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Bill Nelson: Vote Him Out!

Tom Tillison of the Florida Political Press takes note of Tea Party political action calling out Bill Nelson on his support of Dodd-Frank.

Tea Party Coalition Questions Bill Nelson’s Support Of Dodd-Frank

April 20, 2012 Federal, Political News

By Tom Tillison
Florida Political Press

Some members of the Florida Alliance, a loose coalition of tea party and 9/12 Project groups, as well as other conservative organizations, have come together to question Sen. Bill Nelson on his support of The Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

The ‘Dodd-Frank Act’ is a failed attempt at financial regulatory reform sponsored by the Democratic controlled 111th Congress and the Obama administration that includes nearly 500 new rules by a dozen government agencies, sixty-seven new government studies, and 93 new government reports.

In response to a House Financial Services Committee report out this week detailing the burden this legislation has placed on small businesses in the form of onerous Federal regulations, the Florida Alliance is seeking an explanation from Nelson on why he stands behind this new law.

Florida Alliance: A Tea Party Coalition, Working for Individual Freedom


April 19, 2012

Sen. Bill Nelson
716 Senate Hart Office Bldg.
Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Sen. Nelson:

A new House Financial Services Committee report unveiled yesterday contains some very alarming details regarding the Dodd-Frank bill such as:

1. Rule making for only 46% of the bill has resulted in more than 5300 pages of rules.

2. The bill is forcing community bankers to hire compliance officers to deal with the onerous regulations, rather than loan officers; thus, increasing the cost of banking which ultimately will be passed on to consumers in the form of higher interest rates and fees.

3. The sheer volume of these rules and regulations layered upon existing regulations is having a negative impact on small businesses as they are forced to spend increased amounts of time and money wading through the red tape.

4. It is estimated it will take at least 24 million man hours per year in order to comply with Dodd-Frank.

5. The onerous regulations of Dodd-Frank are preventing investors from putting their capital to work in our economy.

We, the undersigned Tea Party leaders across the State of Florida, and your constituents, would like your response to the following questions:

1. Did you even read the massive Dodd-Frank Bill?

2. Was it your intent in voting for this bill to create even more onerous Federal regulations in order to hamper economic growth?

3. Have you read the 5300 pages of new rules associated with Dodd-Frank?

4. Why was it more important for you to pass Dodd-Frank than an actual Senate budget?

Your response to our questions may be forwarded to:

The Florida Alliance
Thank you,

Paula Helton, Gainesville Tea Party
Kathy Gibson, East Orlando Tea Party
Walter Hughes, American Citizens League
Alan Berkelhammer, Gainesville Tea Party
Clyde Fabretti, West Orlando Tea Party
Don Forward, Titusville Patriots
Pete Franco, South Pinellas 912
Pat Wayman, Venice 912
Peter Lee, East Side Tea Party
Nancy Meinhardt, Miami 912 Project
Tina Woode, Seminole 912 Project
Jim Kelly, SW FL 912 Project
Paula Schaff, Punta Gorda Tea Party
Sharon Calvert, Tampa Tea Party
Pam Wohlschlegel, Palm Beach County Tea Party
Jason Hoyt, Liberty Restoration Foundation
Elaine Laffey, Tea Party Ft. Lauderdale
Jay Jacobs, Baker County Tea Party
Carole McManus, First Coast Tea Party
Karin Hoffman, DC Works For Us
Barbara Knick, Brevard 912
Don Hensarling, DC Works For Us Tampa Bay
Bill Landes, Florida Minutemen & WinterHaven 912



4 Responses to “Bill Nelson: Vote Him Out!”
  1. Gerald Davis says:

    Nice letter.

  2. Bill Boe says:

    Each piece of legislation should be treated like the reading comprehension elements of the FCAT; Nelson should be required to sit in a silent room, read the bill, and then be tested on whether he understands the main idea, can identify the supporting details, and then write a summarization paragraph. Bet he can’t do it! And I bet he votes for the bill! We can’t flunk him, but we can fire him! In November!

  3. Alvin C Tate says:

    I will NEVER vote for Bill Nelson! Nor will I EVER vote for Obama for POTUS!

    Will you join me?

  4. “4. Why was it more important for you to pass Dodd-Frank than an actual Senate budget?”

    I will offer the simple answer in two short paragraphs while eliminating all of the unnecessary and trivial conversation.

    1) The Bankers rule our nation, own our politicians and write our laws; Republicans as well as Democrats. This cannot be argued as their loyalty goes to those who finance their campaigns and they finance them both. Does anyone here for instance believe that Barack Obama wrote “ObamaCare” or the “NDAA”? All he did was to put his signature on it to make it valid. After all he was elected democratically by the people; right? With the choices we are given, when we vote we just add more rope for our own hanging. It appears that in 2012 the choices picked by them will be Mitt Romney and Barack Obama unless the people choose on their own to vote for someone else.

    2) What is the point on passing a budget that will give us a $1.4 trillion deficit? This is a joke as we have no means of acquiring that additional debt other than by having the Federal Reserve to quantify (QE) the amount of money printing out of thin air. This practice which must be continued to infinity will eventually destroy the Dollar and will cause unimaginable consequences for those who continue to feed on the deception. The suffering will be for all and perhaps less for those of us who can imagine the consequences have a pretty good idea of what is going to happen and are preparing for it.

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