Thursday, May 28, 2015

States' Rights:Can We Get Them Back?

Below is a plan to take back our states’ sovereignty that has  been usurped by the federal government either by decree or by profligate spending. This plan is designed for the local level where the fight for the states’ rights that are guaranteed by our Constitution must occur. Can we be successful? Read and decide.  Interestingly, this effort was spearheaded by Washington State Representative Matthew Shea,  a notoriously progressive state in many ways.

“This summer, legislators from several states met to discuss the steps needed to restore our Constitutional Republic. The federal government has ignored the many state sovereignty resolutions from 2009 notifying it to cease and desist its current and continued overreach. The group decided it was time to actively counter the tyranny emanating from Washington D.C.”

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One Response to “States' Rights:Can We Get Them Back?”
  1. Edwin Coelho says:

    I hope that this article and this program be read by all tea parteiers. Laurie thank you for keeping us informed.

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