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Vets Angry – Obama Flag Replaced American Flag

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A Democratic HQ in Lake County Florida has taken down a flag featuring the face of Barack Obama, after irate veterans literally stormed the front porch of the building demanding its removal.

This flag is a disgrace, directly violating the U.S. flag code. When confronted by the veterans, The Democratic Chair Nancy Hulbert at first threatened to call the police, but finally decided to look up the flag code. At that point she decided to take it down.

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13 Responses to “Vets Angry – Obama Flag Replaced American Flag”
  1. chowgirl says:

    verb (used with object), -crat·ed, -crat·ing.
    to divest of sacred or hallowed character or office.
    to divert from a sacred to a profane use or purpose.
    to treat with sacrilege; profane.

    that woman is mentally ill! BURN that crap and jail the person/s who created it!!

    it is unbelievable how stupid some Americans are!! or maybe they are just communists! grrrr

  2. Bill Boe says:

    The U.S. Mint is currently accepting orders on the commemorative one dollar silver coin observing the writing of the Star Spangled Banner during the War of 1812. It is time to respect the flag, not ignore it. And it is the Obama administration that approved the minting of the coin so why are the Lake County folks replacing the flag with personality icons? Despite the trendiness of local politics, the Star Spangled Banner will continue to wave over the land of the free and the home of the brave……as long as we remain free and brave!

  3. Vets angry? We may have a point here.

    Unusual request for soldiers to disarm before listening to Leon Panetta speak.
    What happened here, have they pushed them so hard that they don’t trust them anymore?

  4. David Martin says:

    When you have to disarm AMERICAN soldiers in a war zone because you fear for the safety of some federal government PINHEAD, then the problem in NOT the soldiers, it’s the PINHEAD! If members of the federal government conducted themselves for the betterment of the American people, LIKE THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO DO, instead of the selfish betterment of themselves, I can’t see that any of them would have anything to fear from any American, save some mentally unbalanced person, and you really can’t protest against them anyway. Afghanistan is Vietnam Redux, mark my words. It’s a shame that our current young people are not as outraged about this as my generation was about Vietnam. Sadly, they’ve bought the bill of goods that’s been fed to them. There’s NOTHING patriotic or “heroic” about shooting up some one else’s country when there are no American lives at risk. The excuse for going there, Bin Laden, is DONE, now it’s just about making money for war materiel makers, paid for with the blood of young Americans.

  5. Bill Rose says:

    The woman should be embarassed for being that publicly stupid. Sure glad I’m not a democrat. I’m a Vietnam Era Vet and it angered me to see that.

  6. Bill Boe says:

    David Martin provides some accurate observations. David, I believe the lack of public outrage at the gross mismanagement of the wars by BOTH administrations is that there is no military draft requiring ALL American households to supply soldiers for the battlefields and also because the wars are financed by borrowing money from China and not by directly taxing each of us! Bring back the draft and charge a $1/gallon war tax on gasoline, and the public will be concerned about our failed foreign policies and will be more select on the wars we fight and who our commander-in-chief is!

  7. Michael says:

    “could have avoided all of this by simply calling them on the phone”. Yeah right! When they showed up it took how long before she was convinced that she violated the flag code & removed it. If they had called it would still be there today. If it is for sale then I hope one of them is able to buy it so they can burn it on YouTube. I would do it myself if I could afford it.

  8. Obviously those in the military although in a different setting are suffering of the same symptoms as the American people. We are been abused, push to far, ignored and many have lost their patience with them. As Gerald Celente has said many times; “when people have nothing to lose, they lose it” and many are at that point now. Unless of course you are listening to and believing the American media and Washington tell you otherwise so that you continue playing their game under their rules which they just keep on changing to cheat on all of us. The good news is that more are awakening everyday and a corrupt government that is not of the people and for the people cannot survive when the population catches up to their game. The forces of good and fairness will prevail and the people one way or another will rid the land of the corruption and the moral decadence that have settled upon it. And they will hold accountable those who have been responsible.

    “The suspect had been injured twice during his three previous deployments to Iraq, and didn’t want to go to Afghanistan to begin with… The soldier, a 38-year-old father of two who is originally from the Midwest, deployed last December with the 3rd Stryker Brigade, and on Feb. 1 was attached to a “village stability operation.” Browne described him as highly decorated and said he had once been nominated for a Bronze Star, which he did not receive… He said the soldier and his family had thought he was done fighting. His family was “totally shocked,” he said. “He’s never said anything antagonistic about Muslims. He’s in general very mild-mannered.”

  9. Karianne says:

    The war for liberty IS already happening, but some people may just not be aware if it so it is easy to despair. The battlefield is for the hearts and minds of the American people, and We the People are winning. This awakening is also why American soldiers are no longer trusted to keep their arms by those in power! This awakening to truth is unstoppable and why Zbigniew Brzezinski said: “Today, it is infinitely easier to to kill a million people than to control a million people.”.

    Wonder why another war, say with Iran, is sounding pretty good to them right about now?! What might they say or DO to create enough fear to get Americans to support it? To have a reason to kill more people in America and around the world to maintain power? To give up more of our liberty for security? To forget their Federal Reserve ponzi scheme is collapsing? To keep our military deployed so they aren’t home to turn on those in power?

    And I’ll add this from America’s last great President who stood up to those in power…he tried to warn us of their tactics. He also called for the media to do it’s job in exposing truth but it hasn’t because those who own it are part of those who control us. This is why Americans have been so asleep and why the Internet is such a threat to their power.

  10. Karianne@

    Good posting on John F. Kennedy speech.

    Those are the words of an assassinated president who stood against the dominance and corruption of the shadow government.

    A man who right or wrong denied the CIA the power to overthrow a foreign government. After all he was the elected president.

    A man who refused involvement in the Viet Nam war. The war went on and turnout to be a disaster.

    A man who with his brother by his side declared a war on corruption.
    A man who challenged the Federal Reserve bankers by printing US currency backed by silver. It was stooped.

    A man who asked a powerful foreign lobby (AZC) interfering in our affairs to register as a foreign agent. It never happened.

    A man who told the nation that is pushing us into war that they had to open their nuclear facilities for inspection. It never happened and here we are today on the verge of what could become a WWIII nuclear war.

    A man who was assassinated as the result of some or all of the above but thanks to the internet we can recall the true, unmentioned and forgotten history.

    Where would our nation be today if John F. Kennedy would have lived to implement his policies for the good of the American people and not just for the few who rule the world?

  11. FmrUSMCRnTX says:

    Disgraceful!! But then we’ve come to expect this kind of thing from Obozo & his supporters. As Clint Eastwood said “Time to let him go!”. He’s a FAILURE!
    God Bless America, Keep Her Free and Strong! Semper Fi!

  12. FmrUSMCRnTX says:

    Quoting: Pedro Alfonso says:
    March 16, 2012 at 1:30 PM

    Good posting on John F. Kennedy speech.

    Those are the words of an assassinated president who stood against the dominance and corruption of the shadow government.

    A man who right or wrong denied the CIA the power to overthrow a foreign government. After all he was the elected president.

    A man who refused involvement in the Viet Nam war. The war went on and turnout to be a disaster.

    Unfortunately, Mr. Alfonso’s statements here do NOT correspond to the truth & reality about JFK. Here we go:
    1. JFK in fact ordered the CIA and US military to support the Cuban dissident’s “Bay of Pigs” operation. He encouraged the dissidents. Then, as the operation got underway, JFK pulled the plug and abandoned the Cuban dissidents to be slaughtered by Castro’s communists.
    2. JFK’s policies regarding Southeast Asia and Vietnam in particular were highly supportive of the anti-communist movements. JFK was the first American President to order US military “advisors” into South Vietnam. The first American dead in the Vietnam War were under JFK’s watch. JFK continued to gradually “up the ante” while supporting a corrupt albeit anti-communist government. After JFK was killed, Lyndon B. Johnson continued the Kennedy policies, and landed the first US military ground force battalions (USMC) in 1965. Johnson continued to escalate the US military presence through 1968. But, in both JFK and LBJ’s views, this was to be another “limited” war (an oxymoron)…much like the Korean War that was fought under Harry Truman. While we had the resources and the capability, we were NOT ALLOWED by these administrations to WIN those wars. Resulting in 53,000 and 58,000 Americans killed in a “tie” (Korea) and “loss” (Vietnam). But at least we saved South Korea. Such wasn’t the case in Vietnam.

    These are the real historical facts. So go ahead and continue worshipping the martyred JFK, but with all due respect, please stop trying to sell those of us who are veterans DISTORTIONS of historical fact.

    Now we have another man in office that many liberals (and certainly those in the lame-stream media) worship and support despite his continued APOLOGIES for America. He was never fit or qualified for the office he holds despite his ARROGANCE. He never did ANYTHING for the USA other than be a “community organizer” and supporter of “social engineering”. He never had a real job in his life. His economic & foreign policies are not just a disaster, they’re a very powerful threat to our freedom and very existence as a nation! We can’t afford another 4 years of this INSANITY! Yet, that’s what you’re voting FOR if you vote in November for this radical socialist charlatan “Messiah”! Our country and people deserve far better. God Bless & watch over our USA! Semper Fi!

  13. FmrUSMCrnTX

    I will give you a real historical fact which many may argue but it cannot be refuted because the truth indicates otherwise. I could make my response ten pages long listing the instances but it will likely fall on deaf ears and will have wasted my time so I will make my comment as brief and concise as possible for those who will understand it.

    We don’t fight wars to defend our nation and the soldiers do not die to protect it. Reality is that we never even won the War of Independence as we never became independent. The same Rothschild bankers and the Bank of England continued to control our money and its supply after the revolution. It is simple and we can see it today, if a nation does not control its money it is not sovereign therefore we are not and have never been. Ironically the only nations that are so have been labeled as the “Axis of Evil” because to these bankers that brainwash our nation’s citizens that is what they are if they do not allow themselves to be jerked around as we have always been. This is the real reason why Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi are dead today and the reason why they want to take down Iran. This could also be the reason why Kennedy was assassinated. The Warren Commission covered up the conspiracy by blaming a lone stooge assassin but now we know that in reality it was a conspiracy that some of our conspirators governing officials hid from the people. This in fact makes the Kennedy assassination a coup d’état which nullifies our electoral process entirely.

    No, we do not fight wars in defense of our nation; we fight them in defense of the “Oligarchy Empire” of which we are part of. If our soldiers were fighting for our nation and our people they would be here trying to oust the sitting stooge in the White House that these banking oligarchs gave us or trying to prevent from being elected the other one they have given us. Foolishly many here are trying to do just that and his name is Mitt Romney.

    If you really believe and trust on the military and by that I refer to the soldiers and not the Generals who are CFR members such as Petreaus then you should acknowledge that they support Ron Paul. Here in the Tea Party we beat ourselves in the chest to stand behind the military but do not listen to them who put their money and trust behind Ron Paul who the GOP acting in behave of these banking oligarch thru under the bus. Here in the Tea Party many support having our soldiers going all over the world dying to protect the oligarch’s oil and the Poppy fields of Afghanistan from which the profit. Those who know these truths and work constantly to make our citizens aware of such are the patriots who are really fighting for a just cause.

    So if you really stand behind our flag and our soldiers then listen to them and start supporting them and their cause. Stop supporting the oligarchs who own the Empire and join us in this fight to make our nation sovereign.

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