affected by its possession or the lack thereof.

    “Goldschmidt drew criticism in recent years for some of his business activities. In 2002, he lobbied business and political leaders to support Weyerhaeuser in its hostile takeover of Willamette Industries, Inc., then the only Fortune 500 company headquartered in Portland. In early 2004, he backed a purchase of Portland General Electric (PGE) by Texas Pacific Group which, though never consummated, put on hold city and county studies to acquire PGE by condemnation. Criticism of Goldschmidt’s business activities peaked when, on November 13, 2003, Governor Ted Kulongoski nominated him to the Oregon State Board of Higher Education.”

    “Goldschmidt’s appointment was initially expected to meet with little opposition. Several state senators, however, voiced concerns about Goldschmidt’s involvement with SAIF, and possible improprieties in the dealings he and his wife had with Texas Pacific. Senator Vicki Walker, in particular, emerged as an outspoken critic of Goldschmidt. The increased scrutiny on Goldschmidt’s career, including reporters’ difficulties accessing records from his time as Governor, ultimately led to the revelation of an illegal sexual relationship with a 14-year-old girl, which had occurred decades before, during his time as Mayor of Portland. These revelations ended Goldschmidt’s extensive career at the center of Oregon politics and policymaking.”

    More can be known by reading in the wiki link above.

  2. Cheryl Breon says:

    They love to “glorify” themselves, don’t they? There is a hymn which reads “to God be the glory, great things He hath done…”; opposite of that.
    With that mindset, they think somehow they need to “fix” the globe, starting with their little piece of it.

  3. Rod Gonzalez says:

    Good stuff Pedro.


  4. Roy Callahan says:

    The only people we can blame for this is the citizens of Gainesville. I’m told that the turnout in the recent local election was so low that the folks who want this to happen were shoe ins. Whose fault is that?

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