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Gainesville City Residents! NATHAN SKOP for City Commissioner

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Early voting has begun for the runoff election for the at-large commission seat (downtown at the County Administration Building). Election day is next Tuesday, February 28. MAKE SURE YOU VOTE!!! And remember NATHAN SKOP is the candidate that has our values and is committed to limited government and fiscal responsibilty! HE CAN WIN but you have to make it happen by voting. Nag your family, nag your neighbors!


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  1. Paula Helton says:

    I went to the Walgreens where I shop a lot yesterday and managed to convince four people who weren’t even planning to vote to not only go vote, but to vote for Skop. Talk to people about the importance of this election everywhere you go. Last Friday night I made phone calls on his behalf. Had a few people either yell at me or hang up in my ear, but also talked to some very nice people who understand what is at stake and will be voting Skop.This weekend I will be walking my neighborhood and leaving Nathan Skop palm cards. We can get him elected if everyone is willing to give up a little time.

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