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You don’t Like Romney? Well then what are ya’ gonna’ do?

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20 Responses to “You don’t Like Romney? Well then what are ya’ gonna’ do?”
  1. Mary Bird says:

    Scarry!!!!! I will stand with Andrew Breitbart any day!

    thanks for putting this out!

  2. Greg Wilson says:

    Really?? If I don’t vote for the leftist progressive Romney then I am for the leftist progressive Obama?

    Wake up folks! REFORM IS NOT POSSIBLE. Voting for the elephant liberal is no different than voting for the donkey liberal.

    It’s time to take the Sovereign State of Florida out of the collapsing union.

  3. Fred Easton says:

    Mitt is not my number one…but he’s a better opponent that McCain was and will do a better job than Obama or any of the other leftwing candidates. Hopefully, we can get him behind the Fair Tax and to expose Agenda 21.

  4. Whoa! This looks just like the propaganda pieces I saw a few years ago produced by an affiliation of the Muslim Brotherhood. Just swap out the US Flag for a star and crescent. I’m moved to ignore the clip as “excessive exuberance”, while being really turned off.

  5. Yes indeed there are two paths but we are not given a choice other than suicide; we can hang ourselves by voting Democrat or cut our own throats by voting Republican. It is comforting to know that we have a choice isn’t? Come to terms with the reality they do not give us an acceptable choice.
    There are other ways and we must come together to find them instead just accepting premature death.

    Read about the Italian “Five Star Movement”. We the people need to fix our own movement that was damaged by the GOP infiltrators or find and start a new one.

    One have to be in denial not to see that under the directions of both parties we are been taken to the slaughter house. They are taking away our freedom, destroying the wealth of the middle class, turning us into a Fascist state, discarding our Constitution, shredding the Bill of Rights, turning our corporations into global units that take the manufacturing away, destroying small businesses, only looking out for the bankers who rule the world, surrendering what is left of our sovereignty to the UN…

    Gives us a break. No we have more than two choices and it is neither of the two mentioned on the first paragraph. What kind of advice is that of which no common sense is applied? Not meant to be offensive but just emphasizing how absurd the concept is.

  6. Welcome: Florida Tea Party Brothers and Sisters

    We conservatives have spent more than three years toiling to change the direction of this Republic from the head on race to a Socialist Utopian Autocracy back to a Constitutional Republic with DEMOCRATICALLY elected representation. We spent our time, energy and very hard earned dollars getting “conservatives” elected into the Republican seats they now hold in Congress. You rolled up your sleeves and went to work for them with one demand: that they honor their Oaths of Office and represent us in DC.

    How has that worked so far? Not well! Congress approved two additional debt ceilings since 2010. We’ve had even more freedoms taken from us by the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012. We’ve had lie after lie, criminal actions and outright defiance of the laws of this Republic thrown in our faces. And yet the “conservatives” say and do nothing.

    We’ve had more than 40,000 new Federal and State laws and regulations enacted just in 2012. So called stalwart conservative champions and GOP new bloods like Marco Rubio and Allen West have both signed their names to debt increases without regard to their promises. We have watched good people and Real Conservatives become fodder for an elite group who has controlled the GOP for almost 100 years. They have vilified every conservative candidate and spent millions destroying them while propping up “their guy”.

    The lapdog liberal media has accused conservatives of being everything from the second coming of the KKK to multiple generations of inbred “bible-clinging, gun-toting” unwashed, uneducated, unintelligent knuckle dragging Neanderthals. They now say conservatives are dead and buried because we have become disenfranchised by the two parties. But the GOP and Democrats are two sides of the same coin with one desire between them: POLITICAL POWER! They have fought over it for 156 years!


    We have!! That’s why we invite you to join the Conservative Party (Florida). It’s time for the conservative majority to be represented by a party that shares our values and holds our elected officials accountable. And yes, we are the majority. More than 40% of Americans identify themselves as Conservative. Not Democrat. Not Republican. CONSERVATIVE!

    Both major parties tell us this Republic cannot support a third party. That’s because they know if the right party comes along with the right ideas that reflect true Conservative core values and demands real representation based on Honor and Integrity…they will lose.

    It’s time for them to lose and for conservatives to win! Please JOIN the Conservative Party USA.

    “God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion. The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty…. And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Thomas Jefferson

  7. Ed says:

    In 1976 I felt I could not vote for Gerald Ford and I wasn’t about to vote for Carter. So I voted for a third party. I was neutralized by people that convinced me that either way it was the end as we knew it. I was wrong and the people that convinced me to vote the way I did were wrong then and they are wrong now. Romney is not the candidate that I want to vote for be at least he is not a Marxist/Communist. We need to put patriots in every office that we can and then work to keep them honest. Vote them out for someone better next time and we just might have a chance of saving our Country. I will not be neutralized again!!!! I have been working for far to long to allow that again! Don’t you be neutralized!!!

  8. Well said, Ed. Like it or not there are only two sides (paths) here. Just ask yourselves, folks: WWBD? Of course the answer is in the first 25 seconds of the video.

    We must grow our ranks and then hold their feet to the fire!

  9. David Martin says:

    Remember, there were a few of us on here who have been telling you for quite some time that the Dems and Reps were just two sides of the same coin. We constantly brought Ron Paul to your attention. What did you do? You listened to the MEDIA, whom you already determined was full of crap, and wrote Ron Paul off as a “nut” because he had some crazy ideas about America NOT involving itself in the affairs of other nations, which IS the reason that any nation who hates us does so. It’s not our alleged “decadent lifestyle”, or any other such nonsense. Make no mistake, it’s our sticking our noses into the business of other countries for our own benefit. Ole Ron’s not looking so “nutty” now, is he? Those who didn’t take Ron Paul seriously have squandered the opportunity of a lifetime to elect a TRUE patriot, who’s only motivation is to respect the Constitution and bring our country back to the greatness that that very document helped us create. Shame on all of you who bought into the Koch Brothers agenda to co-opt the Tea Party for the benefit of the status quo Republicans. Romney will be only slightly less of a loser than Obama. I hate sounding like like I’m preaching, but sometimes you just gotta testify!

  10. Cecilia says:

    Well said David. I’m not voting for Baritt Obamney!

  11. Jote' Thompson says:

    Yes two paths, the right one or the one we have been going down for 50 years. This time we are not buying the lessor of two evils argument. I’m so sick of the Republicrats and tonight PBS says most Americans agree with me.I would rather cut off my hand then pull a lever for Barak and his twin Mitt.

  12. Fred Easton says:

    More on Agenda 21…but they changed the name again.

    Rio+20 is Greatest Threat to Biodiversity =Sustainable Development = AGENDA21
    Paul Driessen

    Jun 20, 2012

    Editor’s Note: This column was co-authored by David Rothbard

    The UN Conference on Sustainable Development is underway in Rio de Janeiro. This time, 20 years after the original 1992 Rio “Earth Summit,” thousands of politicians, bureaucrats and environmental activists are toning down references to “dangerous man-made climate change,” to avoid repeating the acrimony and failures that characterized its recent climate conferences in Copenhagen, Cancun and Durban.

    Instead, “Rio+20” is trying to shift attention to “biodiversity” and alleged threats to plant and animal species, as the new “greatest threat” facing Planet Earth. This rebranding is “by design,” according to conference organizers, who say sustainable development and biodiversity is an “easier sell” these days than climate change: a simpler path to advance the same radical goals.

    Those goals include expanded powers and budgets for the United Nations, UN Environment Programme, US Environmental Protection Agency and other government agencies, and their allied Green pressure groups; new taxes on international financial transactions (to ensure perpetual independent funding for the UN and UNEP); and more mandates and money for “clean, green, renewable” energy.

    Their wish list also includes myriad opportunities to delay, prevent and control energy and economic development, hydrocarbon use, logging, farming, family size, and the right of individual countries, states, communities and families to make and regulate their own development and economic decisions.

    Aside from not giving increased power to unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats and activists, there are two major reasons for stopping this attempted biodiversity-based power grab.

    1) There is no scientific basis for claims that hundreds or thousands of species are at risk

    Up to half of all species could go extinct by 2100, asserts astronomer and global warming alarmist James Hansen, because of climate change, “unsustainable” hydrocarbon use, human population growth and economic development. At Rio+20 activists are trumpeting these hysterical claims in reports, speeches and press releases. Fortunately, there is no factual basis for them.

    Of 191 bird and mammal species recorded as having gone extinct since 1500, 95% were on islands, where humans and human-introduced predators and diseases wrought the destruction, notes ecology researcher Dr. Craig Loehle. On continents, only six birds and three mammals were driven to extinction, and no bird or mammal species in recorded history is known to have gone extinct due to climate change.

    The massive species losses claimed by Hansen, Greenpeace, WWF and others are based on extrapolations from the island extinction rates. Some are just wild guesses or rank fear-mongering, with nothing remotely approximating scientific analysis. Other extrapolations are based on unfounded presumptions about species susceptibility to long or short term climate shifts – fed into clumsy, simplistic, non-validated virtual reality computer models that assume rising carbon dioxide levels will raise planetary temperatures so high that plants, habitats, and thus birds, reptiles and animals will somehow be exterminated. There is no evidence to support any of these extinction scenarios.

    Indeed, there is no empirical evidence to support claims that average global temperatures have risen since 1998, or that we face any of the manmade global warming or climate change cataclysms proclaimed by Hansen, Gore and others.

    2) The greatest threats to species are the very policies and programs being advocated in Rio.

    Those policies would ban fossil fuels, greatly increase renewable energy use, reduce jobs and living standards in rich nations, and perpetuate poverty, disease, death and desperation in poor countries.

    Today, over 1.5 billion people still do not have electricity, or have it only a few hours each day or week. Almost 2.5 billion people live on less than $2 a day. Millions die every year from diseases that would be largely eradicated by access to reliable, affordable electricity for cooking and refrigeration, clinics and hospitals, clean water, sanitation, and businesses and industries that generate jobs, prosperity and health.

    Opposition to large-scale electricity generation forces people to rely on open fires for cooking and heating – perpetuating lung diseases and premature death, from breathing smoke and pollutants. It also destroys gorilla and other wildlife habitats, as people cut trees and brush for firewood and charcoal.

    Wind turbines slice up birds and collapse bat lungs, exacting an unsustainable toll on eagles, hawks, falcons, and other rare, threatened and endangered flying creatures.

    Turbine and solar arrays cover and disrupt millions of acres of farmland and wildlife habitat, to provide expensive, intermittent power for urban areas. They require backup generators and long transmission lines, and consume millions of tons of concrete, steel, copper, fiberglass, polymers and rare earth minerals – extracted from the Earth, often in countries whose pollution control regulations and technologies are substantially below US, Canadian, European and Australian standards.

    Corn-based ethanol requires tens of millions of acres, billions of gallons of water, millions of tons of fertilizer and insecticides, and enormous quantities of hydrocarbon fuels.

    And yet, President Obama told Ghanaians in 2010 that poor, electricity-deprived, malnourished Africans should rely on biofuel, wind and solar power – and not build even one gas-fired power plants.

    Hunting, subsistence living and poverty are among the greatest risks to species. Denying poor families access to reliable, affordable electricity is a crime against humanity.

    The Rio+20 biodiversity and sustainability agenda means artificially reduced energy and economic development. It means rationed resources, sustained poverty and disease, and unsustainable inequality, resentment, conflict, and pressure on wildlife and their habitats.

    Simply put, 99% of humans and wild kingdom species are being ill served by the 0.1% UN and environmentalist elites gathered in Brazil, and purporting to speak for mankind and planet.

    Our Creator has endowed us with a world rich in resources, and even richer in intelligent, hard-working, creative people who yearn to improve their lives and be better stewards of our lands, resources and wildlife. The primary obstacles to achieving these dreams are the false ideologies, anti-development agendas and suffocating regulations being promoted at the Rio+20 Summit.

    If we can eliminate those obstacles, the world will enjoy a rebirth of freedom and opportunity, voluntarily stable populations, and vastly improved health, welfare and justice for billions. We will also bring far greater security to Earth’s wondrous multitudes of wild and scenic areas, and plant and animal species.

    That would be an enormous gain for our planet and people.

  13. Keith @
    Obviously we agree and are much in tune on the need for a third party.

    Ed @
    We have been fooled too long with the two party monopolies while taken down the same road we don’t want to go. Get off that old horse and vote third party not to win but to let them know that they don’t fool us anymore; to win we likely need some kind of revolution. Perhaps when more Americans wake up it will happen and perhaps you did not read the link that I posted on globalist Romney. Globalization is leading us to a Fascist Dictatorship. Both parties have been taking us in that direction for decades. Voting is not a monopoly of Democracy. In old Soviet Russia, Cuba and other dictatorships elections are held but nothing ever changes. Can you see the familiarities?

    Alan @
    “Well said Ed” was expected as some are still trying to sell us that old horse which is about to die along with our liberty.

    David, Cecilia and Joté @
    As expected we agree with the concept that we are trying to get off this train on the way to the missing bridge but are kept aboard by those who refuse to believe that the bridge is gone thus forcing us all to continue this ride and fall off the cliff.
    As the article below discusses, the assumption that globalist Mitt Romney will fix our economy for our benefit or that he is actually serious on such is delusional rhetoric.

    Fred @
    I don’t see that there is division from us in reference to the refusal of Agenda 21. We get it; the part that many still do not get is that it is not a Barack Obama problem and it is something that both political parties are shoving down our throats. Conservative Republican George H W Bush signed the treaty. It is simple and logical; if you don’t want Agenda 21 don’t vote for either and if you do then don’t complain about it. Our two political parties are terrorizing the American people, all you have to do is look at the laws they have passed. Let’s use globalist words George W Bush “either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists”.

  14. I was going to post this analogy with the above comment but decided to separate them.

    We gather here discussing politics, the economy, liberty and other issues that we see of importance but if you can stand back and really look at what takes place it is kind of childlike innocence for some.

    We sound like a third grader class during recess on the last week of class before the Christmas vacation. Some will argue that Santa Clause is real (that the two political parties are different) and others that he is not. We already know the truth but with time I have come to understand why from early life we are fed lies like this. Simply some will just not grow out of it.
    Those who argue that Santa Clause is a lie and not real present their case with facts by stating that:

    Reindeers do have wings to fly.
    Santa’s sled cannot carry presents for tens of millions of people.
    Old fat men do not climb on roofs.
    An old fat guy with a bag full of toys does not fit down a chimney shoot.
    It is impossible to slide down a chimney and land in a living room looking like you just came from the dry-cleaners.
    And that he can deliver to millions of homes in just a few hours.

    Of course there are those who will wake up on Christmas morning and be certain that their friends were wrong when they see the presents lined up under the. Perhaps by the time next Christmas comes around they will be able to see that his/her friends were right. Unfortunately our situation does not fit this noncausal model where life will go on as usual. Ignoring the facts will have severe consequences for all by having some to be gullible about the lies.

    Our government, politicians, media, bankers… are not on the side of the people and they want their lies to continue for their personal gains while we are losing not matter which way we turn. Would it not make more sense paying attention and trusting your fellow citizens who are on your side and are telling you they are lying to us?

  15. Rod Gonzalez says:

    Oh, I can see that it’s going to be fun discussing the pros and cons of voting for Romney or getting Obama elected again. It’s all a matter of deciding if we will be able to pull ourselves back up after we hit BOTTOM.
    Look forward to the debate in the months to come.


  16. Rod @

    Actually to phrase that a little different and I believe you would agree is that there are no cons in electing either Obama nor Romney. The GOP NeoCons decided there would be no pros and neutralized the Ron Paul R3volution just as they did the Tea Party. They won we lost and the sad truth is that we did not have four more years to sort out our problems in a peaceful and orderly fashion. Soon it will be each man for himself as the government and our politicians concerns will only be that of saving themselves.

  17. Oops, I meant to say “there are no pros in electing either Obama or Romney”.

  18. Lloyd W. Bailey, Jr. says:

    Romney says President doesn’t need congressional approval to go to war
    by Joel McDurmon on Jun 20, 2012

    The Atlantic reports,

    On Face the Nation on Sunday, Mitt Romney said that if elected president he wouldn’t have to get congressional permission for a military strike on Iran.

    Romney, like Obama will only obey the parts of the constitution that he agrees with. Lloyd Bailey

  19. As we are beginning to see endorsement and approval are entirely two different things.
    As a group which pursues support for the Constitution we should be united in such and to support the lesser of two evils without approval is about as absurd as to someone who wants to live allow being pushed off an airplane without a parachute. Who has better intentions of protecting and preserving the Constitution, one that shreds it or one that burns it? We must break from the two party system mentality that offers us no real choice. Even a third party may not be a solution as they manage to infiltrate every organization just as they did the Tea Party. The “Truth” is what shall set us free and what we must look for and find. Allowing to be lied to and not seeing that what they offer in false promises which are not their real agenda will not get us nowhere.

    Rand Paul apparently with disappointment endorsed the decision of the GOP of having Mitt Romney as the Party presidential candidate but this obviously falls far from approval of the candidate, his views and to be policies.

  20. Marshall Clayton says:

    Most Neocons say their only choice is Romney. I think the only choice we have is Gary Johnson. Who during his term as governor of New Mexico vetoed more legislation than all 49 governors combined. Thats a president we need not one who adds more invasive federal authority over its people. A Romney worker called me today asking if I would volunteer for Romney’s campaign, as he said “to get Obama out of office”. I told him, I’m not interested in putting in my time to help replace progressive tyranny with confused tyranny. This is not the point in history to back down from moral consciousness and I will stand by the guy that makes sense whether it be Gary Johnson or Ron Paul.

    @Greg everything you said up there I agree with.

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