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Definitions Are So Important!

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  1. Lloyd W. Bailey, Jr. says:

    Should we conclude that a Republicrat replacement would be better? Getting rid of Obama will not solve our problems. Replacing 95% of the congress will not. New scoundrels would be elected by an uneducated electorate to replace the old. Every decade Americans vote for ‘change’ but nothing really changes. Political organizations have never worked. The Tea Parties are no solution because they continue to be hijacked by partisan influence. Marco Rubio and Allen West are painful examples. The construction of the Tea Parties is subject to factions and demagoguery. The best thing that Tea Parties have accomplished is to attract patriotic Americans that mean well but no real solution is offered. Only a correct identification of the enemy, an understanding of the problem and the constitutional solution will save us. Education and understanding combined with a reliable source for the truth are essential to preserve our Republic. Then concerted action must take place to educate and inform others. Political ballot victories are ephemeral solutions.

    During the founding period of our country, citizens understood our government and history.

    Another neoconservative president could cause more damage to our Republic than Obama could ever dream of. This is not an issue of Republican or Democrat. It is an issue of the constitution of which there is no provision for a central bank which is the primary mechanism that is destroying our economy. Ron Paul wants to abolish the Fed and the Tea Parties do not support him. I am in the Tea Party, “I got the T-shirt to prove it”. One of the reasons we are losing our country is because the simple minded Americans can only choose between A or B. It is like having an ophthalmic exam. Eventually there is no discernible difference between A or B.
    Anyone that would support a neoconservative candidate over constitutional candidate Ron Paul is actually part of the problem.

    The John Birch Society has been around for 53 years and has been warning Americans for decades about problems we are facing today. JBS was warning about AGENDA 21 in 1992 and the United Nations decades earlier. AGENDA 21 could have been prevented if good Americans had listened 20 years ago. How about the WTO, NAFTA, CAFTA, and other FTA’s. The Con-Con, EPA, the false environmental movement, Department of Education etc. When The New York Times wrote that Castro was the George Washington of Cuba and the Eisenhower Administration was wining and dining Castro, JBS founder Robert Welch wrote that “Castro was a Communist”. Welch also exposed Eisenhower’s affiliation with the Council on Foreign Relations and his aid to the Communists. Instead Americans believed the vicious lies by the establishment and media regarding the society. Most Tea Party members were not aware of AGENDA 21 just two years ago. I hate to see good Americans fooled. Please research and learn the difference.

    Lloyd W. Bailey, Jr.
    John Birch Society Chapter Leader

  2. Lloyd@
    I am glad that you also come here and contribute with different view. I believe that Americans share a common interest and view. Unfortunately most are easily deceived and devided by the bombardment of media propaganda and lies from two political parties that behind the curtain work in unison to achieve common goals and serve interests other than ours. What the American people and the Tea Party needs are truth and real knowledge, both of which are absent in our government, political parties and media.

    The Tea Party instead of solely pursuing political goals which will solve nothing greatly in part because as you mentioned they are deceived into supporting the wrong people they should pursue a goal of educating the members. Our meetings should be seminars to present the truth that is hidden from Americans and expose the lies that we have been living under. That is the only way in which our members can have a clear view and know how to act in a way that will benefit our nation and its citizens and on who to support as our leaders.

  3. Susan Baird says:

    I always get a chuckle when I read folk’s solution to the worlds problems… I commend the local Tea Party’s efforts to bring in speakers to educate us such as the one that came in this last weekend – and those of us that show up to learn. Many of those same Tea Party people showed up at Ted Yoho’s fund raiser, Ted is a fresh local voice that can be one good decision for us.

    Locally, we have the opportunity of a lifetime to get Nathan Skop elected to the City Commission. We may not be able to solve the State nor Fed. level political problems, but we can make a major impact locally if we channel our efforts right!!! We have 8 days to make a difference that can improve our lives here in Alachua County. Be part of the solution – get involved. Do you know where you are holding signs? Have you made 5 phone Calls, sent out 5 emails… a little goes along way when many get involved. We Will Win! Sue

  4. Rod Gonzalez says:

    Great Pedro,

    I look forward to you presenting me with an agenda for our meeting in April, as the March meeting is already full.
    You have my email, so I’ll be waiting.


    Gainesville Tea Party

  5. Rod Gonzalez says:

    Thanks Lloyd,

    I encourage all Americans to truly research the John Birch Society and not rely on things you have heard over the years. Also check out their very informative magazine at



  6. Rod @

    I would be more than glad to sit down with you and have a conversation on this subject and others. The e-mail response will be sent.

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