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General Membership Meeting, Saturday, 8/10, 10:00 AM

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 PLAN TO ATTEND the General Membership meeting on Saturday, August 10, 10:00 AM!

 Property owners everywhere are being held hostage by ever increasing regulations prohibiting them from using their property that benefits the owner. This is becoming even more extreme as local governments take actual possession of properties by denying building permits unless the owner dedicates a portion of his property to the government through deed restrictions.

We are proud to present Mr. Dan Peterson of the Coalition for Property Rights as our speaker. 

CPR was founded in 2001 by a group of Central Florida business leaders to unify property owners and bring greater public awareness to the importance of property rights. CPR is dedicate to promoting and protecting property rights through education, advocacy and activation.

We are also happy to have Alachua County Commissioner Susan Baird address our local loss of property rights!

Make sure attend to stay informed and learn how to be involved! Only your efforts as right minded citizens will save our freedoms!

LOCATION:  Hilton Hotel, 1714 SW 34 Street, in Gainesville.


3 Responses to “General Membership Meeting, Saturday, 8/10, 10:00 AM”
  1. Bill Boe says:

    Thanks for providing this forum and speakers and thanks to Susan Baird for supporting property owner’s RIGHTS regarding the responsible use of their real estate investment; and a suggestion to our realtors….when selling homes beyond the boundaries of Gainesville city limits, make that distinction with a sign “YOur new home not governed by the Gainesville City Commission and signs that state “the Energy provider to your new home is NOT Gainesville Regional Utilities”; we are losing the value of our property due to GRU and the regulations by Gainesville and the Alachua County Commission and that is a FACT!!!

  2. Jote" Thompson says:

    Tomorrow, Saturday the 3rd, the Libertarian Party District 4 Regional Conference at the Gville Downtown Library 10am. Join us, the fastest growing party in the nation, up 1400% since late 2011.

  3. Lloyd Bailey says:

    I find it interesting that Commissioner Baird will speak on the subject of property rights. Baird supports wealth redistribution by way of Florida’s Qualified Target Industries program. This program gives tax subsidies to wealthy corporations thus exempting them from the burden of property taxes. In effect the burden of their property taxes is shifted to the existing tax payers to include the high cost of the school tax. These corporations have been bribed with other people’s money to locate in our county. Baird apparently believes that our money is hers to give away. Additionally, Baird did nothing to end our participation with AGENDA 21-ICLEI which is the mother of property rights violations. The county ran out of our money and did not renew with AGENDA 21-ICLEI but never rejected the idea of this Marxist program. County DEP still exists and to my knowledge Baird has not recommended the termination of this program. Also, Baird did nothing to terminate the county OCCUPATIONAL LICENSE. The right to work is a GOD-given right which no moral government can infringe upon. Unfortunately, too few citizens are willing to reign in wayward Republicans as our government schools have trained their victims, WHAT TO THINK; NOT HOW TO THINK!

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