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FL SB 550- Forced Septic Tank Inspection

October 7, 2010 by  
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Lawmakers Plan Repeal of Septic Tank Inspection Bill

By Keith Laing
The News Service Florida

October 7, 2010

A pair of lawmakers from the Florida Panhandle have said that they will file a bill for the 2011 session that would repeal legislation passed earlier this year to require septic tank inspections every five years to protect Florida springs.

Sen. Don Gaetz, R-Niceville, and Rep. Marti Coley, R-Marianna, said the requirement, which they say could cost residents $500 or more, was secretly inserted into a wide-ranging springs protection bill (SB 550) passed late in session this year.

“The proper management of septic systems is important to our environment,” Gaetz said in a statement. “But this mandate is not supported by scientific necessity. Moreover, it works a special hardship on many people in rural areas who are struggling to make it financially in these exceptionally hard times.”

“One of the many problems with this requirement is that it was crafted by the companies that will be paid to do the inspections,” Coley added. “This is a clear conflict of interest.”

The wide-ranging spring bill, SB 550, would require inspections of the state’s 2.6 million septic tanks once every five years by 2016. The bill would ban solid and liquid residuals created by septic tanks that are currently allowed in other unrestricted public places and expand the definition of alternative water supply projects, which opponents have said would require some septic tanks to be replaced altogether.

The bill also calls for the creation of regional bodies to handle the septic tank inspections, instead of a state agency or “water czar,” as had been floated in previous proposals that ran into opposition in the Legislature. The new requirements are scheduled to go into effect Jan. 1.

The planned repeal bill, which would only affect the septic tank provision, follows a comment last month from Gov. Charlie Crist that he would not delay implementation of the bill despite requests to do so by two other Panhandle lawmakers, Sen. Durrell Peaden, R-Crestview, and Rep. Greg Evers, R-Baker. Peaden and Evers wanted Crist to push back the effective date of the requirement to July 2011 so lawmakers could study the effects of the mandate when they return to Tallahassee next March.

However, Crist spokesman Sterling Ivey noted “it was a Senate bill that passed both houses and he signed into law” and told the News Service of Florida recently that the governor had no plans to wade back into the septic tank debate this fall, his last at the head of state government.

Backers of SB 550 say the septic requirements will cost much less than possible federal water regulations from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA is currently considering limits on the amount of chemical pollution that would be allowed in state water bodies. SB 550 supporters argued the federal agency may consider letting Florida have more of a say in septic tank monitoring if the state showed it was serious about protecting its water resources.

But Gaetz and Coley said that was not enough reason to ignore the burden they said requiring the inspections would put on taxpayers.

“County governments, taxpayer organizations and hundreds of concerned citizens have asked for relief from this intrusive, unnecessary expense,” both lawmakers said.

Sen. Lee Constantine, R-Altamonte Springs, declined to comment Tuesday because he will not be in the Legislature next year after facing term-limits. Constantine has said he considered SB 550 to be a capstone of his career in the Legislature and lawmakers presented him with a framed copy of the bill after he made farewell remarks on the floor of the Senate this year.

Earlier this summer, another term-limited senator, Democratic Leader Al Lawson, D-Tallahassee, said the bill should be repealed.

“Tallahassee simply cannot impose such a high financial burden on homeowners at this time,” Lawson said in August.

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Click here to find and contact your FL State Senator today to voice your opinion on this issue! (For those of us in Alachua County it would be State Senator Steve Oelrich.  Click here to email him.).


11 Responses to “FL SB 550- Forced Septic Tank Inspection”
  1. August P. Hinton Sr. says:

    I personally believe this is one of most unfair discrimnatory boondoggles I have seen in my 81 years on this planet. Proof positive of the old adage,” Give them an inch and they will take a mile.” To impose a law that is so unacceptable by most any normal reasonable patriotic American citizen is so asinine it is almost beyond belief! SB550 the secretly enacted bill endorsed and made law by RHINO Crist must be repealed. To impose such burden upon the rural folk who have already paid Thousands out of their own pockets for wells, pumps, septic tanks, leach beds etc is in my opinion unthinkable. If this is the type of impositions our legislators are secretly coming up with, perhaps we the people should demand a referendum vote on all their decisions.

  2. Ken P. says:

    This is unbelievable.My grandfather pumped tanks for 25 yrs.I worked with him alot throughout the years he had this business.If there is something wrong with my system Ill know..I understand not everyone has this knowledge but FORCING people to do things we do not have the money for for is outrageous.You should have your tank pumped every 5yrs yes,but forcing people who have lost jobs houses and barley supporting thier families is absolutley preposterous!
    This bill NEEDS TO BE repealed!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I can understand the reasoning behind this, to some extent at least, but I think making it compulsory is not the best way to go about resolving the problem.

  4. Yourmom says:

    Most people already pay to have their systems serviced every 3-5 years anyway. There are some uneducated people that have no clue how their system works or the importance of maintenance of such systems. If you put aside $10 per month, it would more then cover the cost of appropriate maintenance and is significantly less then one would pay for city sewer which ends up in our waterbodies anyway. It is a better form of treatment as well. Use your heads people.

  5. sick of corruption says:

    oelrich voted yea on sb550

  6. B'Anne says:

    Thanks to many loud voices of reason, SB550 is temporarily in repose. What’s needed now is the funeral service for this draconian legislation.
    SB550 is a prime example of bureaucratic empire building on the backs of hard working taxpayers. It’s one of those “it ain’t broke but we”re the guvment here to help you fix it” nightmares.
    Tie SB550 down with the chains of the Constitution or confine it to the very small scale area around the Springs from which it was manipulated.
    SB550 is the Trojan Horse armed to the teeth with enforcement powers, including warrants, if necessary to void your property rights.
    PLEASE do not cease watchfulness and contact with legislators or SB550 will come roaring right back. America no AmeriKa!

  7. Cerrato says:

    Wow! We might as well start vacating all the rural areas and stop paying the banks now, cause most people in these areas would not be able to afford this. They will not do it and then will be forced out of their homes, which means they will probably stop paying their mortgage and the banks will need to foreclose. Doesn’t that sound like it will help the economy! So who are the bright people who came up with this idea and what proof do they have that there is a problem that needs to be solved by doing this? Also, what is the risk we are facing today?

  8. zekester says:

    This is nothing more than another creation of a warped mind. Another scheme to tax us for the benefit of a few who will have the monopily to create wealth for themselves at the expense of Floridians. We must do every thing within our power to see that SB 550 is repealed.

  9. Bo Figliolia says:

    They just doubled automobile license fees out of the blue!!! how do they get away with this?? I didn’t vote for it!!!! did you? now this septic burden, I’m sick of this, tax,tax,tax!!!

  10. DG says:

    I believe they found a back door to get around SB-550. They got together and changed the way they size the drain field such that it will have to be bigger thus forcing you to buy big expensive new system. The intent is NOT the inspection but the Repair and replacement. Need new drain fields ? gotta meet new spec. It is house asset stripping. They changed the spec now its a matter of reeling in all those older system by hook or crook. The money pot and rules are in place now it is time to steal. Campaign contributions complete the loop. Instead of number of bedrooms they go by rooms greater than 70 sq ft and the new rule makes sure number of rooms determine size vs number of bedrooms in other words it has nothing to do with people living there but rooms. The result is greater. They use Septic system rules for legal Extortion.

  11. DG says:

    Also if you have a 6 inch wall divider between dining and living then it is 2 rooms not 1. So a 2 bedroom with den and family and entry room would be

    Bed 1-50 gal
    bed 1 50 gal
    den 1 50 gal
    kit 1 50 gal
    dining 1 50 gal
    fam 1 50 gal
    entry 1 50 gal

    7 rooms 350 gal

    vs 2 bed 260 gal. same size. An increase of 90 gal or close to 25% INCREASE. I guess they assume you have 30 Mexicans living there.

    Got a sun room, then that is another. YOU get SCREWED, THEY make MONEY. The Pump out and inspection rule is out but that is just a trigger and there are other ways. Time bomb to get the same result. It just will take longer.

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