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More Seriously Scary Stuff

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4 Responses to “More Seriously Scary Stuff”
  1. Alan Berkelhammer says:

    This is but one more example of Michelle’s work. Maybe we would be better off if she stayed on the slopes. At least those costs can be quantified.

    FYI: This happened in Raeford, NC (spelled correctly above), not to be confused with Raiford, FL.

    UPDATE: The school has since apologized. I’m sure that made the little girl feel a lot better.

  2. This is understandable considering that our system has become a total hoax or joke and Americans are the victims and the laugh. Everything is about corporate influence in our nation and government officials dictating our lives. We can also add controlling and taking liberties away from the people.

    Who is entitled to decide for a parent what to feed their children, the state? Are we not a dictatorship already? A turkey and cheese sandwich, banana, potato chips, and apple juice not enough for a child’s school lunch? Even if it wasn’t nutritious enough, the parent can fill the difference with other meals at home and that should be their decision to make and not the state. They no longer are the parent’s children they already belong to the state. On the other hand chicken nuggets are on the school menu. Google “how chicken nuggets are made” and gross out with the pink paste they feed our children which should be classified as dog food. French fries are on the school menu and pizza a big contributor to obesity in our nation is now considered by the USDA a vegetable. This of course was supported by Republicans as we cannot blame Obama and Democrats for everything. In fact we can blame the current spike on oil prices on the war talk NeoCons from both parties too.

    As I mentioned above, the joke is on us. Perhaps we should stand together behind a Doctor for president instead of corporate stooges.

  3. Alice Beutien says:

    Are not children protected under our constitution? What gives the school the right to search & siezure?

  4. Jote' Thompson says:

    For me, this just works up an appetite for a totally new government from top down. Most of them belong in a secluded place where they can get three square meals a day and an hour in the courtyard!

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