Monday, May 25, 2015

Atwater Considering A Senate Run Comes As No Surprise To Tea Party

In an interview posted today on the Shark Tank, Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater stated that he is taking a look at entering the U.S. Senate race after being approached by “serious-minded conservatives”.

“It’s late. But I share the same deep-seated concern they hold. This is an extraordinary country. It’s an exceptional place on the planet and if we don’t turn it around soon, frankly it will be too late for another generation,” said Atwater. “I think I have a responsibility to sit back (and listen) to these people that I respect greatly and are serious-minded conservatives of this great state to take a hard look at it.”

For tea party activists, this comes as no surprise.  His name was floated around in tea party circles over six months ago as a potential candidate in the race, culminating with a surprise visit to the P5 Tea Party Hospitality Suite at the Peabody Hotel on Sept. 23, 2011.

Atwater briefly spoke to the gathering then and was warmly received.

With Connie Mack’s clear inability to seal the deal, despite multiple advantages, and George LeMieux having yet to gain serious traction, FPP sees Atwater’s entry into this race as a positive step.

The effect will be to push both Mack and LeMieux to raise their game and establish once and for all that they are the candidate to defeat incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson, or succumb to a better choice.  With the balance of the Senate at stake, this is no time for uncertainty.

Hat tip:  Florida Political Press


11 Responses to “Atwater Considering A Senate Run Comes As No Surprise To Tea Party”
  1. Karianne says:

    I wonder if he is willing to stand up to the DC lobbyists? I wonder if he is willing to stand for the Constitution rather than support bills like the NDAA or Patriot Act? What about being against the ponzi scheme of a Fed Reserve? Or the unConstitutional military industrial complex’s wars? Rubio has shown his worthlessness as a supposed tea party candidate for the citizens of Florida. Standing up to corruption and for the Constitution takes balls of steel and most “patriots” aren’t up for the fight.

  2. Lloyd W. Bailey, Jr. says:

    Atwater is just another neoconservative seeking advanced government placement. He was one of the driving forces behind Florida’s call for a constitutional convention which demonstrates how little he understands regarding the constitution and the solutions necessary to restore our Republic. Atwater would rather risk losing the entire constitution via convention than to demand adherence to the oath that all elected officials must swear.

  3. Cheryl says:

    Argh…the negativity is smothering me.

  4. David says:

    Sounds like the Ron Paul lobby is active this morning. I hope he is the guy. We cant have more of these elections end up like the primary. We need drastic change back to liberty and a moderate wont cut it.

  5. “These people approached me” I would like to know the names and what “those” people support.

    “If we don’t turn it around soon it will be too late for another generation.” Words are easy or should I say BS. I would like to know how anyone intends to turn around a bankrupted nation with over $100 trillion in debt and unfunded liabilities, and how they will cut a $1.5 trillion yearly deficit now; not ten years from now. We do not have ten more years of this. I would like to know how they will rebuild our manufacture since basically all we produce is services, entertainment, wars, war equipment.

    I also would like to know how anyone will stop the rest of the world from continuing to dump our currency and try to save it before it is too late as monetizing our debt by the Federal Reserve will son render our dollar worthless.

    Ron Paul speaks the truth and proposes workable solutions even if they are painful, so it is understandable that some of us who want just that will rally for him. We need more people talking his talk; does anyone here see them? Of course we can also choose sweet little lies that will ensure the destruction of our nation; something that we are not too far from. We do need “drastic changes” but have been uselessly “hoping” for too long without results and putting our trust in false prophets who have and will continue to sellout the American people.

    We are out of time people and it is us who need to act instead of putting our trust in another lying politician. We need to demand real talk, real solutions and realistic explanations on how they intend to accomplish that.

    We don’t have time to continue listening to their BS.

  6. Mark Sears says:

    Wow. Let’s just let Bill Nelson keep the seat. No way anyone but Ron Paul can save the country and since he can’t run for the Seante in Florida – might as well pack it in. After all the lying good for nothing Democrat that’s been in the Senate for years now is the next best thing to Ron Paul (better the devil you know I guess). Here’s an idea.. maybe we can convince Jesus to move to Florida and get on the ballot in time for the election – however, I’m not sure if His record will stand up to Ron Paul’s.

  7. Lloyd W. Bailey, Jr. says:

    Restoring our Republic is an issue of the Constitution, of which no one candidate can do that by himself. We will not win our country back until a sufficient number of citizens educate themselves and become active. Can you imagine how things would be different if each head of household would devote just one hour a week to liberty and country? By studying history, tracking legislation, contacting representatives and educating fellow citizens we would restore liberty in short order. Civic responsibility involves more than just voting. Freedom has been won with the blood and treasure of patriots and should not be taken for granted. Ballot victories are ephemeral solutions. Neoconservatives, i.e. false conservatives love to enable politicians that violate their oath to the constitution. Mass gatherings and demonstrations will not replace proper understanding. The political parties do not educate and the Tea Parties are a mixed bag. The neoconservative misdirection causes more damage than the work of admitted socialists. Those that are misdirected are given false hope but there effort is wasted. I know of no better organization than the John Birch Society. The Society has been around for 53 years, has excellent organization, reliable information, and has been decades ahead of any other group, of which most conservative groups are single issue. In the John Birch Society, we understand our common enemy and understand ourselves, i.e. Republican form of government. I encourage all to research

  8. An ill informed citizenry is our biggest threat and as long they continue to tune in to the American media for information, education will be absent.

    “An informed citizenry is the only true repository of the public will.” Thomas Jefferson

    Let the well intentioned citizen hold the truth and he/she will know what to do.

    If we replace Barack Obama with another globalist stooge things will appear different but nothing will have changed. For decades both parties have given us the choice of one globalist stooge after the next.

  9. David Martin says:

    All I can say is, for those sarcastically dismissing Ron Paul, please tell me how well your mainstream candidates (Obama, Dubya, etc.) have been working out for our country? Given that, how well do you think more mainstream sycophants like Romney, Gingrich, Rubio, etc. will work out? Try to remember Einstein’s definition of insanity; doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Isn’t it time for a candidate with NO negative baggage and who has ALWAYS stood up for the Constitution? What a concept – a candidate with real, PROVEN integrity!

  10. David @

    What we have here is a condition where the public refuses to accept that the world as they knew it has changed forever and stand firm in denying it. They refuse to accept that our economy and liberty is shattered and they hopelessly insist into gluing the pieces together when what we really need is to replace it with a new copy of the original. It is time to replace the old with a new for our sake and to put out of business those who sold us out. I was one of the early birds to the Tea Party movement and that was the spirit of the original movement and we need to return to it and drop the grip that the GOP has on it otherwise it serves no purpose.

    What is the purpose of the Tea Party if we are going to continue in the same path of which we complain about and brought us to where we are today?

    How are we going to restore our liberty and repair our economy if we continue to elect people who are clones of the previous ones and serve the same masters?

  11. I will add that the “truth people” or the millions of supporters that Ron Paul has are mostly if not entirely unswayable votes which will guarantee a loss for any GOP favorite and an Obama victory. Those who rule from the shadows care not because whether GOP pr DNC they will have their man either way. Unless we have a Ron Paul victory which the GOP does not support the shadow government wins. This case makes clear that the GOP which is as well as the DNC controlled by the shadow government will rather have four more years of Barack Obama than one day of Ron Paul. Those here who so fervently criticize Obama as if he had any real authority and support the GOP favorite are in reality ensuring four more years of Barack Obama. So if you honestly do not want four more years of Barack Obama it is time to make a real decision and stop playing their game under their rules.

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