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This Saturday, June 23, GTP Presents VICTORIA BAER!

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Please attend our Gainesville Tea Party General Meeting this Saturday, June 23rd, at 10:00 AM, as we present our guest speaker  – Victoria Baer - national speaker about the United Nations’ Agenda 21 and  how it is destroying our country’s sovereignty. Learn about how “smart growth” and “sustainability” are the buzz words being used in our local communities.  As Ed Braddy, from the American Dream Coalition and host of the radio show Talk of The Town, says, “They’re taking away your rights.”

Bring your neighbor, bring a friend, bring your family!


SAT, June 23 Gainesville, FL    10AM- 12 NOON


Location: American Legion Hall, Post 16

4701 NW 6th Street  (intersection of Hwy 441 and NW 6th St)

Gainesville, FL


7 Responses to “This Saturday, June 23, GTP Presents VICTORIA BAER!”
  1. Cecilia says:

    Victoria offers the best presentation of Agenda 21 I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen several. Plus I learned even more!
    Please correct the address above: should be intersection of 441 and NW 6th St)

  2. Rod Gonzalez says:

    Thanks Cecilia!!

  3. The answer and solution is simple and obvious: If you don’t want Agenda 21, Globalization, a One World Government and our sovereignty rendered in the hands of the United Nations don’t vote for globalists. Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are globalists and the Republican and Democratic Party agendas are of globalization. One cannot participate in this globalist political orgy and maintain our nationalistic and sovereign purity.

    If we are going to gather here and denounce and renounce on the above then we should openly and unanimously stand for the presidential candidate that stands against globalization, failure to do so become a futile attempt on the illusion of doing something while accomplishing nothing. There is still time and we could unanimously tell the GOP that we will not vote for their candidate and perhaps force them to soften their stance and negotiate. If we don’t, our votes for either party will be for globalization and all of the good intentions, time and effort at this upcoming meeting will render worthless. Some may disagree with this but they will be wrong for the obvious reasons. If our intention is of going to Boston but get on the train to Chicago we will miss our intended destination.

    The mentality is so empowered by the indoctrination and propaganda that it will take the advice of a genius to find the answer and solution so I will post it again for those who may have not read it before or did not understand it.

    “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”
    Albert Einstein.

  4. Fred Easton says:

    If you connect the dots here, it’s no surprise that Obama is not attending the Rio + 20 conference, there are many other heads of state that are in attendance. He has delegated this effort to Kerry and now his cousin to stand in for the USA and of course Hillary Clinton. There won’t be any of his finger prints on this Agenda 21 meeting but he is surely the puppet master pulling the strings. You will read that the state dept is not answering any more questions to FOX news and it is obvious by omission that none of the other media outlets are even reporting on the issue.

    If AGENDA 21 is implemented here in the USA….all we have to lose is our sovereignty as an independent nation!

    EXCLUSIVE: John Kerry and His First Cousin: Both Pushing Hard for the U.N
    . Climate Change Agenda
    By George Russell
    Published June 21, 2012
    U.S. Senator John Kerry and Brice Lalonde, the French-born coordinator of the United Nations Rio + 20 summit conference on sustainable development AKA AGENDA 21 ,which got under way this week, have a lot in common. Among other things, they are first cousins, a fact widely reported when Kerry ran for the U.S. presidency in 2004.

    And now both of them are involved in pressing for the success of a radical U.N. agenda for climate change that seems to be faltering in the face of global economic crisis.

    Lalonde, 65, and Kerry, 68, share maternal grandparents; Lalonde’s branch of the family bought their French estate in the 1920s and, according to news reports he and the future Massachusetts senator played together as children.

    Both were involved in cutting-edge political causes in their youth, Kerry as a decorated U.S. Navy officer turned vociferous anti-war spokesman in 1971, and Lalonde as leader of the French university student’s union in 1968, a year of near-revolution in France, and subsequently as a militant supporter of Greenpeace.

    Both later ran unsuccessfully for President in their respective countries — Lalonde in 1981 — and both went on to further high office, with Lalonde serving as France’s environment minister from 1991 to 1992, and subsequently as French climate change ambassador under President Nicolas Sarkozy.

    Both men are now deeply embroiled in pushing for the U.N.-sponsored agenda of radical economic reorganization to combat climate change: Lalonde as one of Rio + 20′s top organizers, and Kerry, as the self-described “leading advocate in the United States Senate for action to address international climate change,” who delivered a thunderous, stem-winding speech against climate-change “denial” and in support of Rio + 20 on Tuesday, just before the Brazil meeting began.

    Yet remarkably, neither Senator Kerry’s office, the U.S. State Department, nor U.N. staff working with Lalonde at Rio + 20 is eager, or even willing, to discuss the close kinship between the two men, whether they have ever discussed their common enthusiasms in the walk-up to Rio + 20, or how the relationship may have colored the diplomatic discussions around the Rio + 20 conference.

    “I apologize, but I have no information on Mr. Lalonde’s private life and I am not able to answer these questions,” a U.N. spokesman told Fox News, in response to queries about any contact or conversations between the two men in the walkup to Rio + 20, and whether Lalonde had ever mentioned the kinship connection to U.S. officials during his Rio + 20 duties.

    After acknowledging the queries, Kerry’s office had given no reply at all to similar questions from Fox News regarding contacts between the two men before this article was published.

    “Scheduling demands are tight. I’m sorry, we’re not going to be able to get anyone for this question this week,” a State Department spokesman told Fox News in response to general questions about the extent to which the Kerry-Lalonde relationship had come up in any conversations between U.S. officials, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Lalonde.

    All of that reticence seemed out of character, when Lalonde and Kerry — not to mention the Obama Administration — have been advocating for the climate change agenda as hard, or harder than ever, and especially in the context of Rio + 20, which currently shows signs of faltering over issues such as the transfer of trillions of dollars to developing nations over decades for “green economy” objectives.

    In his nearly hour-long speech on Tuesday Kerry declared that the “danger we face could not be more real,” decried a “conspiracy of silence” against the climate change threat, and described a world where “ice caps are melting. Seas are rising. Deserts are spreading. Storms are more frequent, more violent and more destructive. And pollution, famine and natural disasters are killing millions of people every year.”

    “Accelerating the transition to a new energy paradigm is the most important single step the world can take to reduce the threat of climate change,” he summarized. “And Rio is as good a place as any to make that happen.”
    No mention, however, of the fact that his first cousin was equally well placed in that effort.

    Read more:

  5. The blinded by ideology leading the blinded by ignorance is the sad story of our political system and nation. It never ceases to amaze me how narrow lopsided views always find the way in conversations with an effort to override the full truth and divert from the real conversation.

    It is expected that Fox News and its one sided deceitful reporting always fall in line with the GOP NeoCons, and that the faithful viewers will just gobble it up. Everything happening today is Barack Obama’s fault right? Of course, the GOP wants to see Obama go so that they again become first in line in the continued looting our nation. Half truths are equivalent to manipulative deception and lies. Where does the reporting show that George H W Bush “New World Order” supporter and promoter is responsible for opening the door to Agenda 21? “Later under George W. Bush, Sustainable Development policy began to swarm every county in the country”. – Michael Shaw,Proprietor of Liberty Garden

    I find also interesting that comments and article postings in general seem to purposely omit the full exposure and truth from the conversation. If we don’t wake up from the GOP idealism and the two party fantasy and pick up the real fight one day we will wake up in chains, and then most in bewilderment will go around wondering what happen and in denial that they did it to themselves.

    Taking Obama out of office is meaningless if he is replaced with his Caucasian twin. Which part of this we don’t grasp yet and when are we going to start a real functional political revolution against the two party system and the one party faithful?

    The following has been recently stated by a European politician: “Independence is the highest good we have, we have to defend it everywhere we can. We have to watch out that they don’t take away our wealth and our freedom. You can lose wealth, and you can regain it, but you can lose freedom only once.”

  6. Let actions back rhetoric and support the candidate who wants to cut off the head of the beast.

    Agenda 21 is only a part of the agenda. Watch the below video about the UN.

    If the United Nations is the problem then why do many support globalist Republicans or Democrats who will force this agenda on our nation? If we are serious about our mission of limited government and freedom and our talk is not just empty and hollow rhetoric why is it so difficult to openly and unanimously stand behind the Liberty movement and the presidential candidate who proposes for us to get out of the United Nations?

  7. The presentation from Victoria Baer was excellent. Unfortunately her time was limited and unable to complete the presentation. For those who did not attend and for those who would like to hear the rest, below there are two links of a presentation she made at the Senoia Tea Party in Georgia. Here she was able to make a better more detailed presentation and covered some items that were not covered at in our location. Much more than Agenda 21 was covered here. Don’t miss it as it holds a treasure of knowledge and information that uncovers many of the lies we are fed and exposes the many things that are covered up.

    Thanks to Laurie and Rod for permitting this great presentation to take place. It is a step in the right direction for the betterment of our nation.

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