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“Washington-Cash”: New Measure of Currency

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9 Responses to ““Washington-Cash”: New Measure of Currency”
  1. Gerald Davis says:

    We must somehow find a way to take back the narrative by taking back the ability to set the language. The language of the whole situation is what has been lost.

    The previous post “Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011″ shows this issue clearly.

    Put a “fair” sounding name on something and the foolish will go along with it. There will always be those foolish around. Boehner and McConnell support this foolishness.

    VOTE and go to Tea Party meetings.

    Keith Perry needs to be called out on his anti-second amendment beliefs. He didnt support SB 234 last year. He told me he didnt “feel” comfortable with it. What a statement. What a position. What a sad joke it is on all of us if we reelect him.

    VOTE and go to Tea Party meetings.

    Cliff Stearns & Steve Oelrich have got to go.

  2. Rod Gonzalez says:

    Hey Gerald,

    I may have missed something but I have him voting YES when it came through the House and then the Governor signed it into law. As a matter of fact, all three of our REPs ( Perry, Porter and Chestnut) voted YES. It’s absurd that we even need new legislation to defend our constitutional right to carry.



  3. Gerald Davis says:

    Yeah you are right he did vote yes. He did however not support it until after changes were made to it.

    Senator Dockery stripped out open carry. Senator Bogdanoff stripped out campus carry.

    Then it passed in both the state house and senate. Dockery and Bogdanoff did the rests’ dirty work so they could vote for it and happily proclaim they were pro second amendment!

    Representative Perry told me he didnt feel comfortable until after the changes. I will forward you the email Rod if you would like to see it.

  4. Gerald Davis says:

    Oops. Dockery removed campus carry. Bogdanoff removed open carry.

    Your are right though, I would like to see someone author a bill that says simply “We will from this day forward respect and follow the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.” period.

  5. Rod Gonzalez says:

    We can certainly work towards that!!

  6. The wheels have been set in motion and no one except for Ron Paul and his supporters have the will to change it. Everyone wants to fix the economy but not many are willing to take the pain of doing so. Yes, we can blame Obama for $4.5 trillion but in the past eleven years the deficit has gone up $10.5 trillion. It took over 200 years to reach $1 trillion. We have past the point of no return and anyone who stands in front of you and say that they are going to fix the economy without default, hyperinflation or massive austerity measures is lying to your face.

    To keep in mind is the fact that no one is explaining how they are going to come up with over $100 trillion in unfunded obligations. Life is great in Wonderland isn’t it?

  7. I just read this article which I recommend for all to read. This is the reality and all else is a make believe.

    Our economy collapsed in 2008 and since it has been kept afloat with printed money and more debt. With one exception the presidential candidates who want to get elected either know it and are lying or are just plain dumb. They blame Obama for our economic ailments and many will believe them but in reality the fate of our economy has already been sealed and it will require a new beginning after suffering the results of having lived an artificial, temporary and doomed from the beginning credit and debt base economy.

    “Only God can create… value out of nothing”—Justice Martin V. Mahoney

    “Our debt-based money system serves as the fraud foundation. In our debt-based money system, debt must grow in order to create money. Therefore, there is no way to pay off aggregate debt with available money. More money must be lent into the system to make the payments for old debts. This causes overall debt to expand as new money for actual people (vs. banks) always arrives at interest and compounds exponentially. This process is called financialization.”

    “Financialization: The process of making money from nothing in which debt (i.e. poverty, lack) is paradoxically considered an asset.”… “This primer will detail the major components and basic evolution of fake wealth creation, accelerating debt expansion, hollowing out of the economy, and inevitable financial implosion.”

    So you see, the media is lying, many economists are lying and our governing officials are lying. Everything they do is not to solve the insolvable but to push the day of reckoning back another day. Those who can see the truth instead of continue living this artificial lie are preparing for the inevitable while those who ignore the signs and continue to live this fantasy will pay the higher price for ignoring the obvious financial implosion end game. It is not a matter of if will happen but when it will happen. You can rest assured that when it finally does happen the politicians will try to cover it up by disguising it with a war or some other cataclysmic false event. Can you see one coming yet?

    We have come to the end of the road: Economic recovery and paying the debt is an impossibility, a false hope and a lie, default and economic collapse is truth and reality. It does not mean the end of the world and America but it does require much pain and a new beginning.

  8. Karianne says:

    Great article you found Pedro explaining our fiat currency and why this creates the problem of unending debt we currently face. From the end if the article, which the author said will be addressed more in Part 2:

    “Active, civil resistance is necessary to stop the loss of public sovereignty to private interests. Creative, viable alternatives to the currently corrupt and fraud-ridden global economic system are vital.”

    The solution will only come when all Americans unite to undo this corrupt financial system and hold their governmental partners in crime accountable. It will require everyone to stop falling for the left-right paradigm the politicians and their cohort media push on us to keep us fighting one another on petty issues so we don’t stop and point fingers at those truly responsible. This silent revolution is happening and the numbers of Americans who understand this grows by the day. You will know the tipping point has been reached when there is civil resistance and Americans of all backgrounds stand united in Washington DC and will not leave until those responsible are held accountable.

    As for the second part of the quote, the only politician I have heard with a creative solution to get us out of this mess is Ron Paul. It will take drastic measures to resuscitate America from our current system. Which would you prefer: For the economy to come crashing down on its own with a President who was either lying to you, too corrupt and beholden to those who got us in this mess, or simply too dumb to understand? Or a “controlled” re-start of America’s economy with a President who understands economics and even predicted our current financial situation?

    I choose the latter!

  9. On the link posted above by Karianne we can simply see our choices. It is like a body consumed by gangrene, we can opt to lose a leg now or choose to simply soon die. I want to live; what do you want?

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