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Exciting New Website to Track How the Government is Spending Your Money!

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“At this very moment, the Foundation for Government Accountability is holding a Tallahassee press conference to launch—a powerful and interactive new online tool that puts nearly $1.4 trillion in state, county and local government spending right at your fingertips.

Visit right away, and see how government spends your hard-earned taxes…down to the employee, department and dollar.” includes nearly 35 million records, and more than a decade of government spending information.  The easy-to-use site lets you search government spending by employee name, business, department, municipality, spending category and more, and it’s all just a few clicks away.

Here’s what you can access on

•    County government payroll (FY 1997-2011)
•    Local K-12 public education payroll (FY 1997-2011)
•    State government payroll (1995-2010)
•    Local government spending (1993-2010)
•    State vendor payments (FY 2005-2011)


2 Responses to “Exciting New Website to Track How the Government is Spending Your Money!”
  1. Jote' Thompson says:

    Everyone’s welcome to join our election party tonight at Beef-O-Brady’s, 1522 W University Ave. Gainesville (corner of 13th St). All are welcome!
    Jote’ Thompson, Ron Paul Regional Rep.

  2. Jeff Timm says:

    Thanks Laurie for the heads up about Its a great great resource that everyone can use.

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