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Final Stance On FL Medicaid Expansion

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Our good friends at Florida Alliance have set up a petition to let our representatives in Tallahassee know, that regardless of Governor Scott’s views, we are against the Medicaid expansion. The legislative session begins this month.

We need at least 5,000 signatures. This is a statewide petition that is being circulated to all like-minded, fiscally responsible groups. Please forward this to as many people as you can.

Click here to be taken to the petition.

Thank you!!



4 Responses to “Final Stance On FL Medicaid Expansion”
  1. Joe Zahler says:

    I filled in the petition and sent it. Thanks.

  2. Patricia Baldwin says:

    I’m pretty sure it won’t do much good to ask a bunch of republicans to vote against their turn coat governor. Anybody want to take bets on whether or not the legislature will stop Scott? Even my six year old is betting against THAT happening.

  3. I signed the Stop Medicaid Expansion in Florida Petition and included my comments which are shown below – Alan

    Gov. Scott: I supported you and defended you when you ran in 2010. I stuck up for you against the HCA accusations and against the Republican Establishment. I knew you when you headed Conservatives for Patients Rights and you fought gov’t run healthcare. I worked with my tea party and others across FL to get you elected.

    Now you’ve abandoned your supporters and and all citizens of FL. The word “betrayal” is not strong enough to describe my feelings.

    I hate to have to say this, but Charlie will probably clean your clock in 2014.

    Everybody Loses.

    Alan Berkelhammer

  4. Kathy Benton says:

    Very well said, Alan.

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