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We’re Taking Over The Thomas Hayes-Morrison Show Tomorrow

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  1. Jote' Thompson says:

    Great, I like your list of topics. The tide is turning against the corrupt in power and the two party system is about to crumble. Please join us for sign waving demonstrations for the next Constitutional President, GARY JOHNSON. Want more info call Marshall at 352-514-8568 or Jote’ at 352-375-6393.

  2. Lourdes Chu says:

    Gosh Jote, thanks for helping the Obama campaign….looking forward to 4 more years!!!!

  3. Karianne says:

    Interestingly those voting for Obama say a vote for Johnson is a vote for Romney. Lol.

    I believe a vote for Johnson is a vote for liberty and the Constitution, but I know those two things sound silly to some in the tea party. I choose a vote of dissent rather than one of consent. I will no longer give the Dems or Repubs my permission or authority to continue America’s destruction with my vote.

  4. Lourdes @

    I see that you have not done your research yet and are still listening to the Republican pundits and Fox News. Mitt Romney has nothing to offer us but four more years of Barack Obama just like Obama gave us four more years of George W Bush. We believe in the same things, we differ on what we know which affects our view of the world. The world is not as you and many others perceive it, do the home work and join those of us who live in the real one; there is a hidden reality.

    I can tell you as the Republican of forty years and foolishly having voted twice for George W Bush the man who gave us the Patriot Act and much more and anti-Constitution NeoCon John McCain that the Republican Party is dead and only those who can stand the stench still remain. I had more that I can take of it, so I am out of there.

    Did you read the below in its entirety yet and relearn history? And that is only the beginning of what is hidden and out of sight. Learn and change as we have.

  5. Cecilia says:

    Jote”, Karianne and Pedro; I echo your comments! I rebel against being told that I HAVE to vote for Establishment candidate A or Establishment candidate B! In the past, I held my nose and voted. Where did that get me (and us)? I kept trying to get on the show today, but kept getting a busy signal. Good work Vets for Johnson, Nash and Marshall!

  6. Sue says:


    I hear you saying you’re going to vote for Johnson to make a point, to stand on principle.

    I hear you saying you’re disgusted not only at those who are directly causing the destruction of our country, but also at the people who have let it happen rather than stand up for the founding principles.

    I hear you saying that people like me who are going to vote for Romney are as big a part of the problem as the Obama voters and those who are directly plundering our freedom.

    I hear you saying that one very big part of your message is to slap down those of us who agree with you in principle, but who think voting for Johnson is the wrong tactic to apply at this time in the battle for America.

    Do I hear you correctly? If so, I suggest that the best way for you to send your message is to just go ahead and vote for Obama. Four more years of his insanity will deliver the message and the punishment you think we deserve more certainly, more powerfully, and more permanently than your voting for Johnson now can do, and Johnson doesn’t have a chance to win anyway, so……

    You say, in effect, “…if only we who love America would stick together and all of us vote for Johnson we could break the grip that the corrupt two-party system has on our country.” Electing Johnson or some other highly principled person to the White House is our ultimate GOAL, but we have a long way to go to that election date.

    Right now, getting rid of Obama must be our present OBJECTIVE in order to begin moving our country toward that goal. One day when the time is right we will unite to elect a candidate with Johnson’s attributes. But it isn’t going to happen right now. And if you vote for him now, and Obama wins because you and others didn’t vote for Romney, we may never get the chance to elect Johnson in the future.

    If you were to ask our founders what we should do in this situation where we feel captured by an evil system, they would tell us that now is not the time to try to promote a third party candidate. They would advise us to remain flexible in order to take the best advantage of circumstances as they arise, and not to act prematurely and dash any hopes of a future, certain win. Most important, they would remind us that there is a FIRST PRINCIPLE that stands above all the others, and that is to SURVIVE to fight another day.

    Karianne, you and other Johnson supporters are trying to make this election about the need for, and the righteousness of, a third party. But getting rid of Obama is what it’s really about. Once that is done we can begin creating the right circumstances and voter awareness necessary for a third party win.

    You insist that your vote for Johnson will be a vote on principle, and that we who vote for Romney despite our dislike of him are betraying our principles. I submit to you that by voting for Romney we are standing on the highest possible moral ground. We are doing what is right for America, even though it falls short of what we want. We accept that our first and foremost responsibility right now is to make sure that we preserve our abilities and opportunities to cleanse America of the corruption our two-party system has fostered. To do that we have to survive this election and stay in the game. And that means we have to make sure Romney wins, no matter how distasteful we find voting for him to be.

    The difference in your point of view and mine is how we define “winning” in this election. I see only two possible outcomes, either Romney wins and we live to fight another day, or we get another four yrs of Obama’s insanity during which he will advance his agenda to destroy America and codify his anti-American personal opinions into law that will oppress all of us; law that we may never be able to repeal.

    For you, winning means adhering to your principles and not voting for either Romney or Obama, but instead voting in a way that might as well be a vote for Obama. You know that Johnson doesn’t have enough votes to win, that all he can do is syphon off votes from Romney and thus give the win to Obama. You seem to be saying that if you can’t have the America our founders intended IMMEDIATELY, then you don’t want our country at all, hence your willingness to split the vote even if it means a certain win for Obama. I hope you haven’t really given up on America to that extent.

    Karianne, I strongly dislike having to vote for Romney, but nothing is more important than getting rid of Obama, and electing Romney is the only way to do that. Johnson just doesn’t have a place in this election, and attempting to use the election to advance the third party agenda will not serve any of us well. IMHO, it’s time to face this hard fact and let go of the fantasy that somehow, if we could all just get the vote out, Johnson could win. He can’t.

    If you are not where the fight is at the right time, properly armed and willing to do your part, you can’t help us win.

    The fight is for America. In this election it is between Obama and Romney. It is this November. The location is your polling place. The weapon is your vote for Romney. Be there. Please. Help us get rid of Obama now and begin paving the way for Johnson in 2016.

  7. Karianne says:

    While I completely understand and respect where you and others are coming from when you say this, I guess our biggest discrepancy is Romney. You see him as an awful solution but one that will buy us “hopefully” a few years more time. I see Romney as the equivalent of Obama, in that he will do as much destruction if not MORE to America. Romney supports to the same type of tyrannical bills (NDAA, Patriot Act, TARP, etc) as Obama. Add to that his stance on foreign policy which is to get us into another needless war for the military-industrial complex, draining us further financially and killing more of the best men and women on earth who die for these jokers and their false flag lies.

    I have done much research in the past few years and see this world very differently than I once did. In fact, I saw it just like you. But after looking for some answers as to why, who is behind this, what is really going on…I live in a completely different world. My eyes are wide open to the deception and I can never go back to the mentality I had before.

    My love for America is great, and I have 3 little kids who are my reason to want liberty…for their future. I see we are given no options by the establishment. I know our Founders would want us to peacefully resist, unless we are given no other option. We must be willing to act different if we want different for our future. People have been voting for the “lesser of two evils” before I was born and look where it got us. Our Founders would be wise enough to see the strategy we’ve been using has not worked and would think outside the box to create a new solution.

    We agree the time IS now…we must fight for America and it is our last chance. I just will not do it sitting down at the voting booth with the illusion of “hope” that another Establishment puppet will buy me more time; rather, I will be standing and saying “Come and get me, and all the others like me in the Liberty movement. We know who you are and what you’ve done and we will not play your game any longer. “

  8. Hi Sue

    I really enjoy this debate so I am glad that you came back so that we can show our points of view and let the readers decide where they should stand.

    Karianne is right Sue. I will add that people voting for Romney although they don’t want him for the sake of voting against Obama when there is another option they are not just part of the problem but the problem itself. At least the behavior of the Democratic Party is more consistent with its constituency. The Republican Party has totally betrayed their constituency; so why kiss up to them?

    What qualifies you a strategist as you claim in the fight for Freedom in America? Siding with the enemy to win the battle is a sure way to lose the war, so your strategy is equivalent as having the gun pointed at our head moved from the left side to the right side. So no, we are not buying it and no one else should. Abandoning the principle that we have had enough already is not the trend of all of the Tea Parties in our nation, it just happen to be so in the leadership of many including this one which is why some of us come here to remind them that it has become what it was not meant to be. And that is those of us who still remain as many others who had enough have long been gone. The only thing missing in such Tea Parties is the GOP banner.

    When are you going to get that our biggest threat is not Barack Obama but the status quo and both parties are the status quo. Our biggest threat is the economy and both of our political parties can do nothing about it and have been preparing for the chaos and unrest that is unavoidable. You can rest assured that with the NeoCons in power, oppression and abuses on our citizens will be worse when we arrive at extreme conditions for that is what they do best.

    Worrying about Socialism is totally nonsense in a nation with millions on unemployment and, a government with expenditures of $3.5 trillion (put in a different perspective, it is $3,500,000 million). The government has 47 million people on Food Stamps, tens of millions on their payroll dependant on medical care and who knows how many millions working directly and indirectly for the Federal Government. So I think that voting for Mitt Romney to save us from Socialism may be a little too late; wouldn’t you say? We got to where we are today with the help of the two ruling political parties controlled by the same shadow government and you intent to vote for one of them so that nothing changes.

    The only thing that is preventing the election of a highly principled politician as our president is our two political party monopoly who serves the shadow government that give us the manure they own for presidential choices. People like you who say that electing that principled not bought politician cannot be done will vote for the manure that has ruined our nation. And perhaps you are right and it cannot be done because people like you in submission and fear will not vote for conscience and principle.

    I don’t know why you even bothered mentioning our forefathers who would be ashamed and disown such behavior. Looking at our history I believe that they did not vote for the lesser of two evils or the best of the worse. They just said that they have had enough and rebelled which obviously is not your strategy.

    I will end with a quote from one of our forefather’s which first part is in concurrence with your strategy. As for myself, I will stick to the second part.

    When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty. Thomas Jefferson

  9. Sue @

    I will add to the above the analogy that the Republican Party for decades has behaved in the fashion of an alcoholic abusive spouse. It became more evident and the hostility towards the party members (spouse) actually picked up a few notches during the primaries and convention as many left dishearten and bruised. Those as you choosing to remain faithful do not want to go thru the change and are willing to continue bearing the beatings and abuse rather than to explore other options. Many of us have put a stop to it and will look for a more promising fresh new start.

    With Mitt Romney the Party lacks the legitimacy that those who have and will abandon it desire in order to give them another chance and you should clearly understand that although you may chose otherwise. The marriage is over and there is not enough time left for counseling to improve it. The only thing that will make the GOP see the light is when they realize that they are been dumped and then perhaps they would be willing to “partially” change out of necessity because they will never do “entirely” but by then it may be too late.

    In order for any of the two main political parties to abandon or partially abandon loyalty to the shadow government and render it to the people the people have to make them understand that they are been rejected and that the relationship is on the verge of been dissolved. But that is not your approach and thus the abuse and beatings will continue. As for the rest of us “we have had enough” and you should understand it and accept it rather than to council and ill advice to the contrary.

  10. Laurie Newsom says:

    For Sue,
    Extremely well said..and I am referring many people to your post. Our current political situation is too dangerous to focus on anything except the removal of Obama from office. Those who do not realize that are ignoring the disastrous consequences of another four years. We must have that time to make the changes we so desperately need but more importantly we must understand that another four years of Obama will destroy our country. Those who feel our country needs to be destroyed to rise again like a Phoenix are fooling themselves. A revolution is easy to embrace from the comfort of air conditioning and full grocery shelves. Not so pleasant when coping with a crumbling infrastructure trying to stay fed and disease free. Thank you for all that you are doing.

  11. This is really funny. :-)

    I guess since no one else in padding us in the back we will do it ourselves. :-)

    I just posted an article on my website and will post it below in its entirety. The only thing missing is the photo which you can see by clicking on my name which takes you to my website.

  12. Hard reality will hit Americans on January 1st 2013

    By P Alfonso on Sep 16, 2012 | In 1. The Nation

    Read the article enclosed in this link to see the “Fiscal Cliff” that will take hold of our nation starting on January 1st 2013.

    This likely will be more shocking to the economy and the people than if the price of gasoline were to jump $2 to $3 per gallon. To be considered is that gasoline could also do such during 2013. One of the problems with these cuts is that they really do not solve the budget deficit problem, it just does the same thing that cuts and tax increases have done to Greece and Spain. This still leaves an unsustainable budget deficit of $1 trillion or more and the debt ceiling will have to be raised again and again or eliminated so that politicians will not have to deal with them in the future. This would open the floodgates of money printing and inflation and yet more economic suffering and hardship.

    We will march to the polls on November 6th but such will be futile trivia in respect to solving the economic problem. There is no political solution to the debt and the unsustainable path of our economy; only economic pain can with time resolve it. The only thing that politics can do at this point is to decide how the American people especially in the large cities will be handled and treated when the economic suffering become unbearable. This is the real reason for the passing of the Patriot Act, the NDAA and 30,000 drones coming to America. They are designed to curtail our Civil Liberties in order to protect the shadow government from the wrath of the people when we arrive at these extreme conditions and you can rest assured that we will. Government will have to control the tens of millions of Americans who will face the loss of everything they owned including their homes and tens of millions more of our citizens who have become dependent on a government that no longer can partially of fully sustain them. Do not go on with the assumption that it will not affect you. Many Americans in this time of national hardship look down at those who are in need and dependent unaware that they are also totally dependent for the simple reason that they are only one job away from being homeless and destitute. Riding into the Fiscal Cliff could affect anyone who has not yet been so.

    This is the reality and why this law has been referred to as the “Fiscal Cliff”. Our best solution and what would really benefit the people would be doing what Iceland did. It is a must read and you can do so here.

    But most Americans will waste their time on November 6th in this dual political party circus not paying attention that there are other options. Our political leaders are in bed with the bankers and will continue the path of sacrificing the people in order to save the banks. This allows the shadow government oligarchy to maintain a grip on our government and the world and continue the path to World Governance that strips nations of their sovereignty. Only a people’s revolt against the banks and bankers could bring some normalcy to our nation. It would not solve all of our problems or make the economic pain disappear but would put the fate of our nation back on the hands of the people.

  13. Sue says:


    Perhaps we’ve come to the end of the discussion about whether to vote Romney or Johnson; you, choosing Johnson and I, choosing Romney. I truly hope you are more comfortable with your decision than I am with mine, because franky, I’m just plain miserable about it, even though I still think I MUST go with Romney.

    I’d like to express my appreciation for how much you have helped me hash through the issues and arrive at my own decision to vote for Romney even though I have strong reservations about him. I know Pedro is beating his head on his desk right about now, maybe breaking pencils and shouting at his monitor, but I trust that you have maintained your composure even upon learning you (and Pedro) helped me decide to go with Romney. I know you hoped I’d decide on Johnson. I’ll let you know if I change my mind.

    Thank you for your thoughtful and measured responses during our discussions. You have a beautiful way of expressing yourself, and you convey your viewpoint so clearly and so gracefully that even though we disagree on how to vote, it doesn’t feel like a conflict, and I feel the doorway between us remains open. It’s a good feeling.

    I think you may be a “natural born” stateswoman and a peace-maker although I sense you have reached some sort of limit which, I admit, is causing me some concern. If you have, please take some steps back, stop thinking about all this and rest for a while. One of the hardest lessons I had to learn in my life was that, while I have the heart and spirit of a warrior, I do not have the right genetics, the necessary physiology, to withstand the stress of staying on “red alert” for extended periods of time. ( I may have already mentioned this in another post. Sorry to all if I’m repeating myself ) Please consider whether or not this is an issue for you.

    The fact that YOU are raising three children in this increasingly strange and quarrelsome world gives me hope for the future — the future that will occur long past my time on earth, but which matters to me nonetheless. If your children grow up to have the same ability you have to discern the truth and express themselves as you have done here, with the same personal strenth borne of humility, courage, intelligence and good character, they surely will be part of the group of adults who will save the America of their time.

    If I remember correctly, it is the Hopi native tribe who have a tradition of “singing the day into existence” each morning. The idea of starting over each day, that it is necessary and right to do so, is comforting somehow. It helps us keep in perspective how temporary our world and our lives always have been and always will be. They must be refreshed and restored to order each day, and apparently this applies to countries, governments, political parties and voters too. Looked at that way, the dire circumstances we are in now with our govt seem less frightening, and more just a spoke of the wheel of life. We can see that even the terrifying and deadly NEW WORLD ORDER is really just a flimsy, transient thing if we stand back far enough to see it waxing and waning, subject to the same laws of the universe that continually shape and reshape every part of our lives.

    I believe that parents have a big role in turning that wheel of life and shaping our country’s future. Through your children you can “sing into existence” America’s Constitutional future. I hope that there will be more and more parents endowed with your attributes who join that chorus and inculcate the same attributes and values in their children too. It gives me a measure of hope to imagine such a splendid thing, and I hope the idea encourages you as well.

    If you wouldn’t mind sharing with me some of the info you’ve discovered in your research, I would love to have the links and your recommendations for books or whatever. If you want to contact me outside this site, ask Rob for my email address. ( HEY ROB..I KNOW YOU’RE READING THIS. IF KARIANNE ASKS YOU FOR MY EMAIL ADDRESS, YOU HAVE MY PERMISSION TO GIVE IT TO HER. THANKS!)

    Take care Karianne, and SING.


  14. Karianne says:

    Thank you for your kind words Sue.

  15. Rod Gonzalez says:


    At your request I will certainly share your email with Karianne. Also, to make you feel better about Pedro, he is definitely not pounding his head against the desk. Pedro is very level headed and always loves good debate and discussion.
    Thank you very much for your comments.


  16. Rod @

    Rod @
    I guess you know me well. I had no intention of replying to Sue’s comment on me, although I do admit that I laughed when I read it. And this is not intended to mock but just to get another laugh.

    It is hard to put on the written word a calm voice and a big smile but no matter what is interpreted from what is written the latter is always there. I always look forward for the voice of disagreement or approval which allows the opportunity to expand on the conversation. I will offer Sue and others the thought that when they finally realize that Mitt Romney cannot win then vote in protest of this corrupted two party system which denies the people a real choice and voice with candidates that are already bought and paid for. One way to avoid making a mistake is by not been suckered into early voting as much can happen between today and election day. A wasted vote is one that you can no longer change. :-)

    I will give the Tea Party credit where it is deserved and that is on the local level but on the national level they have failed miserably when they accepted the notion that we had to accept what we did not want. That is clearly stated by Sue and that is not what the Tea Party is supposed to do. If that was the case then there was no need for its existence but ironically that is exactly what it is doing thus invalidating its need to exist. It makes no sense at all voting for politicians who are already indebted to a system that we want to change. We are in a no win situation and the only thing we can still save is our integrity and who knows; perhaps all we need is a vote of integrity to win.

  17. marshall clayton says:

    I heard Ron Paul can Deadlift 675lb and is pushing a sub 4min mile right now!

  18. marshall clayton says:

    Heaven forbid we couldn’t live without cable tv, airconditioning and our suburban for a week. Vote for Romney and he will ensure you remain comfortable, inleast while his administration strips you blinded of all your liberties just like Obama’s has. Instead this time you can go to sleep while it happens.

    1st amendment violation: CISPA/NDAA

    2nd amendment violation: Mass. Assault rifle ban state – extension from Clinton’s Federal gun ban/NDAA

    3rd amendment violation: No violation

    4th amendment violation: Patriot Act/NDAA

    5th amendment violation: Patriot Act/NDAA

    6th amendment violation: NDAA

    7th amendment violation: No direct violation

    8th amendment violation: NDAA

    9th amendment violation: Patriot Act/NDAA

    10th amendment violation: Patriot Act/NDAA/Romneycare

    Not to mention he promises to expand our Unconstitutional wars and keep Bernanke in his thrown.

    So why do you support Mitt Romney? Well inleast his name is not Barack Obama right?

  19. Sue says:


    I believe the worst thing that can happen is for Obama to win.

    The next worse thing is for Romney to win.

    But one of them is going to win. Period.

    You can’t change that by voting for Johnson.

    You can’t build a third party by voting for Johnson.

    You can’t build a party with votes, period. That should be done before the election, before you ask voters to take a chance on your candidate.

    The small third party vote in this election will not aid your cause and is effectively DOA already. Unless you just want the momentary satisfaction of giving the middle finger to the two party system, don’t vote Johnson. It may feel good, but you won’t win because he can’t win. Since you can’t win, and can’t even damage the two party system with your Johnson vote, why are you gonna do it?

    Your vote should be relevant to the decision at hand, based on your confidence in that candidate to deliver what you want. The decision at hand is between either Obama or Romney. In this election you cannot effectively address the issues that Johnson voters want addressed, i.e. improvement on the two party system, etc. It is neither the time nor the place. All you can do right now is try to help get rid of Obama.

    Principle voters definitely are impacting the system, but not in a way that moves you toward the goal of upsetting it. Instead, the impact you will have in this election will be to strengthen voter identification with the Dem vs Repub paradigm. How? Because if Obama wins, he will continue to build the radical Democratic base by attracting more entitlement-minded voters until they amount to more than 50% of the voting populace. Once that happens there will be no going back, and no third party, EVER.

    Johnson has not had the exposure he needs, has not built the base he needs, and does not have the traction he needs to win a national election. Right now he is still preaching to the converted, and not making much progress with the rest of the voters. His campaign is little more than a support group, and voting for him little more than holding hands in a group therapy session. It would feel good to be in that company, but when we leave that session we have to go home and face the true consequences of our votes: either Obama, or the slightly less damaging Romney. Like it or not, your vote will help elect one or the other, and will serve no other purpose, no matter how principled or well-intended you are.

    In our disagreement on who to vote for, we are fighting each other, not the threat that confronts us. Since we are independent-minded, this isn’t surprising but it is that very trait that may consign Johnson and all other third party candidates to the dustbin of history; and consign us to another 4 years of Obama hell and a “finally transformed” America from which we cannot escape.

    If you want to upset the two party system, you better go back to the drawing board because what you’re doing so far is just entrenching and solidifying it. Every time you launch a candidate too soon under the third party banner, you damage the chances of succeeding next time. That is part of the problem now. Voters see the magnitude of earlier failures as a prediction of current third party possibilities.

    As to the offenses against the Constitution you list, I hate them too. But how is your vote for a man who can’t win going to help the situation? I’m sorry to put it this way, but voting for Johnson is like shooting yourself in the foot.
    I hope you, Karianne and Pedro will reconsider.

  20. Karianne says:

    This article below says it better than I am able to. I’ve provided a few select quotes for you.

    To this I will add it is not my fault Romney is the GOP choice and if he loses it will not be due to the Liberty movement’s lack of votes, rather because the GOP did not give us a candidate worthy of voting for. I have absolutely no confidence in either Obama or Romney, yet you continue to insist I must vote for one of them. I am not the one who has put myself into an artificial box. It is you.

    Lastly, you have no right to blame a third party for the failure of America. It is Americans who desire to live in constant denial and ignorance about the reality of who Romney is and the way our system works that need to look in the mirror. The way I see it, if Obama wins, the GOP establishment learned a lesson that they should put up a candidate worthy of voting for next time or risk losing again. And if Romney wins, Republicans may finally realize that nothing has changed after all and they were duped once more into supporting further tyranny. Either way it’s a win-win for a future 3rd party.

    “In the game of chess, the primary goal is to diminish your opponent’s options.  To force him into a corner where, no matter which choice he makes, he loses.  Chess, however, is not life.  In life, intelligent and creative individuals have the ability to walk away from the board completely and implement their own solutions.  The more we continue to participate in the rigged game, and the more we continue to view the future as a series of self contained boundaries administered by the establishment instead of a wide open frontier in which all is possible, the more we will lose, until there is nothing left.”

    “The lesser of two evils sales pitch is, in the end, an extension of the methodology of moral relativism.  It trains us to embrace the status quo, whether we like it or not, and to continuously rationalize our adherence to the sham just to get through the day.”

    “My conscience, as with most other people, tells me that choosing the “lesser of two evils” (an illogical abstraction) sends a message to the elitists that manipulate our culture that I am willing to help them perpetuate their fiction.  I become an accomplice in the crime.  I commit self mutilation.  I give power to the lie.”

    “Such institutionalized misery can only be undone by uncompromising men and women who put principles and conscience before comfort, or even before their own lives.  All throughout history, this is how wrong is undone.  No society ever changed for the better by casting aside their beliefs and their individualism.  No society ever changed for the better by choosing the lesser of two evils.  No society ever changed for the better by holding out the hand of friendship to despots, maniacs, and con-men in the hopes that they would be spared just a little less tragedy before their time on this Earth is over…”

  21. Sue @

    I see that you are persistent and keep suggesting that we should vote the way you would like for us to vote. We are not trying to tell you who to vote for; we are just telling you who we are voting for and why. We will not be disappointed if you choose to waste your vote on Mitt Romney after all it is your vote. On the other hand the Republicans and the shadow government controlled media could have allowed Ron Paul a fair chance in the primaries and the convention and perhaps we would not be debating about Mitt Romney who many Republicans will not vote for. Obviously by your own admission Romney is not the choice of the people or even yours and most definitely not ours. If he is not, then why make him president against our own will?

    You and many others fear that if Obama is elected it may the end of our nation. I will tell you that after having studied in depth the event that shook and turned our nation upside down in 2001 and seeing the aftermath, there is no way that I would ever vote again for the candidate of choice of the criminal NeoCons and perhaps the reason you will is because you have not gotten that part yet. Both George W Bush and Barack Obama sold us out to the bankers and Mitt Romney is already in their pockets. I would never vote for Obama but for the sake of our nation and our citizens if Obama wins over the NeoCons that brought disaster to our nation then let it be because we are today where we are not only because of Obama or the Democrats but because of the NeoCons, their wars and their Fascist laws. People like you will never understand us until you understand what we know and understand. If what you fear from Obama takes place which I believe will happen with Romney anyway because it is the plan, we still have options. We are the many and they are the few and it is very unlikely that our military which for the most part supported Ron Paul and are fed up with wars and the NeoCons of both parties that when SHTF they would not side with the people. When the people are oppressed revolutions do happen and the people can win or make gains.

    Karianne did an excellent job in explaining her point of view on the voting issue and the person who wrote the article she posted made it even clearer. Which part of this do you still not get?

  22. I am just curious that Sue appears to know everyone but is there someone here who knows Sue personally?

    Does anyone find strange that she knows me, Karianne and Laurie and others but does not know Rod who she refer to twice as Rob in a comment above.:-) :-) :-)

  23. Gerald Davis says:

    Sue and I are good buds.

    I liked reading your post Sue. It was a nice read in between some of the usual drone posts.

    We were able to get rid of Cliff Stearns and Steve Oelrich, If we work at it, we can replace even more congress critters and Romney the next time around.

    How does that saying go… Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

    Cliff Stearns and Steve Oelrich had to go.

  24. I will post this comment just to clarify the main reason for me visiting this website. I will also admit that it is fun most of the time and I enjoy doing so as it is intended to be for the betterment of our nation and we as a people. Even when at times it may appear so is not my intention to debate or promote any political candidate for the presidency. I really consider them irrelevant unless they are willing to do what would make a difference and this is to share truth and real knowledge with the American people but such is absent in our political process. With currently 23 comments, this is likely a good place to post this.

    The below is also posted on my website. You cannot change a world you don’t understand.

    Who owns your world?

    Wake up Americans; there is an awareness revival in which untold millions are participating. The only possible way we can change our nation and the world is by understanding how it works. Our political leaders are puppets who do not have a mind or will of their own. Some may argue this but if we consider that they belong to a group that hand picks them, finances and promotes them thus facilitating their access to the office, it should be clear to understand that in reality they are not the choice of the people. It is like been given the choice of a fruit to eat whether and grapefruit or a persimmon but if we prefer an orange or an apple we are not allowed to have them as they are off limits. These handpicked puppets are what they are which is articulated figures who behave on their master’s commands. They don’t make decisions they just articulate their given commands which they cannot control. The media and education system which is owned and managed by the puppet masters does not exist to inform and educate the masses. Its purpose is to entertain and create the illusion that the puppets are in charge while keeping the puppet masters invisible to the eyes of the people.

    People who promote true knowledge do not invent it they just discover it. Knowledge is the true history and all we do is find it and share it. True history is recorded and the internet has made the sharing of such more available than ever in the history of man. This is the tool that is feeding a world’s uprising thru the acquisition of true knowledge. Not everyone is interested in true knowledge and even for the willing it is difficult to acquire, especially if we are still hooked up to the media indoctrination machine which feeds the illusion. The only way to wake up from the illusion this is to unplug from it.

    Below there are two links that reveal some of this knowledge and help identifying the puppet masters whose wealth is estimated at $500 trillion or about half the world’s wealth. The opportunity is there for those who want to acquire the knowledge. These two examples do not cover the entire plot; all it does is expose the plot to a much greater plan. If you want to know where the concept of the World Government, Agenda 21 and much more originates you have to open the door and explore the real world. It is difficult to look into the horizon while standing in the valley. Expand the view by climbing up the mountain getting one that is clearer and unobstructed. Be aroused by curiosity and visit the below links; a video and an extensive article.

  25. Gerald Davis says:

    Pedro, Your writing is voluminous.

    To boil it down I offer- you hate rich people and the power it affords them? Is that accurate?

    That falls in line with Liberal thinking. The rich are evil and they got that way by stealing from the little guy!

    I offer the more likely scenario that you visit this website and post so often because you are miserable and no one visits your website.

    I feel sorry for you. I wish for you to find peace and happiness.

    Cliff Stearns and Steve Oelrich had to go.

  26. Karianne says:

    That is not what Pedro just said. You obviously haven’t bothered to look a little deeper and instead willingly fall for the labels intended to keep us divided and unable to see the truth. As for Pedro’s level of contentment in life, which you continuously worry about, I can also vouch for what Rod said above. Pedro is a happy go lucky guy, who

  27. Karianne says:

    (Sorry bumped send on accident!) …who is very content with life. I know emotion and intention doesn’t always come through in written words, but it is true. I would be willing to say his sole intention is to get others to think outside the box we have all been trained to believe we must live in (thanks to our brainwashing educational system) and to share the knowledge he finds with others. That is, in fact, what a forum such as this is for. :)

    Also a thanks to Rod and Laurie for continuing to allow diverse opinions and conversations on the site.

  28. Gerald @

    As usual when you cannot debate the issue then resort to personal attacks. Why don’t you stick to the subject and avoid directing you frustrations on the person?

    I have nothing against and said nothing against rich people as I think it is great to be rich. By watching the video that I did not make and reading the article that I did not write in the links inserted in my comment four comments above anyone should be able to tell that it was directed towards the banking oligarchs who own the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England and most of the wealth on this planet. I was referring to evil people who control the world, spare no lives, care not about suffering, cause all of the wars to profit from and will do anything in order to control all of humanity at any cost.

    We gather here and complain about the Federal Reserve, the violators of our Constitution, the shredders of the Bill of Right, the perpetrators who are turning our nation into a Fascist state, the immoral people who pin us against each other, the gangsters who are stealing our wealth, the crooks who corrupt our politicians and when I pointed them out all you can think of is attacking me. All I have done is exposed them for those who still don’t know who they are and you have the nerve to side with them and attack me. I am on the side of the people: whose side are you on?


    The below is from the link above.

    “All the evidence I see tells me that President Obama has been, at best, a mediocre president and that candidate Romney is even more unqualified to be president than I thought George W. Bush was. Both of them lie compulsively, endlessly and persuasively. Politics these days is all about money and lies because both work on a population that is dumb, distracted and delusional. As a nation we get the politics we deserve. Rich, white and older Americans are drawn to Romney. Poor, younger and minority people are drawn to Obama. True conservatives and liberals/progressives should vomit at the thought of voting for Romney or Obama, respectively, because neither candidate is truly committed at their core to either camp.

    No intelligent, informed American should vote for either Obama or Romney. The two better, more moral and noble choices are either to not vote for president at all and help to delegitimize the busted, corrupt and dysfunctional political system, or to vote for the Libertarian Party president candidate that will be on nearly all state ballots.”

    The below applies to our politicians.

    “The few who understand the system will either be so interested in its profits or be so dependent upon its favours that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.” The Rothschild brothers of London writing to associates in New York, 1863.

    “We have, in this country, one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board. This evil institution has impoverished the people of the United States and has practically bankrupted our government. It has done this through the corrupt practices of the moneyed vultures who control it”. — Congressman Louis T. McFadden in 1932 (Rep. Pa)

    “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws” —Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

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