Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Most Transparent President

President Obama calls himself the most transparent president.  But some people don’t think this is true as the graphic below might indicate.  I for one agree with Obama; he is the most transparent president because you can see right through him!


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  1. Karianne says:

    More transparency for you on Obama and guess who else. Amerika is owned, and it’s not by We the People.

  2. The man is not the enemy he is just the face of the system or status quo which is our real enemy. We can replace the man with another but the system will remain in place because we are distracted with the man thinking that he is the system that put him there but he is not. As long as we continue to ignore that the system is our problem and attack it directly we are not going anywhere.

    This is the reason why we need a man that is not part of the system. Now it happens to be Ron Paul. His supporters are not part of the system, are no persuaded to support it and will not support it because they are awaken and have come to understand this system. The RP revolution is composed of those who have freed themselves from the illusion of the system. There have been others that ran in the past such as Ross Perot but they were ignored by the people because the media and the GOP persuaded them to do so. Once again the people did not vote with their conscience and for integrity.
    …“on July 19 he suspended his campaign, accusing Republican operatives of threatening to sabotage his daughter’s wedding, and was accused by Newsweek Magazine of being a “quitter” in a well-publicized cover-page article. After resuming his campaign on October 1, Perot was dogged by the “quitter” moniker and other allegations concerning his character, to the extent that on Election Day many voters were confused as to whether Perot was actually still a candidate.”

    At the moment the only way to break away from the system and solve this problem is to infiltrate and corrupt their corrupted two party system with a third party. It is yet to see if it will be done or not but since the GOP has refused to accept Ron Paul because he is not part of their system, we can only hope that he runs as a third party and if he does he could defeat both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney if he is allowed to live thru it. Ron Paul is not the savior that walks on water as some here ridiculously like to portray him; he is just a man speaking the truth and millions who are part of a system that has broken the chains of deceit support him. It is a revolution of those who have awakened and unhooked themselves from the deception we have lived under since the War of Independence that never really happened as we were told to believe. Make no mistake we have never fully controlled our money therefore we have never been sovereign and independent.

    I posted this before but if you missed it you may want to look at it now and perhaps begin to understand who the RP people are.

  3. Cheryl says:

    Like the “Emperor Who Wore No Clothes” we’ve always said. I know he’s rather a puppet and other people are pulling the strings…still, I’ve been praying for all of them to be exposed, whatever form that takes.

  4. Bill Boe says:

    What I like about Ron Paul is he is authentic; Obama and Romney are products of advertising and marketing. On a trip to D.C. in 1997 to testify to a House subcommittee I found myself in a hallway by a door with the Texas state flag and realized it was Ron Paul’s office. I stepped inside and was asked if I had an appointment and I responded, “No, I just gave my testimony in a hearing and saw this was Congressman Paul’s office and I just wanted to say we could use a Congressman like him in Florida and I appreciate his courage to believe in the government defined by the U.S. Constitution and to vote his conscience and not the party.” A voice in the adjacent room called out, “Send that man back here; I like him.” So for the next 30 minutes I sat with Ron Paul and presented my concerns and views……and he LISTENED. I also was provided fresh coffee, pecan rolls from San Angelo and other goodies. When I want to share views with Stearns and Oelrich, I am told to send them a letter, etc., not available, at fund raisers. The last third party candidate to gather electoral college votes was Wallace in 1968 and Ron Paul could harvest the unhappy, disfranchised, and the intellectually focused votes in this race; there are more of us then the media realizes…..but me need a person worth voting for on the ballot…in THIS race…NOW!

  5. Bill Boe says:

    Candidates should be transparent too; now we discover that Romney used FOUR deferments to avoid military service during the Vietnam War; no wonder I didn’t see him during the Tet Offensive or the Battle for LZ Brillo Pad; he spends his time pandering to the military that he could have served as a soldier, but did not…..a draft dodger just like Clinton….and this is the best candidate the GOP can provide?

  6. David Martin says:

    For lack of a better place to post this, take a look at a great little video about Obama made by college students in Tennessee:

  7. The question is: Are these young people who were fed up with the direction the GOP had taken the nation and voted for Obama in 2008 going to vote for Mitt Romney in 2012?
    These young people are the Internet generation and not the Fox News generation so who do you think they will vote for?

  8. David Martin says:

    Well Pedro, honestly, I hope they vote for Ron Paul, because even with our dumbed-down education system, I’m hoping they have the intelligence to see Romney for what he is, and that’s Obama-light. We had a REAL opportunity to do something truly meaningful in this election, and we’re expecting that to happen with ROMNEY? Pardon me while I upchuck. Mark my words, Romney WILL be elected, and things WILL improve slightly, but we’ll see the SAME corruption, the same ineptitude, the same stupidity, all with little real meaningful improvement.

  9. David @

    What I would like to see is a real fixing of the economy they have screwed up by tying it up to the rest of the world. This has been the work of the globalists who are throwing our sovereignty and national identity down the drain. Mitt Romney is a globalist who as the rest of them look at our nation as one franchise in the World’s Corporation and Obama is no different. They are financed and elected by these globalists to serve their goals. I personally say screw them and let us regain our sovereignty and the national identity.

    The objective of the Ron Paul r3volution has been just that but the forces against it are too powerful. Although I support it, I believe that it will fail in the same way the Tea Party and OWS did. And make no mistake here; the Tea Party has failed because they infiltrated it to control it. But it is all not lost; now we have three defeated groups and other unrecognized smaller parties with basic similar goals in spite of how some here view them. We have grown in numbers and down the road we may all unite and become a stronger force. Those who cannot see this are not part of any of the groups, they are still connected knowingly or unknowingly, willingly or unwillingly to the GOP and DNC system that control us and they feel more comfortable with them than with us in spite of what they may say.

    Some videos like the one below have been produce and I for fun and education produced the one below. I think that you will like it.

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