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2012 Florida Senate Race

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 Click on this article by Rick Moran in American Thinker for some polling about next years Florida Senatorial race.  Even though many of you are concentrating on the Presidential Primary, we cannot forget the importance of replacing our own liberal Senator Nelson in November.

Click here for the American Thinker Article:

Click here for the  Questionaire used for the polling.


3 Responses to “2012 Florida Senate Race”
  1. What makes me sick is that “Hanging by his coat tails of his daddy”, Connie Mack expressed his intentions to test the waters and then jumped in all the while, the real of the people, myself, Gary A. Anderson did too also with not even a whimper to name a name about my intentions. Mack is news because Daddy was news and I should be of a news worthy point in it as I am the first Whig of the Florida Whig Party to announce my testing of the waters in over 150 YEARS! It just burns my butt that he and his money coupled with daddies money gets the byline and I get a “Not so good read!”

  2. Zadok says:

    The Whig party? The centrist (socialist) political party of Lincoln? Lincoln broke the back of the constitution and is responsible for the deaths of 700,000 citizens of these United States. All so that he and his Whig party associates could maintain the power that took them 70 years to acquire.

  3. Principles before Party, Personality and Profit with Deeds not words, it’s just that simple!

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