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Delaney, Byerly, Long:No Integrity

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12 Responses to “Delaney, Byerly, Long:No Integrity”
  1. tangoch30 says:

    You are preaching to the choir here.

    Will this information get out and get heard by the general public of Gainesville and Alachua County? I doubt you can get it published in the Gainesville Sun, our local commie rag or the Alligator which is undoubtedly infested with more commie liberals.

    “Ah Wunerful, Ah Wunerful.”

  2. Show Me says:

    “In 2001 he sent his minions into a tenant’s apartment with instructions to empty her belongings into a dumpster because of non-payment of rent.” Can anyone point me in the direction of some supporting documents?

  3. David Martin says:

    Come on, Laurie! You just don’t get it! These three are LIBERALS! As we all know, liberals just know more than the rest of us, and their opinions are more important because they possess a moral superiority to the rest of us. As such, we are simply supposed to shut up and understand that WHATEVER they do for us is for our own good! As those who actually EARN the money they spend, we apparently are just too stupid to know how it should be spent.

    BTW, I’d like to know how Rodney Long even qualified for a $600,000+ mortgage.

  4. Rod Gonzalez says:

    Mr. Show Me-

    You can contact the Alachua County Sheriff Office and ask them for a case number with Mr. Byerly from 2001. Feel free to contact Commissioner Byerly himself also.

  5. Marcia Marwede says:

    Why do we have to wait until 2012 to vote Rodney Long out of office? If he can’t manage his own finances, he certainly should not be making decisions regarding Alachua County’s budget. If he doesn’t have a smidgen of character to resign, I think we should throw him out!

    I have posted this statement on my Facebook page.

  6. Mikey Commish says:

    Here’s a link to the Tax Appraiser’s page for Byerly’s homesite:

    The total piece looks to be around 43 acres, and I guess he split off 38 acres as a conservation easement so there are no taxes on that piece, but I don’t understand why there are no taxes on the 5+ acre residential homesite.

    In his bio on the county website, Byerly states that he lives in a PV home off the grid. Here’s a link to his building permit on the Growth Management website:

    According to that site, he hasn’t even gotten his mechanical/framing inspection, let alone a final inspection. Isn’t it illegal to be living in a new house without a final inspection/certificate of occupancy?

  7. Drew Weakland says:

    Please put a “tab” on this page so I can send it to FACEBOOK..I have 100′s of voting Freinds who would LOVE to Hear about The Gainesville Democrat Goverment besides the Gainesville Sun ( owned by the Lefts New York times)

  8. Drew Weakland says:

    MR LONG laughed as Folks were moving out of BUCK Bay… WE are laughing at you now MR LONG… That Democratic Math dont work at the BANK….

  9. Gerald Davis says:

    Liberals dont know more than us common folk?? Gosh! They have been blowin smoke for how long now???

  10. Fred Chapin` says:

    I retired after 55+ years working and moved to Gainesville, to never move again. After one plus years in Michigan’s greed, corruption, fraud and mismanagement of local gov’t I thought I was moving to a nice home town. After being here for a year and a half I find local gov’t is the same throughout these wonderful United States. I still have hope and appreciate those that are holding our elected officials accountable. I will do what I can where I am. We must change the culture in the upcoming elections including 20I2

    Fred W. Chapin
    Alachua County Resident

  11. S says:

    Integrity…”upright character”…good luck finding those things anywhere in government. At this very moment Alachua County is inadvertently setting itself up for an election fiasco that involves a corrupt judge and several of his co-conspirators…unfortunately it’s 100% true and supported by two reports and extensive irrefutable evidence that is in the possession of agencies, including those within Florida’s 8th Judicial Circuit (and Chief Judge Martha Lott and Chief Investigator Spencer Mann). The judge, and former prosecutor, at the heart of the issue is David P. Kreider. It’s no wonder Florida just ranked as one of the most corrupt states in a highly publicized February 2012 corruption report. I hope all of the governmental woes are worked out soon; sadly corruption, fraud, lack of integrity, and lack of accountability are now endemic. You can’t make this stuff up. Take a look at

    for more information.

  12. S says:

    This is an important update to all that have knowledge of the “Gibson Case” and criminally-corrupt Judge (and former prosecutor) David P. Kreider. During recent months concerned parties who desire to see corruption stamped out and to see justice served have been the source of intense pressure upon various “insiders”. One of those key “insiders” involved in the aforementioned matter is Martha Lott who, until last Thursday (04/05/2012), served as the Chief Judge of Florida’s 8th Judicial Circuit.

    This message has been shared in order to announce that the scandal related to the “Gibson Case” has taken yet another big step towards it’s complete unraveling. Yesterday (04/09/2012) at 05:34 p.m. EST it was officially announced that Martha Lott had resigned from her post as Chief Judge on 04/05/2012. Were it not for her resignation Martha Lott’s current term as Chief Judge would have expired on 06/30/2013. To review the official resignation announcement, which ran in Alachua County’s largest newspaper (“The Gainesville Sun”), visit the following url:

    Robert E. Roundtree Jr. is now the Chief Judge of the 8th Judicial Circuit of Florida. Judge Roundtree has now inherited the problems related to criminal/judge David P. Kreider and Judge Kreider’s various co-conspirators; and it is now Judge Roundtree’s responsibility to promptly carry out the duties passed on to him regarding resolving those problems. For more information visit the url:

    This is a testament to the positive impact that determined people can have in the fight against public corruption.

    For the record, everything stated here is 100% true and corroborated by two reports and extensive irrefutable evidence that is in the possession of various agencies. Some of those agencies are within Florida’s 8th Judicial Circuit (within the circuit, included in those entities that are in possession of the aforementioned reports and evidence are the Chief Judge’s office and the State Attorney’s Office Chief Investigator Spencer Mann).

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