Saturday, May 30, 2015

“Shotgun Joe” Knows His Stuff

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9 Responses to ““Shotgun Joe” Knows His Stuff”
  1. Homeowner Takes Biden’s Shotgun Advice, Gets Arrested.

    During the past few days and weeks, VP Joe Biden has been passing out advice on how to use a shotgun–the problem is, much of what he has advised is against the law.

  2. taz says:

    he is just an indicator of how knowledgeable all the other in dc are…..
    has anyone heard about all the tanks dhs is buying to go along with all the rounds and mre’s they have purchased???? i say its time for we the people
    to take our country back by whatever means.

  3. Bill Boe says:

    a shotgun is one tool in the home workshop for self defense and will peel a burglar out of a window rather crisply; I imagine Biden will next suggest keeping a gallon of bleach in a bucket and just throw that into an intruder’s face or keep water boiling on the stove for similar use…..D.C. is like a second rate side show in a bankrupt circus that can’t afford the class acts of sword swallowers and the snake skinned man…..but they do have an abundance of two-faced freaks!

  4. John Cutright says:

    Joe once again proves he is the best reason to hope BHO remains healthy.

  5. Joe Zahler says:

    Our tax dollars are paying for incompetents like Biden and the rest of our “brilliant” so-called leaders. It makes me sick seeing pictures of that jerk.

  6. Patricia Baldwin says:

    The videos make me believe more than ever that we should leave the home preotection to a well maintained militia or police. What are these people doing with guns??? I sure as hell don’t want them with guns in their hands, how safe is that? Not around my family!!!

    Thanks for showing us idiots with gunes. Proves my point.

    Just as the constitution gives people the right to speak without the brains to speak intelligently, it gives people the right to bear arms without any brains at all.

    Let’s keep the police well armed (no boycotting sales).


  7. Gerald Davis says:

    Hey Patricia, That boycott list has been growing. You better get with the program and realize that your frame of mind is what needs to change. Please take some time and educate yourself about our country’s history.

    Read “Armed America” by Clayton Cramer

    Pick up a copy of the Constitution at the next Tea Party meeting. The militia that you mention is you and your neighbors. Please educate yourself.

  8. Paula Helton says:


    A little video you might want to watch:

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