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Judicial Reform:Three Florida Supreme Court Justices

As Tea Party patriots we must also turn our attention and efforts to changing the landscape of our judiciary which, on many occasions, render decisions that trample on our individual rights. Below is an action group that is priortizing the “battle grounds” for the 2012 elections. Please jump in and help-this effort will need volunteers at all levels to be effective.

Restore Justice 2012 Battle Plan

Posted on August 11, 2011 by Jesse Phillips

After our historic effort to remove Florida Supreme Court Justices Labarga and Perry last election, we have been busily at work seeking to educate voters on three activist judges that will be up for retention this election: Barbara Pariente, Peggy Quince and R. Fred Lewis.

We’ve analyzed the data from last election in order to prioritize our top battle ground counties for 2012. I am looking for organizers in every county, but right now I am looking for folks who would like to be involved in a vital effort in the following counties.

  1. Duval
  2. Brevard
  3. Lee
  4. Polk
  5. Volusia
  6. Pasco
  7. Marion
  8. Seminole
  9. Escambia
  10. Lake

If you or anyone you know would like to help coordinate our efforts in these or any other county, please contact me and I will provide you with a job description to show you what we’re looking for in an organizer.

I can be reached at 407-494-0316 and

Jesse Phillips

TTPN Issue Lead for Judicial Reform


2 Responses to “Judicial Reform:Three Florida Supreme Court Justices”
  1. Bill Campbell says:

    I see that you believe the three Supreme Court Justices should not be re-elected. I have little information to agree or disagree.

    Can you send me to some place where I can get the information?


    Bill Campbell
    Cortez Florida

  2. Rod Gonzalez says:

    Hello Bill,

    Please visit and
    for more detail on the Justices.


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