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What Next?

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Congratulations again to our very own Commissioner Susan Baird.  It’s wonderful to read the words  ”Susan Baird, a Republican and member of the Gainesville Tea Party” in the Gainesville Sun.  I do want to thank all our members who helped with both Susan’s and Jim Gabriel’s campaigns. Even though Jim came up short against a very tough opponent, he ran a great positive campaign.  A special thanks must go out to Lloyd Bailey who was a Constitution candidate in the commission district 4 race with Susan.  Had he not unselfishly withdrawn his candidacy realizing that he would split the conservative vote,  Commissioner Chestnut would have been reelected.  Lloyd is a true PATRIOT.

Some of you have asked what next?  At  the next GTP general meeting (to be announced) we will start laying the ground work for a great opportunity to elect three fiscally conservative candidates for the City of Gainesville elections in March 2011.  We will also be key players in the Tea Party Network and generating great freedom minded candidates for 2012. YOU, or members, will play an integral part of all we do to take this country back in the next two years.  So take a little breather because you ain’t seen nothing yet!


9 Responses to “What Next?”
  1. Keith Hazouri says:

    Indeed, Rod!

    Thanx to you, Ward Scott, Laurie Newsom, Lloyd Bailey, the Tea Party and, of course, Susan Baird, for helping to bring a fresh, conservative face to the county commission.

    These are exciting times and, yes, we are just getting started! “What’s next,” you ask? … I ask, what’s not?!

  2. Eileen Rogers says:

    With many Americans out of work and trillions in debt, Obama finds a way to justify spending millions of dollars of tax payer money funding a trip taking thousands of people out of the country. There should be legislation or there should be a way that these extravagant trips on the backs of broken taxpayers be paid back by politicians/presidents to the taxpayers. This reminds me of the French and Marie Antoinette when she said “Let them eat cake.”. This is outrageous and while this country struggles and drowns in a sea of debt our president feels free to continue to spend and dig us into a bigger hole. This trip is a travesty for the American people and he should be made to pay it back.

  3. jim bryant says:

    “start laying the groundwork for……”
    Well one thing I believe should be on our agenda is single member districts for Alachua County Commission. It is insanity to continue to elect County Commisioners by the same electorate that votes in Gainesville City Commisioners DUHH!!….of course that is just my opinion.
    Lee Pinkososn made the comment that (paraphrased) the tea party had good intentions but did not reflect the wishes of his constituency…..well of course not “his constituency” is county wide and not district based.
    We need County Commisioners responsive to the districts they represent and not the Gainesville city electorate body.
    Susans win against Ms.Chestnut was historic YEAHHHH!!!!! Is there any doubt of the outcome between Jim G. and Lee P. if the election had been DISTRICT based rather than COUNTY based?

    It is time for this change and and if we don’t take this stand then who?

  4. Gerald Davis says:

    I am looking forward to the continuation of this organization and the next meeting. It was nice to see a good number of like minded people elected this week. It will be equally as much fun to vote in new people if these go along with the “still in place” “old guard” current Republicans. I would like to see them (the old) let the new people take the leadership roles. For the good of the party/country step aside and that would be a good message to the voters/public that a change actually is being made.

  5. Susan Baird says:

    Thank you Rod, Laurie, Ward, members of the Tea Party for all of the great ground work you have layed before us so we can step right in and be part of the Change – Change for the Better!!! Our work has just begun. If we continue our efforts and focus, within the next 4 years we can be well on our way to a thriving Alachua County and if the rest of the country is lagging we can be their beacon.

    Thanks again to everyone – this was a Team Victory! Sue

  6. Dick Kearley says:

    Looking back “our” candidates can be proud of the campaigns they ran. Very honest and issues based.

    Looking forward I hope we continue to see “our” representatives at our meetings. Don’t be a stranger once elected.

    Our mission as a group should remain unchanged. We are now awake and aware and I don’t think we will relax just because we got through an election.

  7. Diana says: says:

    Thanks Rod, Laurie, Karianne and all for your hard work, enthusiasm and friendliness.You are all a great inspiration to the rest of us Tea Partiers. Can’t wait to get started on plans for the near future . Let us know where and when. We can’t let the new congress have time to take a breath!!!!!See you soon-Diana

  8. Edwin Coelho says:

    The left uses envy, greed and devisiveness to gain support. What can we use and how ?….. our Christian beliefs, our system of Free Enterprise,our US Constitution. Seems like the left have what the ignorant mind and the moochers need. We have a huge challenge. I want to believe that Mike Savage is right when he said “liberalism is a mental desease “. I have now realized that living a God fearing life is not enough. We need to convince others that being impartial hurts all of humanity and themselves. How, how, can we do this? America has to be the example for the world to follow. This is really a global fight which the left appears to be way ahead. How can we fire up the Tea Party?


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