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Tom DeWeese to Speak: November 16

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JOIN US for a presentation by Tom DeWeese from the American Policy Center that will reveal the truth about sustainable growth and development that is steering the course of many local communitites throughout America (including the City of Gainesville and Alachua County). Learn why your county commissioners are pushing for rapid bus transit and bicycle paths. Find out why environmentalists want to control growth and impede free enterprise. Now is the time to learn the facts so you can be a wise voter when you go to the polls.

November, 16, 2012 – 7:00 PM

Best Western Gateway Grand, 4200 NW 97th Blvd., Gainesville, Fl.

Tickets – $15.00 (available for purchase at GTP General Membership meeting on 10/8 or contact Lloyd Bailey at


“Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.

A native of Ohio, he’s been a candidate for the Ohio Legislature, served as editor of two newspapers, and has owned several businesses since the age of 23. In 1989 Tom led the only privately-funded election-observation team to the Panamanian elections. In 2006 Tom was invited to Cambridge University to debate the issue of the United Nations before the Cambridge Union, a 200 year old debating society. Today he serves as Founder and President of the American Policy Center and editor of The DeWeese Report.

For 40 years Tom DeWeese has been a businessman, grassroots activist, writer and publisher. As such, he has always advocated a firm belief in man’s need to keep moving forward while protecting our Constitutionally-guaranteed rights.”

Sponsored by John Birch Society

For more information contact Lloyd Bailey at


4 Responses to “Tom DeWeese to Speak: November 16”
  1. Eddie says:

    Every time I hear Senator Rubio make a speech I enjoy it. He gives you the straight facts, not BS like the majority of politicians do, plus the fact he does not shun from critisizing the president when the pres regurgetates
    diatribe in piblic announcements.

  2. Hjordis says:

    Too bad this isn’t a free open to the public meeting. I spent the whole day at the AgendaEnders Committee in Lakeland last Saturday and paid $5. for a whole day. You need to have a meeting that encourages the WHOLE community to get out and learn about this so they can do something about it. Invite your County Commissioners for free too.

  3. Jeff Webster says:

    Our founding Fathers gave their property, money and in some cases even their lives to create a Free Republic if we could keep it. I know $ are hard for some but human nature says that any thing that is FREE or very LOW cost is treated lightly and easly discarded. When we have to pay for something it has more value,is highly regarded and not discarded. Education is NEVER FREE. Look what it cost the tax payer to educate our children and all they are getting is liberal / socialist propaganda.
    When you consider the cost to rent a venue, cover the guest speakers expenses and other cost, $15 is not expensieve considering the information received and the amount of time it save the listner from doing their own research. My hope is that Mr. DeWeese will be able to motivate people to be more pro-active in the issues we all face locally as well as nationally.
    Just my opinion. Have a great day.

  4. Cecilia says:

    In case you don’t know about Agenda 21, it is the root of MANY of our problems! It is the UN’s Agenda for the 21st Century for every human on this earth; encompassing government, education, housing, healthcare,”social justice”, the environment and transportation! It means that we give up our sovereignty, w/o a treaty even! Gainesville and Alachua County are both dues-paying members. Some cities have awakened to the dangers and gotten out! We are priviledged to get Tom DeWeese here as he has been the leader in sounding the alarm on this since 1992. Please buy your tickets soon; seating is limited but with more ticket sales, we can get a larger space.

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